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Let's be honest: smoking bongs may cause a heated, dry, and irritated throat, leaving you coughing for longer than you'd want. The solution you want is putting ice in a bong. The purpose of the ice catcher was to hold ice and deliver much more. Many times, people will not even put ice in a bong. Perhaps it is due to laziness, or perhaps they are unfamiliar with how it works.

So, why do people put ice in their bongs? There are advantages to using ice in a bong, and this article will teach you how to achieve smoother, better-tasting, and bigger draws from your piece.



Whether you are a seasoned smoker or new to smoking in general, there are always new methods to improve your smoking experience, such as using ice in a bong. Cannabis users have been inventing new ways to smoke for years, and this is just one of many ways they have made bong smoking easier and more enjoyable.

When it comes to placing ice in bongs, there are several advantages. Here are four that will improve your next smoking session:


  1. Adding Ice to a Bong Filters Smoke

For one thing, ice catchers are made for this purpose. They are intended to serve as a smoke filtration device. The bong cannot achieve this on its own, which is why you must add ice to get the benefits of a clean and filtered hit.


  1. Ice in a Bong Improves Flavor

When you add ice to a bong, you not only receive filtered smoke, but you also get extra taste.

This definitely enriches the smoking process, whether you are getting the most out of your bud or adding your own tastes.


  1. Adding ice to the bong acts as a splash guard.

The splash back from bong water, no matter who you are, is never desired, especially when it is unexpected. This is the sole reason why some individuals are put off by water bongs.

Putting ice in a bong can avoid this since they function as a splash guard because they are placed just above the water chamber.


  1. When using an ice-filled bong, you may take larger rips.

When you smoke a bong, you're probably aiming for a big rip that will get you stoned for a few hours. Because adding ice to a bong filters the smoke, you may take colder hits, allowing you to take greater hits.



Ice in a bong makes a huge impact. If you've ever wondered what the grooves in the centre of your bong were for, now you know.

Those grooves serve as an ice catcher, preventing ice from falling into the water chamber. Simply put ice (four or five pieces) via the top of the bong and let the ice catcher prevent it from dropping into the water chamber. Fill your bowl, take a huge rip, and enjoy.

While putting ice in a bong is not needed, it does assist significantly.


How an Ice Catcher Works

The water chamber cools the smoke already, but when you add ice, the smoke will travel through the bong and strike the ice. This reduces the temperature of the smoke to a more manageable and comfortable level for smoking. When you put ice in a bong, the chilling process will make a visible impact. Just be careful not to overfill the water chamber, as melting ice can raise the levels. Keep an eye on the water level and drain the chamber if it becomes overflowing.


How to Add Different Flavors to Your Bong With Ice

Why would you have thought to use a bong with ice when you first started smoking? Nobody was around to explain what those grooves were for or how to use them. So adding multiple tastes to the ice catcher probably never occurred to you. It took me a while to realize that I could improve my smoking sessions by just changing the water, adding fruits, or making various flavoured ice.

Try Flavored Water or Another Liquid

When smoking with ice in a bong, this is arguably the most popular way users vary the flavour profile. It is not only the most prevalent method, but it is also the simplest. Simply replace the water in the chamber with whichever drink you choose. Some individuals like to add a minty fresh scent to their mouthwash. Others choose Gatorade, Kool-aid, or flavoured water of their choosing. Whatever liquid you choose, you may significantly improve the flavour.

Adding Fruit to The Ice Catcher

This is one of my favourites; by combining ice and fruit, the smoke will add whatever flavour you choose as it strikes the ice catcher. When using a bong with ice, some smokers like to add orange slices, strawberries, apples, or even kiwi. As a result, as the smoke touches the blended ice, the flavour changes quickly, creating a delightful, refreshing, fruity impact. This approach has infinite possibilities, making it one of my favourites. After utilizing fruits, make sure to fully clean your bong.

Flavored Ice Cubes in Your Ice Bong

If you have access to ice moulds, you may freeze various liquids and add them to the ice catcher. You'll want to have ice moulds that aren't too big or too little since you'll need to fit them into the bong without them dropping into the water chamber. For years, stoners all around the world have experimented with this method of flavouring. Using ice in a bong allows you to customize your flavour in a multitude of ways. So, whether you use soda, juices, or iced coffee moulds, how you smoke and what you taste is all up to you.

Final Thoughts on Using a Bong With Ice

Putting ice in a bong is a requirement for everyone who has or wants to improve their smoking experience. Using a bong with ice not only allows you to take cleaner, smoother, and bigger pulls, but it also allows you to enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes with trying out various tastes. So no more lengthy coughs, painful throats, or chest pains. Simply add ice in a bong to cool down your smoke and experience a greater high.
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