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Welcome to Headshop Drop!

Dropshipping made simple for Headshops across North America.

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Start Your Own Headshop Business Now

Headshop Drop is an ecommerce dashboard for sellers. Sellers will be able to link listed products and sell on their website with just a simple click. It is fully responsive and includes awesome features to help sellers to sell products fast and easy.

1. Start Easy

It's easy as 1-2-3! Download, Install & Start to sell!

2. Fulfill & Ship

Your order will be packagaed in discreet plain brown boxes. Rest assured that there is no indication of the nature of the business.

3. Fast & Reliable

You don't have to wait for a month to get the order. Your customers can expect their orders within a few days most of the time!

How it works?

1. Start by downloading the application and browse through the listings.

Once you downloaded the application, you've done it all. There is nothing you have to do to apply as a seller, you simply go to the product page and shop for your store.

2. Make sales from your store.

Hand pick an unlimited amount of products from our catalogue to add to your store with prices you decide on!

3. Pay only what you sell.

If your customer places an order including the items from Headshop Drop, You only need to pay us the items you sold from our application. With this, all you have to do is done.

4. We fulfill your order.

After we receive your payment for the items you sold, we will fulfill your order and ship it to your customer directly.

Take a quick tour of Headshop Drop!

Watch the short clip below and see how it can help you doing business.

More features & benefits

All-in-One Dashboard

The dashboard will visually track, analyze, and display key performance indicators, metrics, and data points to monitor the health of your business. You can understand your business condition at a glance.


Monitor all your products from the product page using the dropdown filter. You can see products by category, price, status, and upload date. You can add a new product by clicking the "Add Product" CTA.


Track all orders in a single window. Displaying all orders with the order number, order date, customer name, email, price, and order status.

Real-Time Inventory updates

We always keep an eye on the latest trends in this field and put our customers’ wishes first. New products are listed every week.

No hassle shipping

We fulfill all our orders ourselves from our warehouse in Canada! Most orders will be fulfilled the same day or next business day.

Enjoy our dropshipping

With Headshop Drop you can upload products into your Shopify store in one click. The app will update the product data daily, automatically so you can avoid overselling.

try it free

Try it free, Pay after a month.

Users have unlimited access to Headshop Drop for the first month so that new users have enough time to get familiar with the app. Then only *USD $19 will be charged every month starting from the second month of usage.

* Monthly fee covers unlimited product import, Real-Time product sync, unlimited fulfillment and customer care.

headshopdrop banner
headshopdrop banner

Own Your Shop Online is now on Headshop Drop. That means you can sell it without owning it!
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