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8 Interesting Facts about Vaping Every  Rookie Must Know

8 Interesting Facts about Vaping Every Rookie Must Know

The concept of vaping isn't a new one, but it indeed surrounds several misconceptions and myths. Things changed after we watched Katy Perry and Johnny Depp savor the vapor.

While some might argue that vaping is an art, a science, or maybe a skill, we believe that it’s none of those things. Vaping is an experience, an outlet to de-stress and unwind. It’s a simple way to enjoy a few minutes of satisfaction inhaling aromatic smoke from one of your favorite cannabis herbs.

When it comes to vape, there are no specific protocols. Of course, there's a correct way to enjoy your sesh to the fullest, but newbies shouldn't be scared to try it. As fun as it might sound, it's also important to not approach vape with blind excitement.

In this blog, we’re sharing our expert knowledge about different types of vapes and thirteen cool facts that’ll enhance your knowledge about vaping.

  • No Irritation or Burns

  • Many people confuse vaping with smoking cigarettes. 

    Vaping is a lot different than smoking blunt, joint, or cigs as it doesn’t result in irritation or burns. The device used for vaping is called a vaporizer or a vape. It contains a cartridge filled with flavored liquid that activates once heated.

    Although vapes look like regular cigarettes, they don't burn tobacco; there's no smoke, and the liquid is entirely odorless and pure.

  • Vapes are Reusable

  • Unlike cigarettes, vapes are reusable and affordable. They are refillable, and you can enjoy various vapor flavors by inserting a new cartridge or refilling an old one.

  • Affordable than Other Smoking Products

  • Since vaping devices are reusable, they’re far more economical than cigs and joints. You don’t have to spend a lot to buy the product again and again.

    Heavy smokers smoke as much as one pack per day, which isn't only harmful to their health, but is also expensive. This makes vape a much better, healthier, and cheaper alternative. 

    The expense of affording cigarettes can average up to $1,000 per year, whereas a vape device is a one-time investment that's durable and long-lasting.

  • Vaping isn't As Addictive as Smoking

  • A study conducted by research experts at Harvard University reveals that the nicotine isn't as addictive as cocaine and meth. Vaping devices contain nicotine fluid that produces low density, gentle, and subtle vapors.

    The research proves that vapes don’t result in a drastically addictive behavior if consumed in appropriate proportion.

  • Vaping Industry Doesn't Target Kids.

  • You must've heard parents saying that fruity and fun flavors available for vaping are targeted to children, and it's false. 

    Vape manufacturers don’t make fruity flavors to attract children or to push the legal limit of smoking. These flavors are used for the sole purpose of masking the scent of smoke and offering consumers a more satiable experience. 

  • Helpful for Quitters

  • Did you know that vaping might be helpful for people who wish quit smoking? 

    Nicotine patch users often give in to their cravings and smoke a cigarette or two. In contrast, they can opt for a short vape sesh to curb their craving without inhaling high quantity of nicotine and tobacco. 

    Vaping allows quitters to gradually get rid of their hand-to-mouth habit and forget about smoking cigarettes.

  • Fewer Toxicants

  • A regular cig contains over 600 chemical ingredients that emit more than 7,000 types of chemicals into the body and air when heated.

     In contrast, vape devices contain tiny cartridges that limit the number of toxic substances.

  • Cloud Chasing is a Popular Sport Now

  • Did you know that the Americans have turned vaping into an exciting sport? Known as "Cloud Chasing", it involves playing with the vapor smoke. It started as a hobbyist thing but soon turned into a cool sport performed in front of crowds and judges. This game is also called stunt vaping, extreme vaping, and sub-ohm vaping. 

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