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The Big Bong Theory: A Detailed Look at Bongs & Their Use for Cannabis Consumption

The Big Bong Theory: A Detailed Look at Bongs & Their Use for Cannabis Consumption

If you like smoking cannabis, then you’ve probably heard about bongs. How could you not, given their use in a number of popular movies.

Here’s everything you need to know about bongs and their use with cannabis:


What Is A Bong?

A bong is a device made up of several parts designed to filter out the smoke from the combustion of weed, cannabis, and marijuana, and then pass the clean smoke to the user. 


What Parts Does A Bong Have?

  • Glass bowl: This is where the user adds cannabis, tobacco, etc. The material is then heated, and that creates the smoke which you ultimately consume.
  • Ash catcher: When the bowl releases the smoke, this part catches any ash that might be in the smoke, thus protecting the bong from potential damage.
  • Tube: This part is connected to the mouthpiece and directs the smoke to the consumer’s mouth.
  • Mouthpiece: It's the part of the bong where users put their mouths to inhale the filtered smoke.

What Factors Should I Pay Attention To When Purchasing a Bong

  • Looks and quantity: When picking a bong, you may consider the bong's overall look and the volume it offers. Bongs come in several styles, such as beakers and straight tubes, and a range of options for the amount of water, smoke, and product it can hold.
  • Quality of theglass: While glass bongs can always break, the thickness of the bong plays a big part in determining how long it'll last. If you choose a bong that has around 6mm of thickness, then it'll probably last for a while. A bong with a thickness less than 3mm won't last as long.
  • Maintainability: Sometimes, you may want to purchase a bong with a unique look, but you should also consider how easy or difficult such a bong would be to clean. For example, if it has a relatively small mouthpiece, then cleaning it would be a chore.

What Are The Advantages of Using a Bong

  • Smooth hits: Due to their filtration system, bongs are able to provide smooth hits to their users. Other types of smoke-based devices may give their users a more dry hit, leading to irritation in the throat and a burning sensation in the lungs.
  • Filtration systems: When we light something on fire, it releases toxins dangerous for human beings. The water present in the bong’s bowl filters it and allows the user to inhale clean smoke.
  • Bacteria-free: When you inhale the smoke from cannabis, you also risk taking in microbes, which can lead to various health issues, but the water in the bong filters out the bacteria.


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