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4 Rookie Mistakes While Rolling Joints

4 Rookie Mistakes While Rolling Joints

We’ve all been there. Out of excitement for our first time, we roll up a doobie and make a fool out of ourselves, with a joint that looks like walrus or if a car ran over it. Sometimes, you can improvise and get it to work, or you might lose some precious J and paper in the process, having to redo it.

Image filename: a-burning-joint-of-marijuana
Image alt text: a burning joint of marijuana.

Here a few rookie mistakes that newbies make that you should definitely avoid:

A Joint Too Tight

When first-timers are rolling a blunt, the fear of anything falling out and losing any precious weed looms around their heads. They will end up rolling the blunt too tight. If it’s too tight, it’ll feel like a bent straw. The way no liquid flows through a bent straw, no weed will make its way. You might just end up clogging weed with the cigar paper around the mouthpiece.

A Tad Bit Too Loose

This is the opposite of the mistake stated above. Now the joint is too loose and runs the risk of the weed falling out, or if the mouthpiece is the part where it’s loosened up, you could accidentally get J all up in your mouth and throat if you’re not careful.

Not Adding Enough Weed

Not adding enough weed, a rookie mistake at its finest. Don’t be greedy; there’s more to come. Have at least more than 1 gram per joint. Chances are that you might be passing the boof, and less than a gram is hardly enough for you, let alone the rest of the squad. Be a little generous and sprinkle in around 2 to 3 grams, take your time, and have some good fun. You’re going to want to take smaller hits and make it last.

Image filename: unrolled-rolling-paper-with-weed-in-it.
Image alt text: Unrolled rolling paper with weed inside it.

Getting A Hole in The Blunt

The classic. Getting a hole in a blunt happens because you skimped out on getting a grinder and decided to grind your weed with your own bare hands like some Neanderthal. When you grind weed with your own hands, you’re bound to miss out on any stems. 

Those stems can end up in your blunt, and the paper is too sensitive. You end up with a hole in it, which either requires you to patch that hole with your finger as you smoke, which can get pretty annoying. Or you do yourself a favor and get new cigar paper to begin again. Do yourself a favor and just get a grinder, though; you’ll need it.

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