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Accessories for Better Cones

Accessories for Better Cones

Cone Loaders and Fillers

1. RAW Cone Filler - $12.00 CAD

RAW Cone Loader

Tired of sitting with a straw endlessly packing cones full?  Now you can fill your cone 10x faster and more precisely with our RAW Cone Filler.  Fill the trough, stick your RAWthentic cone on the end and work the slide.  It’s that easy!

Comes with included natural wooden poker to add those all-important finishing touches.  This device was invented before the newer RAW Loader but we still also make the original RAW Cone Filler because you asked us to!

RAW Cone Filler is available in 2 sizes: 1¼ & Kingsize

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2. RAW Threads RAW Cone Loader - $13.00 CAD

RAW Threads RAW Cone Loader

The age-old rollers dilemma : How do you get the loose material from your tray into a cone or paper? The simple answer to that question. 

  • 1 x Cone Loader
  • 1 x Scraping Card
  • 1 x Natural Bamboo Poker

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3. Cannagar Press Kit - $35.95 CAD

Cannagar Press Kit

Cannagar Press Kit with plunger and skewer.
3d Printed with renewable bio-plastic called PLA thats made from Corn-Starch.

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4. Cone Crusher (Fills 19 Pre-rolled Cones) - $59.95 CAD

Cone Crusher

Who's got time to fill cones by hand? Ain't nobody got time for that!

Save yourself endless hours and pick up one of these cone crushers to fill and pack 19 pre rolled 1 1/4" cones in at one time!

Made in Canada with PLA Plastic (A Renewable Bio Plastic)

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*Available in different sizes.


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