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Cannabis on a herb grinder

Do You Need to Grind Your Cannabis Before You Consume It?

Over 147 million people consume cannabis and it’s a growing market, so of course there are different opinions when it comes to the right way of consuming it.

One of the most common techniques to consume cannabis is grinding it beforehand. You may find yourself asking whether that’s necessary. We think it is. Here’s why:

1. It’s Cleaner
People who don’t use a grinder, usually end up using their hands to break the cannabis into smaller pieces, which can get messy and unhygienic. It can also result in unevenly distributed pieces that make it difficult to properly use
cannabis with rolling paper, bongs, and other paraphernalia.

2. It Saves Time
There are many ways to break cannabis into smaller piece. If not with hand, you may use knives, scissors, or any number of things.

But none of those will be as fast as a herb grinder. Herb grinder helps get it done much quicker with the proper distribution and consistency, thus leading to a more pleasant experience.

3. It Keeps The Cannabis Effective
There are certain compounds in the cannabis that make it more effective. When you use a grinder, it combines all those compounds to give you a perfect combination. Using other techniques might leave some of the trichomes behind, and your cannabis experience won’t be as effective.

4. It Collects Kief
If you have a 4 or 5 piece grinder, then it'll also contain a chamber that can be used to collect the kief. Kiefs are crystal formations that give the cannabis some of its efficacy, and when you're breaking cannabis by hand, some of it may get wasted. However, grinders have a built-in way to avoid this problem. They collect the kief that breaks away from the cannabis during the grinding process.
Kief is even more effective than the bud produced by the grinder. You can use kief with rolling paper, bongs, vaporizers, etc., or you can use it for edibles, which is an increasingly popular practice.

A person holding cannabis

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