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5 of The Best Dab Rigs in The Market

5 of The Best Dab Rigs in The Market

Dabbing is a trend that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, and rightly so. With the growing number of varieties of concentrates available for an incredible smoking up experience, it only makes sense to invest in dab rigs.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re truly missing out on an experience of a lifetime, because you can enjoy the best parts of the plant by dabbing. Dab rigs are water pipes that make it easier to smoke and burn oils, concentrates and other extracts easily. Some of the higher quality dab rigs let you adjust heating temperatures to optimize your experience for each product.

The best part is that each dab rig is a different experience and takes you on a different high altogether. You get a new combination of flavours and physical reactions to the stuff you smoke.

How to determine a great rig

The components of the dab rig determine the quality of your experience. Here are the following things that impact the kind of experience you have:

The airway: this impacts the level of resistance you experience when you take a drag. It can also alter the taste and how it feels when it hits, whether it’s smooth and cool. You want the airway to be always tight and with a narrower circumference, so that the smoke is concentrated.

Design of the nail: This also impacts how strong and smooth the hit is when you smoke up. Common materials used to make the nail are ceramic, titanium, quartz and glass.

Percolator: This is where the water filtration happens and is in charge of cooling and moisturizing the vapour right before it hits the lungs. The better it performs the finer are the bubbles it forms.

The glass it’s made of: Better quality of glass will be heat resistant and will have little to do with altering the taste of the vapour.

Best dab rigs to get today

 9” twelve tube

This recycler water bong comes in two colors and comes at a nifty price of $95 only!

It comes with an inline diffuser and is made with the highest quality Borosilicate glass with 12 tube and inline diffusers. It features a thick bowl that is ideal for 14 mm female joints.

If the look of the bong is a priority for you, this one definitely looks cool with its coloured mouthpiece.

It’s stem-less and has a bent neck.

7" Oil burner water pipe Type B

 The joint size on this super cheap water pipe (only $16.99) is 14 mm and is has a straight downpipe which functions as a diffuser.

It also allows for smoother intake and it comes with an extended mouthpiece.

7 inches Lego head 2-in-1 glass water bubbler

This is the most budget-friendly investment in a bong you can make, which is going to last you for a long time.

It has a thickness of 3.2 mm and a 2 in 1 set perfect for smoking up any kind of herb as well as concentrates.

The bowl is perfect for a 14 mm male joint and has a body diameter of only 2 inches.

Can’t wait to try out your new bongs? Visit Bong Outlet today to buy all kinds of cool bongs, water pipes and dab rigs online.

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