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The Best Way to Choose a Dab Rig

The Best Way to Choose a Dab Rig

If you dab, you understand how important it is to have a rig that you truly love using. A dab rig's visual appeal and, of course, how easily or smoothly you can extract a dab from it are what make it fun to use.

Overall, choosing the correct rig is essential for a good and comfortable session if you enjoy dabbing or are considering giving it a try. Dab/oil rigs are needed in order to inhale the concentrate, wax, budder, or oil while dabbing. Traditional water pipes and bongs are insufficient for dabbing since they need a separate set of accessories and bowl pieces. The primary distinction between a dab rig and a conventional water pipe is the presence of a nail on the dab rig. A glass adapter or oil dome can be used to easily modify a water pipe by taking the place of the flower bowl. Additionally, there are choices for portable dab rigs, like an electric dabber pen, if you want to dab while on the road.

A rig is quite an investment, like most glass items, so you want to be sure you get your money's worth by selecting a piece that suits your taste, personality, use, and budget. The following factors should be taken while selecting the one that is right for you:

Pick a rig that can keep up

Whether you dab frequently or maybe occasionally, don't spend money on a rig that doesn't suit your dabbing habits. Many people purchase large, expensive dab pieces but rarely use them, whereas those who use dab pieces daily purchase tiny ones that require continuous cleaning. Make sure you are getting exactly what you want and need because it is your money.

Size doesn't always matter

The impact of the concentrate won't be diminished by a compact rig. Smaller rigs, on the other hand, offer the vapour less time to cool and revert to its oily, viscous state as leftovers inside your piece. Additionally, smaller rigs are much simpler to conceal or store.

Purchase a quality torch

The middle ground between gas station torch lighters and industrial blow torches is provided by handheld torches. A high-quality torch is always preferable to a cheap one because the latter typically wears out faster and gets hotter. You'll save a ton of time and aggravation by making the investment while assembling the ideal dab.

The nail is just as crucial as the rig

Your nail will be heated, cooled, removed, and reinstalled the most and that will make its life time shorter. Because of this, most individuals pick titanium or quartz as opposed to glass nails. Although titanium is generally thought to be more durable and heats up more quickly than steel, both nails are suitable. There are so many various dabbing nail designs, sizes, and shapes available on our website that you're sure to discover one that works for you.

Be a style icon

Glass rigs are the product of some wonderful labour. There are literally artists and styles to suit every aesthetic preference. Choose a rig that you will enjoy using, exhibiting, and looking at in your house. Get your money's worth since this is an investment piece once more.

It's not as difficult as it first appears to choose a rig. Simply pick one you adore and will truly enjoy using. Check out our extensive assortment of recyclers and dab/oil rigs here.

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