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How To Grind Marijuana Without A Grinder

How To Grind Marijuana Without A Grinder

All of us have been there. When you bring out your flower to roll a blunt or a joint, you realize that you are missing a grinder. Or you seem to have lost it. But don't worry—there are still a few options for grinding cannabis without a grinder! Most of these methods—especially our final DIY technique—can be completed using items you already have around the house.

You may quickly start enjoying your cannabis by using the suggestions below.



Use A Dime And A Pill Bottle

For our first method, all you need is a pill container and a dime. Or actually any coin that will fit in the pill container. Drop your dime inside the pill container together with your marijuana after making sure it's clean. Now shake the container. The coin will tear your cannabis to bits as it bounces against the sides of the pill container!



Make Coffee using a Grinder

You still technically own a grinder if you have a coffee grinder at home. Just be certain that everything is clean before adding your herbs. To avoid damaging your marijuana, pack it lightly inside the grinder. Now grind it similarly to how you would your coffee. Afterward, be sure to wipe out your grinder because you might not want that extra kick in your coffee.



Use a knife and cutting board.

This one ought to be rather clear. You can always chop your marijuana if you can't grind it. Grab a cutting board and a good knife. Make sure your blade is sharp; otherwise the herbs will just stick to it. But if your knife is sharp, you'll start smoking right away.



Use Scissors And A Shot Glass

This one is for everyone who likes a little bit of alcohol! Grab a pair of scissors and your preferred shot glass. Throw your flower into the shot glass and begin cutting it with the scissors. If you're planning to use the shot glass straight away, you probably shouldn't use this method since your herbs will leave behind a potent residue that won't blend well with alcohol.



Use a cheese grater.

This one should be rather simple to understand if you already own a cheese grater. You don't want to smoke any cheese, so make sure your grater is clean. Slide a plate below it and begin grating. Avoid cutting your fingers when using the grater, and after using it, clean it up.


The Time-tested Approach: Use Your Hands

You still have hands if you don't have anything else. If your marijuana is really sticky, it can get annoying, but if you don't feel like putting together a homemade grinder, it's worth it. If you begin to tear it apart and it is REALLY sticky, give it some time to dry out or put it in the freezer for a few seconds. This will always be the simplest method for shattering marijuana without a grinder.



Conclusion: Purchase a Grinder!

These solutions are fantastic if you need a grinder right now. When you're ready to smoke, nobody likes to search for a cheese grater or a cutting board. Get a grinder now!

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