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What are Dab Rigs and What Do They Do

What are Dab Rigs and What Do They Do

New to dabbing?  Dab rigs, also known as oil rigs, are a water pipe used for smoking oils and extracts. A dome and a nail come with it. 

Dabbing is a very simple smoking method. It provides a mild, pleasant smoking experience. Once you heat the nail with a torch, vapor is created. Thereafter, the concentrate is pressed on to the nail and you can inhale through the rig’s mouthpiece.

Generally speaking, dabbing is a simple smoking technique. It is also easier on the lungs as compared to cigarette smoking. 

There are different types of dab rigs available on the market. Choosing the right rig is crucial to make your smoking experience as smooth as possible: 

Nails are made of different materials. They are either sold with a rig or you would have to buy them separately. When purchasing a nail, it is important that the gender and size of the attachment fits the rig. Many nails are adjustable.


Glass is a popular nail material. While glass looks beautiful and is easy to clean, it is more delicate than the other materials. Glass is more susceptible to breaking. Also, you need to protect it from excessive heat as it may crack or shatter. 


Quartz nails are more reliable and durable than glass nails. But, they take longer to heat. However, if you are able to heat quartz nails properly, they produce smooth dabs.


In terms of durability, titanium nails are your best choice. However, they are pricier than other materials. 

Some titanium nails produce a metallic vapor taste. This is why it is imperative to buy quality titanium nails to ensure good taste. 

Titanium nails have a universal size and are adjustable. You can use the same nails for several dab rigs. 


Nails come in a variety of styles and shapes: 


It doesn’t require a dome and makes it easier to dab. There’s considerable distance between the rig and nail. As a result, heat stress fractures to the rig’s body are less common.


This type of nail has a simple design. The nail supports a bowl so that for the concentrates can settle. The vapor travels from the base to the top of the nail column and then down into the base of the rig. 


This is the most economical option. Unlike classic, it requires a dome. The dome traps the vapors and transfers them to the base of the rig. Furthermore, this type of nail has a cupped end. The cupped end holds the concentrates. 

A great dab rig can make a significant difference to your smoking experience. Make sure you choose a quality dab rig from a reliable online headshop. 

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