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5 Gifts to Send to Your Favorite Smoke Buddy

5 Gifts to Send to Your Favorite Smoke Buddy

Summers in Toronto are a delight! With the lockdown lifted, it’s time for you to go out and meet your friends, kick back, and relax. For smoking aficionados, its double the fun! Gather with your smoker friends for a smoke circle – maybe exchange a few gifts to celebrate. If you can’t get out, you don’t have to worry – there are plenty of online stores offering a wide range of smoking paraphernalia to give to your smoking buddy.

Rolling Paper

To have an ultimate smoking experience, you need to consider the right rolling paper. It can make a world of difference. Choose yours – refined or unrefined, regular or, king-sized. At Bong Outlet, you’ll find an extensive collection of rolling papers online. With brands like OCB, Smoke Arsenal, and RAW, they provide high-quality paper for a smooth smoking experience.

Bongs And Dab Rigs

Bongs have been the smoker’s favorite since forever, and rightfully so! They provide an enjoyable experience because their water-cooled smoke is smooth on the lungs. There’s a wide variety of attractive looking, high-quality bongs in the market that you can use for the ultimate smoking experience.

Bong Outlet’s Blueberry Glass Beaker Water Bong is a classic choice as a gift. Whether it is silicone or a glass water bong, find one the matches your style!

Dab rigs are bongs used to smoke oils and waxes. Comparatively, they’re smaller than glass bongs and produce intense smoke because of their condensed chambers. You’ll find plenty of exquisite, low-cost dab rigs for the best smoking experience in the market.

If you’re interested, you could try out the 7.5” Oil Burner Water Pipe – it provides you with a clean look and comfortable smoking experience.  

Hand Pipes And Spoons

The hand pipe has been used for hundreds of years. If you ask a smoker, they’ll tell you that the hand pipe offers the best smoking experience. Bong Outlet has high-quality and low-cost metal, wood, and glass pipes. Among hand pipes, spoon pipes offer the most convenient smoking experience. 

Their Oil Burner Pipe is probably the best gift for your smoker buddy – its compact size can fit in all pockets.


The vaporizer is the most portable way of smoking oils and herbs. Traditional vapes are lit with a traditional lighter, while the modern ones are electronic. These devices are changing the face of smoking and are ideal for people who like to be discreet about smoking herbs. 

The Yocan Evolve 3-in-1 Vape Pen is the most popular among smokers in town. Smoking oils, dry herbs, and waxes don’t mean that you need different vapes. Gift this versatile vape pen to your buddy and let them enjoy a versatile 3-in-1 smoking experience!

Gift your smoker buddies the best quality products so that they feel valued and connected in precarious times. Visit Bong Outlet’s online store for the most beautiful smoking products at the most affordable prices.  The company offers a wide range of products, including ash catchers, bongs, rolling paper, and much more.

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