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Glass Pipe Vs Metal Pipe: Which One Should You Use When Smoking Up?

Glass Pipe Vs Metal Pipe: Which One Should You Use When Smoking Up?

Pipes are one of the most convenient ways to partake in cannabis consumption. Not only are they easy to carry, but they are also readily available at online headshops.

Pipes come in several materials, with the most popular ones being glass and metal. Here's everything you need to know when choosing between these two options:


Which One Is More Durable

Based on the strength of the materials, we can easily say that metal is more durable than glass.

Although glass pipes can withstand a fair amount of rough use, if you plan on using a glass pipe, it’s better to get a protective case for it.


Which One Is Healthier

Glass is the healthier option as it allows for a clean and natural intake. While you should be fine using metal pipes, you might end up inhaling toxins that are dangerous for your health if you use a poor-quality pipe.

To avoid the potential health risks, experts recommend opting  for metal pipes made from titanium, stainless steel, and brass.


Which One Tastes Better

Glass takes the win here as well. Using a metal pipe might lead to a metal taste in your mouth, while a glass pipe allows the authentic taste of cannabis to come through.

Additionally, glass pipes don’t heat up as much as the metal ones due to the very nature of the material.


Which One Is More Affordable

Metal pipes are usually cheaper than glass pipes because their manufacturing process isn't as complicated.

You’ll also often find glass pipes focused more on unique designs, while metal pipes are geared towards their functional aspects.

If you spend the same amount of money on both a metal and a glass pipe, you’ll probably get better value for your money with the metal option.


Which One Is Easier To Maintain

This one’s a tie; since both pipes have the same structure, they require the same amount of maintenance.

The good news is that maintaining them is pretty straightforward. You can either clean your pipe with an alcohol swab after each use, or you can give it a good deep clean after a few weeks of usage.


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