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Ooze | Brink Dry Herb Vaporizer

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This C-Core device is always on the Brink of having a good time! Designed for on the go use, this compact flower vape does not sacrifice function or flavor. While it doesn’t feature a fancy screen, it’s simple to control and makes a great beginner dry herb vaporizer.

Although it doesn’t have a screen, the device is easy to control and even has a battery life indicator. Click the power button 5x to turn it on, and it’ll start heating up right away. Switch to a different temperature range with the + or – button. To check your power level, click the power button 4x.

The large 0.5g chamber is a powerhouse when it comes to vaporizing cannabinoids. The oval-shaped chamber spreads your flower out, and the three different types of heat penetrate right to the center, making sure each last leaf is evenly toasted.

The Ooze C-Core Nano-Glazed ceramic technology has a special formula designed for the most even heat possible. It creates a network of heat that warms up quickly and then retains that heat well. Other ceramics have pockets of heat that cool quickly and need to be reheated a lot. This makes the Brink’s battery incredibly efficient and will last for 10-12 full sessions per charge.

Most dry herb vapes only heat up around the sides, which means the bud around the edges ends up getting torched, while the center is left untouched. This is not what you want! The inefficient heating ends up wasting your weed. Since the edges get toasted quickly, each puff will start to taste burnt and like it’s time for a fresh bowl, even though there is plenty of green bud left in the center. The Brink solves this problem entirely with its ability to evenly heat all the way through, and you’ll end up stretching your weed so much farther.

  • 0.5G CHAMBER
  • 1800 MAH
  • 3 HEAT METHODS (conduction, convection, and far infrared energy)
  • 3 TEMPERATURE LEVELS (Low = 320°F-340°F, Medium = 350°F-370°F, and High = 372°F-400°F.)
      Options: Sapphire Blue