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How to Use an Electric Dab Rig

How to Use an Electric Dab Rig

Long-term dabbers are starting to modify their ways. Until recently, most dab enthusiasts relied on butane torches and dab nails as their primary tools. Today, however, a new and ultra-portable technology is having a huge influence on the cannabis market and transforming how consumers enjoy their smoke.

Many knowledgeable dabbers are increasingly adopting e-rigs as their preferred method of dabbing. These portable gadgets are the most recent instances of how technology is changing every area of our life, including how we consume cannabis. E-rig quality and usefulness have dramatically improved the dabbing process.

Let's go through e-rigs and how to use them!

What Is Dabbing?

First, let's go through what dabbing is. Dab and dabbing have distinct but related meanings. A dab is a cannabis concentrate, such as wax, shatter, budder, crumble, or sauce. Dab can also refer to a specific dosage of cannabis concentrate. The method of eating a dab by vaporizing it and inhaling the vapour is referred to as dabbing.

It's easy to mix up dabbing with vaping. While these are both ways to consume cannabis extracts via vapour, they have distinctions. Dabbing vaporizes concentrates using a dab rig. Vaping is the technique of inhaling THC using a vaporizer while utilizing specially prepared THC carts, your own dried flower, or even homemade vape juice.

Types Of Dab Rigs

Portable Dab Rigs (E-Rigs)

An electric dab rig is a quick and easy method to enjoy a dab. We believe that e-rigs are far more user-friendly than traditional dab rigs.

E-rigs are a one-stop shop for dabbing. Because the THC is evaporated using battery power, electronic dab rigs do not require a dab torch or an e-nail. These rigs are far more portable than traditional dab rigs since they take up less space. Instead of carrying everything you need for your typical equipment, you can take about an e-rig that makes dabbing easier and more pleasant.


  • Because they don't require the use of a blowtorch, e-rigs are intrinsically safer.

  • Concentrates are popular because of the flavour and quality of the hit. To do this efficiently, you must regulate the temperature, which an e-rig makes simple.

  • Electronic rigs are intended to make life easier and more portable. They've done this while also making the parts appear very crisp.


  • There is a price tag that comes along with a sleek portable piece of equipment, and some individuals dislike the cost associated with e-rigs.

  • Some e-rigs let you use herbs and concentrates, but others only utilize concentrates, making them less flexible.

  • Because e-rigs run on electricity/battery power, you must keep them charged. It's not a big problem, but if you don't have your charger, you may be stranded.

Traditional Dab Rigs

In place of the standard bowl found on a bong, a traditional dab rig includes the chamber of a glass pipe attached to a nail or banger. If you've never dabbed before, the skill, initial expense, and dab accessories needed might be intimidating. However, many cannabis fans come to like the firm and streamlined effects, as well as the rich terpene tastes and concentrations provided by dab rigs.

A glass piece, a nail, a dabber, a torch, and a carb cap are common components of traditional dab pipes. Carb caps are popular because they let you dab at lower temperatures and keep the vapour in the nail for a longer period of time.


  • Dabbing is one of the most sanitary methods of consuming marijuana. You obtain your THC or CBD without having to deal with any extra plant stuff.

  • Dab rigs get you to the point considerably faster, and a little dab is generally plenty.


  • Because dabs may be highly strong, you should be cautious about how much substance you take in until you're familiar with the practice.

  • Dab rigs should always be of great quality, and you should never attempt to save money on one. Always shop around for the greatest dab rig you can afford.

How Do You Use An E-Rig?

Rather than a butane hand torch, your electric dab rig lets you heat your nail using electricity. These e-nails eliminate the need for a potentially hazardous flame, making for a lot more portable and discrete dabs.

E-rigs also include temperature settings that allow you to fully extract important ingredients like terpenes from your dabs. The ability to choose individual temperatures is a big selling factor for an e-rig. Lower temperatures can be used to release terpenes, while higher temperatures can be used to release cannabinoids. Precision heating reduces the likelihood of scorching your dab, destroying its cannabinoids, and killing your vibe.

To use your e-rig, adjust the temperature to your preferences. Set the temperature to roughly 800°F and the heat level to 350°F-400°F if you want a low-temperature dab. Heat your nail to 450°F-600°F for a medium temperature dab. Temperatures ranging from 600°F to 850°F are required for high-temperature dabs. Temperatures can sometimes reach 900°F.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Electronic Dab Rig For Cannabis?

The biggest advantage of utilizing an e-rig to consume your cannabis is that it is significantly smaller than traditional dabbing rigs. A conventional dabbing rig resembles a scientific lab setup but is much larger, around the size of a pitcher. Traditional rigs are massive in comparison to an e-rig, making them impractical to transport and use on the go.

Electric dab rig kits are significantly smaller and more portable. You may easily transport it in your backpack or even in your pocket. You may also utilize your electric dab rig discretely to avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself. You just cannot do this with typical dab rigs, no matter how hard you try.

Old-school dabbing setups also need a general understanding of the gadget and cannabis accessories. You fill the rig with water, heat it up, add your concentrates, and wait for the appropriate moment. There's always the risk of under or overheating and destroying the whole thing. It might be difficult to tell if the gadget has enough heat to continue your dabbing session.

Electric dab rig kits still require some prior knowledge, but they feature a built-in mechanism that controls the temperature to minimize concerns like overheating. An e-rig will spare you the trouble of manually checking the temperature. As a result, electric dab rigs are more user-friendly than traditional dab rigs.

Where To Buy Your Electric Dab Device 

Always look for quality while purchasing an e-rig. For a smooth and exhilarating dabbing experience, has numerous amazing electric dab rigs to pick from. Our high-quality rigs are both adaptable and affordable.

Even the most frugal dab enthusiast can find everything they need in's electrical dab equipment selection.

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