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Glass Bongs 101: An Essential Guide

Did you know that more than 160 million people use cannabis plants for recreational and medical reasons worldwide? So if you're considering to buy a bong, vape, e-cigarette, or any other product to savour some vapour, you're not alone.

The bong collection available in the market a few years ago was dull and bleak. Customers usually had to settle with whatever they could find regardless of their personal preferences. Many resorted to DIY solutions due to high prices and rare availability. 

Fast-forwarding to the present age, customers have access to a variety of bongs and vapes readily available at highly affordable prices.

This article discusses a specific type of bongs known as glass bongs, AKA glass water pipes. These are widely popular, easy-to-use, and super fun! Let’s get to know more about them.

Glass Bongs: A Brief Intro

Bongs are one of the oldest ways to smoke. The word "bong" is derived from the Thai word "baung”—a similar smoking device made of bamboo straws.

Glass bongs are used for smoking dry herbs such as marijuana. It has a bowl-shaped bottom which is filled with herbs. Once it's sparked, the herb releases smoke with filter and diffuse into the water.

Although bongs come in various shapes and sizes, they all have some unique yet mutual characteristics such as:

  • A bowl-shape for filling herbs
  • A stem that allows the smoke to travel
  • A refillable and easy-to-clean water chamber
  • A mouthpiece for inhalation

Some glass bongs are available with percolators that allow effective smoke filtration.

Perks of Using a Glass Bong

Glass bongs aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they also offer a gratifying smoking experience to the consumers. This product is currently one of the biggest hits in the cannabis and smoking market!

Here are some benefits of using glass bongs that transform a boring smoke sesh into a complete, classic experience:

  • Glass bongs are low maintenance
  • They're perfect for newbies and enable them to get accustomed to other smoking devices
  • Glass bongs withstand pressure and don't crack or warp easily.
  • They offer high-class filtration, which is perfect for regular smokers.
  • Glass bongs ensure that the taste of the herb being smoked stays intact throughout the session.
  • Glass bongs can last for several years if maintained properly.
  • The filtration property of glass bongs has a more relaxed impact on the throat, mitigating the risk of developing irritation and burning sensations.

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