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Why You Should Have A Dab Rig in Your Collection

Why You Should Have A Dab Rig in Your Collection

Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran smoker looking to up their marijuana smoking game, dabbing is where it’s at. No, not that cringe-worthy Fortnite emote. It has seen a bigger boom in popularity now more than ever and is becoming the right way to get down to it.

Dabbing is the process of inhaling vapors of cannabis concentrates. Dabs, aka cannabis concentrates, are much more potent and flavorful than cannabis flowers. The smoking method has become more popular as the dab concentrates consist of highly concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes, which give it a healthy and flavorful hit.

To smoke dabs, the best option is to use a dab rig. Think of like a bong, but for dabs, duh. They come in a variety of materials. Using something like a butane torch, you’re supposed to vaporize the concentrates instead of combustion of the flowers.

A dab rig consists of:

  1. Rig
  2. Banger or Nail
  3. Carb Cap
  4. Dabber
  5. Torch
  6. Quartz Insert

Dab rigs are slightly more expensive than traditional bongs and require a bit of cleanup after the residue builds up in the nail. Sounds like a lot of work and a pretty penny for nothing? Not quite.

A Better High

It's not like smoking some weed from any ordinary joint won't get you high. But if you're looking for a better experience, you've got to try dabbing. The hit you get from a dab rig is smoother, much more subtle. Because you control the flame's temperature, you can set it right and get the most out of your concentrates, and the smoothness of the substance gives you a better high.

Better Flavors

The concentrates in dabs are much smoother than a joint. Smoking it a lower temperature will give you a good dose of a better flavor. Rather than rushing to get as high as a kite, slow down and enjoy the experience. The Terpene-like flavors are something else, and you don't want to miss out on it.

More Chill

Have you ever had a bong rip and felt like your throat was on fire? And you just had to get a glass of water or some other beverage midway to relax? Not the case here. You'll have to put in the effort of controlling the temperatures, but doing so will make sure you don't burn your throat: all nirvana, every step of the way.

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