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Why You Should Grind Your Weed

So, you're in the mood to let loose and get high, but you need to hold your horses there. Like all good things in life, a little bit of patience and preparation goes a long way. Before you roll up a joint, you need to treat that marijuana well to get the most bang for your buck.

Those sticky buds need to be broken down into more refined, smaller particles to get into that J, and there are several ways to do so. But a grinder works the best, and here's why:

Faster Process

Before we talk about why you should grind your buds with a grinder, let's consider the most common alternative, grinding it by hand. Using your fingers, you'll be breaking down those buds and getting rid of those pesky stems.

Expect inconsistent results that may hamper the experience, and if that weed is sticky, good luck trying to get a good job done with your hands.

Better Experience

You want that joint to last a while, and it's not about rushing to the destination when you're getting high; it's all about the journey to the point. Make it worth your time and the way to do that is to get consistent flower buds in your joint.

Grind them into more refined and cleaner pieces fit to roll up in that paper, so you get your money's worth. It doesn't have to turn as fine as powder, but smaller pieces you can burn through properly.

No Potency Loss

The connoisseurs of marijuana will warn you about this one. The frosty aesthetic of weed comes from THC, the small fibers that you'll find in between the bud. Unfortunately, trying to break it down by hand for doobie, results in it getting stuck to the hand.

You're probably going to miss out on a better high if you're losing the kick out of the kush. Do yourself some good, get that grinder, and thank us later.


Hold that Kief, Chief

Formations at the end of the buds called Kief can get stuck in between grinders, a big no-no. Luckily, grinders are equipped with kief-catchers, and you can roll those trichomes and collect them for use. Talk about getting your money's worth.

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