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The most wonderful season of the year. Click here to read "HOW TO AVOID SHIPMENTS DELAY" during this season.
The most wonderful season of the year. Click here to read "HOW TO AVOID SHIPMENTS DELAY" during this season.

empyri - skin firming neck cream

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Sold by empyri Ltd. fullfilled by Bongoutlet
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Did you know that your neck will show signs of aging and sun damage before your face? If not, you're not alone! It's never too late to let your skincare evolve.

That's why we created this clean, science-backed hemp neck cream - to keep your routine simple and effective where you need it most. Uniquely formulated to improve elasticity, smooth wrinkles and moisturize. The delicate skin on your neck and chest will feel firm, tightened and lifted.

What makes it special:

  •  Patented polypeptides **Matrixyl ® is proven to smooth wrinkles

  •  *Sesaflash®, made from sesame seeds, visibly firms and tightens the skin

     Hydrolyzed hemp seed extract is clinically proven to improve the look of dry, rough and uneven skin

     Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in our essential oils help fight bacteria that cause inflammation (the source of all skincare evil, including acne and redness!) in a gentle way

     Sodium hyaluronate, shea butter and other specially selected natural ingredients leave skin feeling deeply moisturized.

    #skinhigh elements:

     Non-comedogenic  Vegan  Hydrating
     Cruelty-Free  Moisturizing  Nourishing
     Organic  Cannabis-Infused  Firming

    Suitable for:
    Neck, chest and jawline to smooth wrinkles, tighten skin, improve elasticity and moisturize.

    Scent and texture:
    A subtle scent of our signature lavender and orange blossom; rich texture to nourish and moisturize.

    When you want the skin on your neck to be as smooth and glowing as the skin on your face.

    Apply 1-2 pumps to clean, dry skin on neck, chest and jawline both morning and night.

    Pro tip: For an additional boost of moisture, combine with empyri’s serum. Mix 1-2 pumps of each product in your hands before applying to neck, chest and jawline.

    We also recommend:
    • empyri hydrating toner + vitamin C
    • empyri daily moisturizer


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