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Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning a bong properly is an essential part of getting quality results every time. But it's also necessary for ensuring your piece and its accessories have a long life and ultimately save you time and money you'd otherwise spend on buying and waiting for replacements. At Bong Outlet, you can find tube brushes, pipe cleaners, cleaning fluid and any other bong cleaning stuffs you need to keep any bong squeaky clean. Check out our affordable options and, since you're here, head over to our bong page to browse our latest pieces!

Bong Cleaner Solutions

With the right bong cleaner solution, all of the nasty gunk in your bong is easily loosened from its sticky bonds. Then all you need to do is drain off the solution, give the bong a good rinse with hot water, and your glass should be good as new.

This is much less of a headache than working at it with scrubbing brushes might be!

Not only that, using an abrasive method like scrubbing will create tiny scratches in your glass over time. While this isn’t something you’ll notice immediately, over the months or years it can lead to a cloudy, worn appearance.

It can also make your bong dirtier over time, as these tiny scratches give tar and resin a place to hide and accumulate.

The best way to avoid all of this is regular maintenance with a high-quality bong cleaner solution.

Though it might sometimes still be necessary to use a gentle pipe cleaner or brush to remove particularly stubborn build-up, you can minimize the wear on your glass by relying on a gentle bong cleaning solution in place of scrubbing.

Pipe Cleaners and Brushes

It’s always good to have a few pipe cleaners and brushes handy. These can be used in a pinch to remove clogs or to tackle that particularly stuck-on resin that your cleaning solution can’t free up on its own.

Pipe cleaners are made from long flexible wires and coated with a soft, absorbent fabric. This makes them perfect for dislodging and picking up any gunk that works its way into your bong.

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    Evolve - Glass Cleaner - 16oz

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    Evolve your cleaning ritualOur Evolve Glass Cleaner is proprietary cleaning solution with 70% ISO alcohol, a hint of terpenes, and an abrasive ...

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