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5 Must-Have Accessories that Will Elevate Your Smoking Experience

5 Must-Have Accessories that Will Elevate Your Smoking Experience

Smokers, today, use a variety of accessories and tools to make their smoking sessions more efficient, easier, and entertaining. These accessories help them remain stealthy, store their weed better and of course, impress their friends. 

But, as a smoker looking for the best smoking accessories to elevate their experience, when you begin your search you realize that there is an endless list of options available. 

The question is which accessories should you really buy?

Here is a list of 5 must-have accessories every smoker should have in their collection.

  • Hemp wicks

  • Created from the hemp plant, hemp wicks change the way you smoke your products. They have numerous advantages of traditional butane lighters such as conserving product, cornering the bowl between your friends, your health, and more.

    When you use hemp instead of a traditional lighter, you do not inhale the noxious butane gases. Added to this, they also make for a smoother, tastier, and healthier hit since the gases do not come into contact with your lungs.

  • Air filters

  • When non-smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke, it is called passive or involuntary smoking. Non-smokers who inhale secondhand smoke take in toxic chemicals and nicotine just like smokers. The more they breathe this secondhand smoke, the more the level of harmful chemicals increases in their body.

    Efficient air filters come in handy here. They are reliable and life saving. You exhale smoke through your air filter and see odorless air coming out from the other end. They allow you to smoke any where your want, and keep your friends and family away from its harmful effects. 

  • Scales

  • Electronic digital scales allow you to measure the weight of items. They help smokers ensure that they have the exact amount of weed that they need. These are unique because of their high sensitivity, which allows them to calculate accurate weights. 

    You can buy digital weighing scales with different capacities ranging from 50g to more than 1kg, depending upon your weighing needs. These scales will help you keep a track of your stash and possibly cut down unnecessary expenses.

  • Bags and jars

  • Bags and jars play an essential role in storing your herbs. They ensure that the herbs do not lose moisture and remain fresh. Plus, they offer style so you can place them on any shelf in your house as a decoration piece. 

  • Ashtrays

  • Isn’t it annoying to look for something useless you can turn into an ashtray every time before you smoke? For some it may be an empty beer can and for others it is their driveway. Life would get much easier if you invest in an ashtray. And now with pocket size ashtrays also available, there is really no excuse to scatter the ashes to the four winds.

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