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A complete guide to the different kind of weed grinders

A complete guide to the different kind of weed grinders

Grinding your weed is really important. It allows you to increase the surface area of your bud. This in turn allows you to extract more cannabinoids from your cannabis and makes for an all-round better experience.

At Bong Outlet, we carry a large selection of grinders for different occasion. To better understand how each of these grinders work, Let's go through the types of grinders,


Acrylic Grinders

Acrylic grinders are, as the name suggests, made from acrylic. They are the cheapest options available at Bong Outlet and generally come in 2-part models.

While some smokers are loyal to their acrylic grinders, most will agree that they just aren't good enough for a long term use. Their teeth are made from plastic, they quickly lose their edge, making it hard for them to cut through your buds.

They still are the best options to choose if you are looking for a budget friendly grinders for short-term use.


Wooden Grinders

Wooden grinders usually feature 2 pieces; a lid and a grinder, which usually features metal teeth that resemble nails. These teeth are not very sharp and often struggle to tear through thick, dense nuggets. But the wooden grinders got the uniqueness and the style that goes with everything.


Metal Grinders

Metal grinders are the most effective grinders available, especially among the manual models. Metal teeth that can easily tear through even the thickest buds, and are easy to twist. They are also extremely durable, making them ideal for anyone planning to grind weed on the go as they can easily be thrown in a bag or even dropped and, apart from a few scratches, will continue to work like new.


Apart from the material from which they're made, grinders can also be distinguished by how many parts they're made from. The most common models feature 2,3, or 4 pieces.


2-Parts Grinders

These are the most basic models, featuring a lid and a grinding compartment. While these grinders don't have a compartment to catch kief, they are smaller and more compact than 3 or 4 part grinders.


3-Parts Grinders

They feature an extra compartment designed to catch your weed once it has been ground fine enough to pass through tiny holes in the middle compartment. While they still don't allow you to collect any kief, they are a lot more practical as you don't have to empty them out on a surface and risk losing any of your weed.


4-Parts Grinders

Out of all the grinders, 4-Part grinders are probably the best. They feature a compartment to catch your ground buds, as well as an extra compartment covered with a fine sieve to catch any kief.


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