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3 Tips on Improving Your Bong Game

3 Tips on Improving Your Bong Game

When it comes to smoking paraphernalia, it’s no secret that most dry herb aficionados prefer the cool, smooth hits you get from a bong. Percolator bongs are even more popular amongst recreational smokers. Since they have an additional layer of water filtration, they often even more flavorsome and smoother hits than regular bongs.

When it comes to smoking herb from a bong, there’s a cultural misconception that they are notoriously difficult to use, and the hit you get is much more potent compared to what you get from a joint or a glass pipe. However, that’s not the case at all. Bongs are quite easy to use, and with just a few key steps, you can get it just right. Here are a few tips on perfecting your bong game.

Taking Slow, Deep Breaths

Taking deep, slow breaths is key to maximizing your smoking experience with a percolator bong. Before you fire up your piece, make sure you perform a few breathing exercises. Stretching your diaphragm will expand your lungs and improve your breathing capacity.

So, when you’re ready to smoke, you’ll have better endurance, which will help you take longer rips. Another tip is to avoid alcohol before your smoking session. Drinking alcohol reduces the breathing rate, causing carbon dioxide buildup in the body.

Make Sure Your Dry Herb is finely Ground

If you’re a little short on smoking supplies, just a regular pair of scissors can be used to break up your dry herb. However, if you really want an even burn, you need a grinder. Finely ground dry herbs burn much more slowly and evenly compared to larger pieces.

Prevent Coughing with Some Gum or a Mint

In herb smoking circles, there’s a famous saying, “you aren’t smoking correctly unless you’re coughing.” We don’t know whether it’s true or not, but most people do tend to cough when taking hits from bong. However, they don’t have to.

There’s a simple reason why people cough after taking a hit from a perc bong: the smoke dries out the throat and mouth. While smoking and drinking water at the same time is out of the question, there’s a simple fix.

Chewing gum or popping on a mint will induce the creation of saliva, which will keep your mouth and throat moist.  

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