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What Is a Herb Grinder & How Does It Work?

Over 147 million people worldwide partake in cannabis consumption. More and more people are using it every day, especially after restrictions were lifted in prominent places like New York.

Cannabis enthusiasts are always looking for new and improved herb grinders. If you aren’t aware of the functionality of herb grinders, read on to find out all about them:

What Is It?

A herb grinder is used to break cannabis into smaller parts, which makes it easy for wrapping in rolling papers.

Not only is a herb grinder more convenient and quicker than a knife or a scissor, but it also comes with add-ons such as a kief catcher, which ensures that leftover cannabis crystals can be collected to be used later.

What Parts Does a Grinder Have?

There's a large variety of grinders available in the market so that you won't be getting the same design with every single one of them. However, most of the grinders have anywhere from 2-5 pieces, which include:

 The lid
 The grinding chamber
 The storage chamber
 One or two kief catchers, depending on the number of pieces a grinder has
Grinders also come in materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc.

How Does It Work?

Using a herb grinder is pretty simple. These are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open the grinder, then place the cannabis buds between its teeth. Be sure to place the buds strategically to get the best results.
2. Put the top of the device back on and then give it a few rotations to grind it up
properly. Shake the grinder a few times to loosen up any buds stuck in the grinder's teeth.
3. Once you open the grinder, you’ll see the broken down cannabis buds, and then you can use it however you want, be it with a pipe or a bong.
4. Then open the bottom chamber and use a piece of paper to scrape off kief.
5. In order to clean it, rub the grinder with an alcohol swab and use a small brush to collect the leftover cannabis.

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