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**Curbside Pickup Now Available in Toronto **
**Curbside Pickup Now Available in Toronto **

Curbside Pick-up Now Available !

  1. Place your order using the Curbside Pick up for the shipping method.
  2. Before heading to the store, please wait for the confirmation email from Bongoutlet. You can pick them up immediately during our pick-up hours after receiving the email.
  3. At the warehouse, Meet us at the back of our building and call (1.416-661-6664) or text the number (647-394-6664) on the sign. Make sure you share your last name, order number
Pick-up hours : 
  • Monday to Friday 10 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Saturday : 10 AM - 1:30 PM

Pick-up Location : 606 Magnetic Dr. Toronto, ON, M3J 2C4  View map>>

Telephone : 416-661-6664 / Text(SMS) : 647-394-6664

* Order will be ready in 1 hour during our regular business hours.
* Curbside pickup is currently only available in the Toronto warehouse.
* No front door access. You must come to the back of the warehouse for pick up.
* We'll hold your order for 5 business days before cancelling the order  and issuing you a refund.