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Just got my package today. Very nice bubbler 7" 4mm thinkness, but it feels thicker, and its 6 arm p ...

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By jake


I had looked around the internet for multiple sites and many had very mixed reviews but when I ran i ...

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By George Martinez


I found the Bong Outlet while searching E-bay. We shopped for several weeks for the right piece. I'v ...

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By Jeff Froelich

Broken Perc

Pretty bummed lately because I had spent a little over $200, before discounts, on black friday to qu ...

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By Sad Customer


Purchased a 19" 6 FINGERS - 2 PERCOLATOR Water pipe w/ash & ice catcher. Great stuff!

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By Jean Hebert


I got an Inline perc from this website and was scared I was not getting what I ordered but I did any ...

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By Alan Magana

1 x 16" 7MM Dbl. Flat & 8 finger perc. Stemless Water Bongs

New Bong I got is great it has everything needed to make for a great smoking experience. Recommend i ...

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By Peter

My 1 Stop Shop

I was always a bit skeptical about getting a decent glass piece from an online shop. After a few tri ...

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By Jason Shepherd

This is my go to place for glass now

Here I am back again. Not only have I noticed that the glass here is cheaper, it is also much better ...

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By Nick Perez


SO at first you see the site and see .ca at first and super cheap great deals on sooo many different ...

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By Michael Torjman

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04.10" 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Green / GHOST
08.10" 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - PINK / GHOST
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The best peice I've bought yet came in 8 days and im so happ ..
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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by: Michael Torjman of United States

Date added: 01/23/2015

Title: A++++

SO at first you see the site and see .ca at first and super cheap great deals on sooo many different awesome items....seems fishy strange right? .ca just means they are in Canada not USA so only downfall or negative thing i could really say would be takes a little bit with shipping if you do the cheapest standard rate to USA at least maybe 2 weeks about but sooo worth the wait. got a great big water pipe for legitimately a tenth of the price it would be in a store. Before even getting into it I forgot that I was having such difficulty checking out with my credit card for some reason that the Owner I think of the company just texts me back and forth helping me and just basically took my info and processed the order for me. Great service there. So I actually received my item was super stoked (they even threw in an extra free little mini pipe that's cool too wasnt expected. and low and behold I was pretty upset to see my piece has a huge crack in it so I contact them about it and right away just said ok we'll send you a new one. AMazing customer service. Great all around products quality so far seems super legit. Idk why anyone wouldn't use this as opposed to going to shops and paying like 4 times as much. I guess you just don't get to see it in person is all.

Highly recommend. Already referred lot's of ppl who were impressed and are jumping on board. i can fully vouch for it and will definitely do business again

oh and I got the ghost 14 inch double 4 finger perc with ice catch and ash catcher if u were wondering

Testimonial by: Chris of south Carolina

Date added: 01/23/2015

Title: my 13th order

In my thirteenth purchase off of this web site i bought three ash catchrs, two of which i had purchased before and loved so much had to buy them again after their inevitable destruction.I have to say that the inline ash catchers and the shower head are my favorites, which is why i repurchased. The third ash catcher i bought was the eleven arm eighteen millimeter, it was a good piece until it broke very easily, which i believe was caused by its high weight, it would be best used with an eighteen millimeter sherlock neck attachment to be used as a bubbler.One peice did arrive with a defect but bongoutlet corrected the issue immediately.
Overall its a great site for reasonably priced quality glass.

Testimonial by: Phelan Powers of East Coast USA

Date added: 01/19/2015

Title: Great Customer Service

Great Customer Service! I ordered the 16" Genie inline perc 7mm glass 2 in 1 with ice catcher (in black for those who care) for Christmas. Sadly not even after a month of owning the piece disaster struck and the top tube piece broke at the base. I immediately contacted Bongoutlet's customer service asking if there was ANY way they could help me so that the perfectly good beaker/base of the bong and bowl didnt go to waste and force me to buy a new piece entirley. They got back to me very quickly which I really appreciated. Not only that but, they said they would send me a replacement part all I had to do was pay for the shipping. In the end I paid $150 for the original bong and they saved the expensive piece for $20. I am definitely shopping here for all my glass needs from now on. Every time I shop here Bongoutlet blows me away how above and beyond they go for their customers.

Testimonial by: George Martinez

Date added:

Title: Amazing

I had looked around the internet for multiple sites and many had very mixed reviews but when I ran into this one something seemed different. While there are some bad reviews, most are good and I ened up going with this one. Very happy with the order and I will definitely order again

Testimonial by: Chris F of Montreal

Date added: 01/12/2015

Title: BongOutlet is the best Canadian online smoke shop

I'm not exaggerating when I say that BongOutlet is by far the best online smoke shop in Canada! I've placed several orders with them and have always received top notch customer service. These guys are like the Amazon of head shops, they ship out FAST and they're happy to help you out if you're having trouble with your order. This is a stark contrast to many other smoke shops I've ordered from that seem to have customer service run out of someone's dorm room. I'll be sticking with BongOutlet for my future orders.

Testimonial by: jose regalado of Oregon

Date added: 01/11/2015

Title: water pipe

Great buy very happy with order

water pipe
Testimonial by: Zack Seguin of Canada

Date added: 01/09/2015

Title: Order

still waiting for my order to process, ordered last night

Testimonial by: Mike Terry of North Florida

Date added: 01/06/2015

Title: Waiting on order; Excited

The shipping isn't all that great, but the prices are bomb. No other company can compare to the prices here at Bongoutlet, great price, great glass, and easy to surf the website for glass. You couldn't really ask for more, other than the shipping. I've been waiting about a week for mine, and still haven't received it in the mail. I'm a little disappointed, but I'm sure when it gets here, it'll be while worth it, unless it comes in broken of course ... Overall, great site. Not including the FREE GIFT with every order, I can't wait!

Testimonial by: Rebecca Oliver of OH

Date added: 01/05/2015

Title: It's okay

My bongs came on the expected delivery date, one of my bongs have scratches all over, but the other one has nothing wrong, the free bowl I got isn't what I expected, it looks like something a baby would try to smoke out of, not completely happy, but I feel like can do better, I will be a returning customer, just because I know you guys can do better.

Testimonial by: Taylor Englebright

Date added:

Title: Absolutely LOVEE!

I had ordered the King Zong Bong and a crystal shaped bowl for it. They we're perfect! They hit very well. The discounts it had were amazing. It was only $38! Local headshops would've been 3 times that price! I will definitely be buying more from here soon, and I would recommend it to everyone.

Testimonial by: Josh of Canada

Date added: 12/26/2014

Title: Great company

At first you might think bongoutlet is abit sketchy, but once you commit to purchasing a product you realize bongoutlet is as legit as they come. Customer service is very quick to respond to any concern you may have and the quality of the glass bongoutlet sells is top notch. The price.... it's unmatched, you will not find a better bang for your buck. Your product will come secured, nicely packaged and should only take acouple days to get to the desired location(In NA). Give them a try, I'm confident you will be back purchasing another product!

Testimonial by: erik rodriguez of California

Date added: 12/25/2014

Title: happy customer

We love the bong.. It hits very clean and smooth. Happy with the purchase and coming back for more.

happy customer
Testimonial by: Nathan West of Virginia

Date added: 12/18/2014

Title: Awesome!

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I ordered the 17.5 3x4 finger perc/w ash catcher along with some other things, the pipe came in and the middle perc was broke along with a very small chip in the free gift, bongoutlet shipped me a new pipe along with a free 6 inch pipe and got it 3 days later in Virginia. and i got to keep the other one (: which still hits great! Def will be back!

Testimonial by: Peter of New York

Date added: 12/16/2014

Title: 1 x 16" 7MM Dbl. Flat & 8 finger perc. Stemless Water Bongs

New Bong I got is great it has everything needed to make for a great smoking experience. Recommend it for anyone who is looking for a new bong. Delivery was good and got to my house in time like always. Easily best bong I have used in awhile and it is concealed well in the box so that no one will no of what your purchase is from the outside of the box.

Testimonial by: Easy A of united statez

Date added: 12/08/2014

Title: 8" oil pipe

The Web site is easy to move around on, top quality pics and ordering was easy...shipping was pretty fast too! I ordered four 8" oil pipes. They nearly had everything perfect except the bowl itself. The stem of it was long and solid, the hole on the bowl was a good size for ease of dropping in your liquid, I even liked how there was even a slight flat surface on the bottom of the bowl so that when you sat it down it didn't roll everywhere spilling your liquid out.... however the walls on the bowl were super thin leaving us only one sit down to use these pipes cause any sort of heat you put on it they cracked and fell apart. Very disappointed in the pipes, it was so close to being the perfect smoking device but just fell short. That's a shame too cause I was really hoping to place an order for all my other smoking devices and accessories that I need.

Testimonial by: brittney shive of home

Date added: 12/01/2014

Title: thank you

Thank you for making my first time buying online a great experience! I will definitely be telling my friends about your great price and awesome point system. Love it!

Testimonial by: Al Jordan of Billings,montana

Date added: 11/24/2014

Title: Outstanding service

Well worth it, I am completely satisfied matter fact I'm going to buy another, I searched all over town for the right bong nothing went to over 5 head shops. Found this place online and got exactly what I needed the perfect 17 and a half inch bong with an extra skull bowl and a grinder at a perfect price!!! The delivery said 10 days I got it in 4.

***** A++++ :-) Thank you so very much
Mr.Jordan. a.k.a. SMOKEDOGG

Outstanding service
Testimonial by: megan levesque

Date added:

Title: happy returning customer

I was very surprised when I found the bong outlet website. I need a new piece quickly as a gift. Once I ordered it was a quickly received item. Within 4 days it was here. When I opened it the bong was wonderful. The green was the perfect color for the bong. It was pleasing to the eye and a great gift! He loved it! And my Boyfriend most definitely loved the free pipe we also got! Will for sure be a returning customer in the next few weeks!:)

Testimonial by: Jeff Froelich of Central Texas

Date added: 10/26/2014

Title: Stoked

I found the Bong Outlet while searching E-bay. We shopped for several weeks for the right piece. I've been bonging for 30 yrs and this is by far the best piece yet. Not a collector at all. I find a simple, easy to clean water pipe, and stick with it, until i break it. so maybe had 6 total. I expect to be buried w this one. My wife has been bonging for about 12 yrs. She graduated from swag blunts to medicinal cannabis n glass when we met. This is by far the smoothest hit for her little birdie lungs. No more post hit hack. The ash catcher and down stem kit was "out of stock". I asked customer service if/when they would be selling these again? Tadaaa, they stocked up on some more. Fast shipping too. Sent us a free glass pipe. These have always been too hot of a hit for me but it was a nice gesture. When i give it to somebody I'll be sure to tell them to check out the Bong Outlet.

Testimonial by: Trevor Belyea of United States

Date added: 10/23/2014

Title: good site

I first ordered a 2 in 1 bubbler that came chipped at the base but not substantial enough for me to get upset and have them send me a new one, shipping also took a bit for that one so i didnt want to wait again. Just ordered me and my friend a new 16 in 3 perc bong with the inline ash catchers to match and hemp wick and because or the total im assuming, they upgraded me to xpresspost shipping for free which was great it got here in 4 buisness days and the bong is fantastic. Very nice quality thick glass for a great price and i like how they include free brass screens and a bowl but i wont use them so i can give them to a friend. Overall this site deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars.

good site
Testimonial by: John Phillips of United States

Date added: 10/19/2014

Title: good website

deffinatly order here. beats prices from a lot of places. the shipping was ok. Going to buy here very soon again.

Testimonial by: nelson Bowman of Hanover

Date added: 09/12/2014

Title: First Time Buyer

I am totally shocked with the first time experience I had with this company , I have nothing bad to report ,excellent service and prompt delivery plus tracking of my purchase . Great dealing with this company, so well organized and satisfaction guaranteed on my behalf .I highly recommend this company for all your tobacco needs and accessories . Do Not shop anywhere else .Just my Opinion thx again Bong outlet .I will be a return customer

Testimonial by: Leroy Turtle of United States

Date added: 09/05/2014


This website/store is amazing! I received updates through every step of the process; It really let me know that this company cares and I felt very fortunate that I decided to do business with them. Plus they threw in a couple gifts!!! That's rad!!! Trully cool experience. My bong did suffer a slight bit of damage but some epoxy fixed it right up! There's packing peanuts and the whole thing was wrapped in bubbles so probably just careless mailmen. Thanks so much!!!

Testimonial by: eric of Maryland

Date added: 09/04/2014

Title: Great buys

Was worried ordering and having it shipped from Canada because how fragile these things are. I'm glad I did though, came in a timely manner and in perfect condition. Got the 14.5inch bong with 2 percolators and got it as is which was a nice deal. Came in great condition and customer service was great. Great prices and quality. You won't be disappointed.

Testimonial by: Nick Perez of United States

Date added: 08/30/2014

Title: This is my go to place for glass now

Here I am back again. Not only have I noticed that the glass here is cheaper, it is also much better quality than the stuff i get from my local head-shop.

Keep up the great work guys!

Testimonial by: Chris of United States

Date added: 08/25/2014

Title: eleventh order

i just received my eleventh order from this excellent site. i ordered a hemp wick lighter sleeve and some hemp wick spools.i wish they still had the 250 foot spool, but oh well. i also reordered the Nice Glass in-line ash catcher for the third time but in green this time.the order arrived right on time and was in great shape. the little silver fumed pipe they threw in for free is much appreciated too. as usual great over all experience. i always recommend the site to friends.

Testimonial by: Jordan of manitoba

Date added: 08/18/2014

Title: great service

best online shop for glass products! great prices and very fast shipping. only took 3 business days to arrive
thanks bongoutlet!

Testimonial by: Brandon Silva

Date added:

Title: Green Inline ash catcher

piece came in not broken and works like a charm

Testimonial by: lonnie johnson of US Michigan

Date added: 08/03/2014

Title: skull bowl

Just got my skullbowl. WOW!! I love it! Holds about 2 1/2 times more than bowl that came with bong. If it's too big for you, you'd better get off the porch! Seriously though, It's great- very thick, beautiful, and well crafted. My Molino is a 14.5 mm bong and this 14mm fit just fine. Did I mention that I love it?...

Testimonial by: Katherine Andonucci of New York

Date added: 07/31/2014

Title: Customer

I had a few issues with shipping and my credit card payment but the problem was resolved after placing my order about 5 times. With my order came a very cute pipe that I did not order and some brass screens. I am very pleased with my order and the service I received from the company!

Testimonial by: Amanda Karmaou of United States

Date added: 07/26/2014

Title: MommaBear

Wanna save 5% on your purchase? Use this code when checking out. TJS5OFF
And for you ballers who plan on spending over💲500.00 💲 get 30% off and free shipping
With this code TJ30OFF

Testimonial by: Evelyn Rodriguez of stony point, ny

Date added: 07/25/2014

Title: Happy

I got my bong and it was beautiful , and in perfect condition, it came with a free bowl which was unfortunately broken and it came with screens as well

Testimonial by: rea of VA, USA

Date added: 07/21/2014

Title: A+

I ordered a 15.5" double perc pink glass bong, a 4" spoon, and a hemp wick lighter sleeve. Shipping took a little longer than I expected but no big deal. The spoon came in perfect condition. However the bong came in with both percs broken. :( I emailed bongoutlet today and they're sending me a new one! super happy w/ my experience

Testimonial by: Tommy Gunn

Date added:

Title: mr.

the blue ghost perc bong was one of the first bongs i had and it was great free spoon and everything shipping fast and descreet like they say so was very pleased with it all togethor. the bong felt sturdy and ripped great, loved it. i will definetly be shopping again here because of the quailty.

Testimonial by: Noah of Canada

Date added: 07/11/2014

Title: Amazing Online Headshop

This was my first time buying a bong and I decided to buy from here due to the great prices and free shipping for items over $50. I could not be more satisfied with the quality of my new bong and its low cost. I tried it out yesterday with a bunch of my friends and the hits were smooth and strong. The shipping was also great because it shipped to me a day earlier than expected and the piece was in perfect condition. Overall a 10/10 experience and I highly recommend you buy here if you are considering purchasing a new bong.

Testimonial by: jason dumas of Nacogdoches Texas

Date added: 07/06/2014

Title: bad luck

i hate saying thibut i was disapointed in the quality and performance of my new piece the paint came off and has way to much of a restriction on the draw shipping was great but the bong was poor

Testimonial by: Richard Mercado

Date added:

Title: Great Service

I was very pleased by this website ordered a bong and recieved the package 3 days later, fast shipping!. Customer service was very nice and fast responses. This was my first time ordering online so i was a bit nervous but at the end everything was great. Also love the unexpected gift that i though was useless until i looked it up. At the end bongoutlet has me as a happy customer, that will be returning in the future.

Testimonial by: Tov of Mississauga

Date added: 06/18/2014

Title: Great!!

Amazing customer service. I ordered my Acrylic water bong Hukka so I can bring it on the boat this summer. I ordered this yesterday and I have it in my hands today. Can't wait to buy from here again!

Testimonial by: Daria's Rodgers of New York

Date added: 06/12/2014

Title: Mr

Ordered on Monday about 10am, recieved my package from Canada to New York on Wednesday at about 1030am. Unbelieveable. Everything awesome better than expected will never but anything anywhere else. Descrete packaging. My glass bong description said 6 fingers but mine has 8! And not to mention the sweet free bowl and brass screens. Spent about half of what I would have spent at any head shop just for the bong and I got a bunch of other stuff too. Don't be sceptic. Don't think ur money's just gonna get taken and you'll get nothing. You want quality? Quantity? These guys at bongoutlet are doing something right

Testimonial by: Darias Rodgers of New York

Date added: 06/10/2014

Title: Mr.

I just submitted my order and im super excited to come back on here and write a review saying how awesome everything is. from canada to new york well see how long it takes. the prices are unmatched the quality is second to none now lets hope bongoutlet delivers and im confident they will

Testimonial by: Terri of United States

Date added: 06/07/2014

Title: First Time Buyer

First time buyer with the company and buying a bong, Very happy with both and I think I have found a great new store. Fast shipping and well packed items.

Testimonial by: Lahela of Hawaii

Date added: 05/29/2014

Title: Awesome!

So stoked took less than a week! Sketched at first but discrete and
Got a free gift. New fav store'

Testimonial by: Stevie Susta of New York

Date added: 05/27/2014

Title: My GHOST Glass

I ordered my bong on a Friday and received it the following Saturday, which was also my birthday! This site is awesome for quick delivery and superior quality. I love my new bong so much! It's Ghost Glass 17.5'', triple 4-arm perc with an ashcatcher. Finally, something that works _3 I'm really happy to say that I'll shop here again for sure.

Testimonial by: Rene Lumbreras

Date added:

Title: bong outlet

shipping sucks bad customer service bad everything I don't recommend them

Sorry to hear you did not like our customer service. However, as we discussed email, you have provided wrong shipping address which caused delay and package return to us which was beyond our control with USPS.

Testimonial by: dyllan nicholls

Date added:

Title: grate site

hey guys thanks for supporting north america art ur site is legit i would advise anyone who sees a bong on this site that u like don't hesitate on getting it and helping north america company like this one i will be refering all the ppl i know that need fine art thanks again :]

Testimonial by: Dakota Crowley

Date added:

Title: would recommend to everyone

everything came in a perfect amount of time nothing broken all the glass is beautiful definitely doing business with you guys again very impressed

would recommend to everyone
Testimonial by: Ryan Garvey of Ontario

Date added: 04/28/2014

Title: fast and reliable

Both times I've ordered they were here faster then estimated shipping quote and my oe order was here the next day.

Testimonial by: Brandon N of virginia

Date added: 04/24/2014

Title: Awesome site!

I ordered my water bong from this site and couldn't be happier. I received it the day they said and was packaged very nicely. Keep up the great work guys I'm definitely ordering from you again in the near future! : )

Testimonial by: Scott Henley of Kansas city

Date added: 04/20/2014

Title: Fast shipping

I am very happy with my vaporizer and shipping was very fast. I will order from this web site again any time.

Testimonial by: J.D of United States

Date added: 04/17/2014

Title: bong outlet

bong outlet,

im not gonna lie... I was gonna buy from somewhere else.. but then I saw you guys and thought.. wth, if its shitty ill only lose like 80 bucks.. cant be as bad as the crap they try and sell me where I live... but YOU GUYS are the shit! im sorry I EVER doubted you.. got my ghost bong in today, and dudes.. omg.. its soo sweet! I cant believe how bad ass this bong is, all my buds are like, how much you pay man.. like 300$.... shit no.. I got my bong from bong outlet, I tell them.. so hopefully I floated a few more customers your way... I will deffinatley buy from you guys again..

Testimonial by: Frank Cassianna of United States

Date added: 04/14/2014

Title: Capt.

What a pleasant surprise ... received my GHOST and lighter, and my gift a little fatty glass bowl ... Wonderful! my 12" bong is the best ... nice cool draw very pleasing surprise w/ the ash catcher and its amber glass I'm very happy thanks. Ill be back...

Testimonial by: Bryar Gollsneider of United States

Date added: 04/09/2014

Title: Simply amazing

Okay, so before I start my review I would like to share my experience with online buying. I have bought pieces online before from multiple websites, but none have ever exceeding my expectations like bongoutlet has. Keep in mind this is my first time buying from this website and at first I was a little skeptical due to how low the prices were for the pieces. After reading all of the great reviews I knew I had to buy. I chose the 14.5" 2x4 perc Ghost glass water bong, along with a percolated ash catcher, 14mm oil dome set, and 14mm crystal shape glass bowl. Placed the order on a Friday, tracked the package and estimated delivery date was for the next Friday. Got one from work that Wednesday and there the package was! Phenomenal shipping time. Also, prices for these pieces were amazing. Cannot find any better prices online and the pieces are actually great quality! At my local head shop, easily all of these items would be atleast 175$ if not more! Not only does bongoutlet give amazing prices, they decided to throw in a nice glass bowl and a pack of brass screens for free! If you are reading this review, wondering if you should buy from this site, take my word for it, this site is simply amazing and I will be doing business with bongoutlet for a long time to come!

Testimonial by: Caitlin Longman

Date added:

Title: Honeycomb Perc

Im sad to say that I have had to order from a different website because you guys do not carry Honeycomb percs.
You guys ship way faster, have better prices, and the rewards system is fantastic so it really disappoints me to have to order from the competition.

Testimonial by: Jesse Benton of Oregon

Date added: 04/07/2014

Title: Best Website for it all!

I purchased a ghost glass bong, wooden grinder, papers, roller, & ashtray less than a week ago and it already arrived here this morning! Packaged very securely with bubble wrap around everything and foam puffs inside. Even came with a nice little spoon and some brass screens, for free! I love it all and this is honestly the best website I have found to purchase good reliable products from & I can definitely say I will be doing all my bushiness with these guys from here on out! You ready for 4:20? I am now! :)

thanks again bong outlet! :D cheers!

Testimonial by: Nicole Bingaman

Date added:

Title: Ms

Best waterbong I ever used. Very smooth!

Testimonial by: Kai Herbert of CA/San Diego/Spring Valley

Date added: 04/04/2014

Title: 2nd BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!!!

Well if you scroll down you will see how excited I was on my first order but my feeling for this order quadrupled :) it is literally my new favorite piece I'm super grateful for bongoutlet prices are awesome and shipping is fast and the packaging is discrete and secure I dnt mind bragging about this site any day especially cuz the free pipe it came with was a good ass one thanks again bongoutlet you piece gave me tears of joy after this hit I took in the picture :')

Testimonial by: S.A.H. of USA

Date added: 04/03/2014

Title: first time customer

Resonable prices, quick, Discrete delivery...can order confidently. knowing your item is Exactly what you ordered! Never have I had this great an experience ordering from anyone! Arrived safe, well packaged and insured for delivery! Plus the free gifts are a great surprise and a welcome bonus...will definitely be doing buisness again!

Testimonial by: Brandon Duffey

Date added:

Title: Amazing Glass Site

I have made several orders with this site, All ending in satisfaction and a good nights sleep. ;) Keep it up you guys. Definitely my first choice for glass!!!

Testimonial by: Derek McLaughlin of Florida

Date added: 04/02/2014

Title: Mr.

All my products arrived safe and they were very securely packaged. All of them matched the images and descriptions perfectly. The shipping was also fast, I ordered them on Friday night and received my package on Wednesday. I would recommend this website to anyone. 5/5

Testimonial by: Andy of Calgary

Date added: 03/31/2014

Title: Bubbler

Once again the shipping was amazing!! The products I ordered was in perfect condition.

Testimonial by: Tory Brown of United States

Date added: 03/31/2014

Title: Awesome Piece

I ordered a 6 perc hand pipe and it is amazing.
It came fast and im in Texas.
Great website going to def buy more.

Testimonial by: John z.

Date added:


Awsome website 100% legit very sceptical at first being that this is my first time ever ordering anything online, but I can honestly say I am going to be doing business with this site for eternity thank u and godbless.

Testimonial by: Tony Moreno of United States

Date added: 03/25/2014

Title: Great Glass

They have great glass at good prices. I really recommend you buy here if you want quality glass.

Testimonial by: Desiree Grant

Date added:

Title: Great addition

Thank you guys once again at bongoutlet. I just received my ash catcher and new bowl that i love. The quality of the ash catcher is great it has glass connecting each arm of the perc great for longevity the way the its angled is perfect for my bong and it makes my bong much more smother i will continue to shop here.

Testimonial by: Scott Jonatanson of selkirk,manitoba

Date added: 03/22/2014

Title: Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers CLEAR (18 / 18)

bought a Percolator Ash Catcher - 11 Fingers CLEAR (18 / 18) , and 14mm ashcatcher bowl, the shipping time was absolutely amazing , i ordered on monday , recieved on friday , Great prices and overall amazing site .

Testimonial by: Dennis Cook of us

Date added: 03/17/2014

Title: 2nd time customer

Second time customer of this site, loved the bong that i previously purchesed but my house got broken into and all my pipes got stolen, but loved service last time great customer service and great shipping, hope this time my neck stem is not broken (even though they will replace it on thier behaif) but other than that great place and great prices. 10 out of 10!!!!!!! GREAT SITE!!

Testimonial by: mariah camacho of naples,fl

Date added: 03/13/2014

Title: zong

well i got my zong in the other day used it as i got it and wow its a great little zong piece it gets yellow milk witithin seconds!!!and i go it within 6 days coming a long way too. i am more than pleased with this site and im already lookin at another bong. thank you bong outlet

Testimonial by: Spencer Macdonald

Date added:

Title: YEAH MAN!!

WOW! Great Stuff!! Took ONE DAY!! Awesome Prices!! Great Packaging and FREE PIPE!!
Thanks A LOT!! :) !!!

Testimonial by: Chris of United States

Date added: 03/01/2014

Title: 10th order

i cant say enough good things about this site. it is the best site i have found online. anyway. this order was mostly just cleaning products, including 72 ounces of pipe cleaner which arrived without a drop spilled.
and the free peice included is always appreciated, i have quite a collection of them now.
i would recommend this site to everyone

Testimonial by: Cody... of Lv-NV

Date added: 02/28/2014

Title: Yeahhh...

Nice place here ! :p

Testimonial by: Sean

Date added:

Title: Great site

I've bought everything from bongs to 3 packs of papers to bowls from this site and they never disappoint me every time my stuff shows up quickly and is all very "high" quality. I would recommend and have recommended this site to anyone and everyone that is looking for a great deal on a great piece. The only thing cheap about this site is there prices and thats definitely not a bad thing. Great site keep up the great work bongoutlet \m/

Testimonial by: Trent Peterson of Iowa

Date added: 02/26/2014

Title: Me

Have used this site several times, always a great experience!

Consummate professionals, great prices and super fast shipping

Testimonial by: John Packard of Us

Date added: 02/23/2014

Title: Great job

Great site, easy to browse, merchandise was exactly as I hope for. Shipping was great! A Canadian holiday made a 1 day delay and this company provided free merchandise. Really good job

Testimonial by: Eric H.

Date added:

Title: New bong!

Got my pipe in the mail today. It shipped faster than I thought it would. His great worth every dime. Will be returning:)

Testimonial by: Tank

Date added:

Title: Very Nice!

Was a little apprehensive at first I mean the prices were just too good to be true well guess what? They're not!! Ordered a 21" 2◊12 piece along with some ashcatchers and accessories . It was money well spent everything arrived together not broken an exactly how it was described! Good job Bong outlet you've earned a lifetime customer!

Testimonial by: Moe

Date added:

Title: Updates About Order

Thank you for the great customer service! The bong outlet does a wonderful job making customers feel comfortable and confident about placing orders! I really appreciate the updates with information about the order and the effort put into writing these letters.

Testimonial by: Matthew Bowers Jr of Salida, CO

Date added: 02/05/2014

Title: Damaged Item

Received my order with a damaged item, an 18mm inline percolator ashcatcher. Let bongoutlet know as well as provided a picture of proof. They refuse to replace it. I'll be keeping my business with the local headshop.


Dear Customer
If you received damaged product in shipping. You should not have used the product. As we reviewed your photo, it was used which we could not verify if it was damaged in shipping.

Testimonial by: Shaun of Canada

Date added: 02/04/2014

Title: Happy return customer

About a year ago I made my first purchase with It was one of their premium 16" bongs (product 1040), and right off the bat, I was impressed with their service, as my bong arrived 2 days after I purchased it. I was shocked at just how thick the glass on this bong was. I have dropped it in the tub twice wile cleaning it, and this thing didn't even scratch. This same item would go for almost $250 in any of my local headshops, and was selling it for under $100! I have since been a return customer for their amazing double sided glass screens (item 563). They even have a quick response text message response system for fast answers. Because of that, I was able find out what ashcatchers would fit on my make of bong, and was able to purchase my new Ascatcher (item 663), which arrived the day after I bought it! It was also nice, thick sturdy glass, and cost about half the price as any of my local shops. A year of multiple purchases and no problems, so I not only will continue to use this site for all my smoking needs, but recommend it to all of my friends too.

Happy return customer
Testimonial by: Jake Halli

Date added:

Title: jhalli

Shipping was fast everything I ordered was just as described nothing broken. the free gift is awesome. Will for surely come back and do business again.

Testimonial by: jake of hi

Date added: 01/17/2014

Title: Bubbler

Just got my package today. Very nice bubbler 7" 4mm thinkness, but it feels thicker, and its 6 arm perc tree is amazing. I can hit it like my bong and not cough as much. The only thing that sucks is that bowl that it comes with, super loose. So I used my 18.8mm from my roor instead and it works like a champ. And big suprise!!! the bowl from the bubbler, i'm using it on my roor, and for some odd reason it doesn't have that drag as if you had the 18.8mm that it came with. Now it's hitting like crazy.... Fast and Hard lol! the only junk part is waiting for it.... it takes forever to get to hawaii.

Testimonial by: Klaus of Mid Mo

Date added: 01/14/2014

Title: Surprised

I bought the black inline ash catcher, it works better than I ever imagined. The USPS delivered my box to the wrong address inside my apartment complex, which tends to be a common problem for the USPS out in rural communities. For apartment dwellers, I'd have my packages sent to a friend's house. Other than getting to my door a few days late, which isn't the site's fault, everything went flawlessly, and the piece I got was well worth it. The free screens and pipe were a really nice touch as well. I seriously regret buying my bong in a head shop, I could have bought a better one for way less on this site.

Testimonial by: Dan Lahmann

Date added:

Title: Could not be more satisfied!

Great Customer care!

I received my order shortly after I purchased it. when i got my package I noticed my product was slightly imperfect, I let them know and with no problem they were quick to help.

Thank You! I'm extremely happy with everything. is undoubtedly the best in all class. From Shipping, price and customer care! Thumbs up you guys.

Testimonial by: Michael Slemmer of Pennsylvania

Date added: 01/14/2014

Title: Awesome!

I've had 2 ash catchers so far that i paid more for then at bongoutlet. This is my favorite one yet and i am very satisfied with my purchase.

Testimonial by: nick mossburg of United States

Date added: 01/14/2014

Title: mr.

I got my package exactly in the time they said it would be here. I am a little disappointed that there is a carb hole in the bong I got, but no big deal.. Good quality, great packaging to ensure it doesn't get broken in shipping. Also, EXTREMELY fast email responses from customer service. 10/10 Would recommend to anybody. Definately not done buying from here! Thank you!

Testimonial by: Kay Neyman of Oregon USA

Date added: 01/04/2014

Title: Ms

First time using your site was wonderful. It is clear, easy to use and great prices. The box came with everything in one piece and FREE GIFTS ! I'll be back for sure. 3

Testimonial by: Chris Coon of south Carolina

Date added: 01/04/2014

Title: ninth order

Just received my ninth order.i was happy with the glass as usual, and it got all the way here faster than expected.i will no doubt be useing and recommending this site in the future.
Love this site

Testimonial by: Desiree Grant of Phoenix A.Z.

Date added: 12/28/2013

Title: Satisfied Customer

I would like to thank the great ppl at this wonderful site. Just recieved my first perc bong. I recieved it on the exact day it said it would be here.(even with a major holiday in the middle of the week) Loved the tracking system it was very helpful. I have never ordered anything off the internet, and was a little leary about it, but you guys made this sceptic person a worry free person. I would recomend this site to any of my family and friends, and will continue to shop on this site for future pieces. once again thx! Time to break er in!

Testimonial by: Brad smith of Nova Scotia

Date added: 12/28/2013


Been trying to order for multiple hours with a prepaid , i went on the prepaid website saved my billing address keeps saying i didnt , bullshit !

Testimonial by: tommy toth

Date added:

Title: mr

i was very please with short time it took for my item to arrive, and never had any problems with it since the day I bought it, very good quality, my buddy has ordered multiple items from them and has been please with every one of them aswell. they're a good Canadian company.

Testimonial by: Joshua Roberts

Date added:

Title: Package never recieved

I ordered a piece around the beginning of December. After waiting for the package it claimed it was undeliverable, yet my address that was used to ship with was correct! I never received the package and now the tracking says it was delivered to a different state!!!! and I cannot get a quick answer when trying to keep in contact with this seller. Very frustrating. Use at your own risk

Testimonial by: james ullenbruh of usa,mi

Date added: 12/20/2013

Title: mr

I order 1 x Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Clear (14 / 14) 1 x 12" 9MM Glass water BONG - Black / Beaker. They sent it out the same day.I live in the US, I received it in about 7 day. I paid less here then at my local smoker shop and I got to chose exactly what I wanted, not just what was on the shelf. ever thing was great can wait to order some thing else.


Testimonial by: rahne keenan of Canada

Date added: 12/19/2013

Title: great service

my order has just shipped can't wait for it to get here i have to say great customer service they answered all my question fast

Testimonial by: Amber Hanson

Date added:

Title: Wow

I ordered a 12" 9mm thick black Genie bong for my husband for Yule. First of all it came in about a week. When he opened it last night he was really impressed. Good weight, solid joints and really well packed. He was tickled with the free gift. All in all, we had received great service, fast shipping times, and good product selection. We will be buying more from this site and highly recommend it to anyone.
P.s. Now he wants to try some Hemp wicks.

Testimonial by: Gamejunkie420 of US

Date added: 12/16/2013

Title: Great Bong Great Site

I ordered the 12" Amber bong with ashcatcher/icecatcher and percolator, the glass is thick and it hits like a champ! It came in the mail in 3 days and for 55.00$ USD plus 10 shipping it was hell of a deal. I also got a decent little glass bowl I keep in my bookbag. Will be doing business again, another satisfied customer!

Testimonial by: CE of United States

Date added: 12/15/2013

Title: Great!

I ordered my bubbler, ash catcher, and papers on 11/28 and I didn't receive it until 12/15! So the shipping was not very good, but I received everything in perfect condtion, so that was great! The prices here are amazing, it is ridiculous how cheap everything is while also being great quality. I cannot wait to make my next purchase at bongoutlet

Testimonial by: Cojami of United States

Date added: 12/15/2013

Title: Hoping for a good ending

I ordered the 4.5" 2 X 4 Fingers Perculator Glass Water Bong - BLUE (which has since been taken off the website i believe) and, dollar for value, i am very pleased with the results. However, it did come with some stress fractures in one of the perculators at the bottom. Additionally, there was a scratch or crack on the exterior near the same place. I am not sure if this was caused by the shipping but i dont believe so. I emailed the website and they offered me a $10 discount on my next purchase which i personally feel is not sufficient as, in my previous experience, this is going to break within the next few months. After i replied to their offer, they have yet to get back to me (going on 3 days) so i am little peeved at that. If it had come in perfect condition i would give this a 5 star hands down, so keeping my fingers crossed it has a solid outcome. Will update as needed.

Testimonial by: Tristan Clarke of Harrison Arkansas

Date added: 12/05/2013

Title: Perculator

I bought the bong on the 27th It came in on the 5th which was very quick considering it wasn't due here until the 12th i was very pleased with the tracking information and how frequently it was updated. The bong is in very good condition I havent got the chance to use it yet but I love it anyways. The only downfall is I didnt get my free gift but thats ok I got well worth what I payed for Thankyou bongoutlet you just earned yourself a lifetime customer.

Testimonial by: aristide langlois of Atlanta

Date added: 11/23/2013

Title: great

My first bong order and it was a great experience. Everything this site say is true. 1week to your door. My bong was wrap great. This is the best bong site hands down.

Testimonial by: Kody

Date added:

Title: A Trusted Friend - Once you've gone to that URL, you won't go to another. This site offers products of incredible quality at LITERALLY UNBELIEVABLE prices. When I first came here, I thought it was a scam, but believe me when I tell you it isn't. Along with the immense selection, they have a wonderfully accessible "Contact Us" section, with lighting fast and polite responses. Now that you've read this, you have no excuse - make your purchase.

Testimonial by: clint

Date added:

Title: perfect

Order came in with earlier then expected. No damage, well packed, good quality well be placing another order soon.

Testimonial by: ChickenJewel of Canada

Date added: 11/19/2013

Title: Just Amazing!

Completely Amazing, very fast shipping to Canada, British Columbia, Kitimat only took 8 days. Support is very handy and fast replies, Shipping prices are awesome. Over $50 S&H= Free | Under $50 S&H= $10. Very affordable. Nothing was broken. 2 7inch bongs, and 2 pipes, everything worked fine, even got a free pipe :). Highly recommend everyone to buy from here. You can even track your items so that was handy. Everything was better than described! Will be purchasing again very soon hopefully :).

If you accidentally hit BACK instead of SUBMIT, all your words are saved thankfully! Thanks and have a nice day!

Just Amazing!
Testimonial by: Iryna Kuvshynnikova of GA

Date added: 11/15/2013

Title: You guys are the best!

You guys have the best prices hands down defiantly buying again! And a free tabacoo pipe woo hoo!

Testimonial by: Danny Clevinger of USA

Date added: 11/14/2013

Title: Green Ghost Bubbler

I I Just Received My Green Ghost Bubbler And When I Opened It Up The Neck Was Broke But Contacted Bongoutlet And They Are Sending Me A Replacement. They Have Awesome Service And Fast Shipping And Pretty Much The Best prices Around And I An Getting Ready To Place Another Order So If You Are Looking For A Bong,Pipe Or Accessories This Is The Very Best Place To Shop And Really Love The Free Gifts!! I Give Them A 10 Out Of 10 A++++ Seller If You Order You Won't Be Disappointed! ♥♥

Testimonial by: Kai Herbert of Spring Valley/San Diego

Date added: 11/12/2013


It was my first time shopping online for a piece so i went to places like grasscity and no one had the specific bong i was looking for and then i came across bongoutlet and i saw this bad boy what this thing does is not even explainable its jus something yu have to experiance on your own :) but i ordered it nov 5th and it was supposed to come on the 11th but it was veterans day but besides that shipping was great and everthing was wrapped up good and their team is fast and efficient i recommend this site to any and everyone i already ordered a grinder and hemp rope im so addicted to this place i swear :)

Testimonial by: James Bogman of washington

Date added: 11/08/2013

Title: 12 in 1x3 fingers bong

When I first found this sight I was skeptical because the prices were just soo good. well I can confirm the quality is amazing. I love this bong. similar pieces go for 120$+ in my area. it hits incredibly smooth. shipping took around 9 days. to the US. not bad at all. I have already made another order and told all my friends about this site and showed them my new bong. I have already made another order! thanks bongoutlet

Testimonial by: Chris Coon of United States

Date added: 11/08/2013

Title: 8th order

i can not say enough good things about this site.
In this purchase i got three bottles of purple power glass cleaner, a large spool of hemp wick, and an ash catcher.
the ash catcher is amazing.
the shipping was faster than expected and arrived in perfect condition.
they also provided a rather nice little five inch pipe, and free things are always awesome.

i love this site, its made my collection grow without bankrupting me

Testimonial by: Brandon MK

Date added:

Title: Best online head shop

Glad I found out about this site.
Great choice of products, good prices.
Everything was packaged safely, discretely, and was on my doorstep by the next morning.
And the free gift didn't hurt either!
Will order again!

Best online head shop
Testimonial by: sean janowski of naples FL

Date added: 10/16/2013

Title: good review

quality cheap bongs. commes with free bowl and screens . good time on shipping reputable website

Testimonial by: Moriah Belch of Arizona

Date added: 10/13/2013

Title: best online headshop!!

Best pictures, prices, and unique options!! Super happy, will definitely be a return customer.

Testimonial by: Johnny

Date added:

Title: 8" kink zong

Got my piece in just 6 days which isn't bad at all, Packaging was awesome, the piece itself just looks so nice

8" kink zong
Testimonial by: Colton of Texas

Date added: 10/08/2013

Title: Good but expected better

I ordered a 19.5 inch 4x4 perc bong.
When I first received this I was so happy and excited bu after I used it a few times I noticed all the water going from the bottom Percs all the way to the top section. This gets pretty annoying pretty quick. That's not what's lame though, I have found numerous flaws in this piece. For 1 the ashcatcher that comes with it sucks you get wet ass bowls all the time that's along with all the bongs that come with a cheap ashcatcher. Second I realized the downstem has 6 slits am a hole at the bottom but for some reason only 3 of the slits go all the way through the other side looks like it has slits but it's covered with glass. Third the slits in all the fingers of the inside of the bong are not evenly spaced, as well with a few of them having cuts on them and they are not straight they're kinda crooked. This bon is still a very great piece and I enjoy it but for 115 dollar bong I expected a flawless piece not one tht can't even finish putting slits I their downstem.

Testimonial by: Zachary Vanderhaak of United States

Date added: 10/05/2013

Title: Seriously Impressed!!

This was my first online purchase, and I couldn't have asked for better service! I ordered on Monday, and the package left Tuesday. It got to the west side of the US in 2 days, and got to my front door on Friday. GREAT Shipping, and made a repeat customer out of me. Thanks for your great service!!! Also, thanks for the free gifts! :)

Testimonial by: Jack Anaissie of United States

Date added: 09/28/2013

Title: BlowerOfDank

Well, what can I say. It got here in record time, never seen a package come from canada to the US in...4 days? Maybe 5? And that was with standard shipping, so good job there, getting it shipped ASAP. Needless to say everything was as advertised, and way underpriced. The two dirt cheap bongs I got were actually amazing! This is THE place for good service, good quality, and good price.

Testimonial by: Marc of SE CT, USA

Date added: 09/23/2013

Title: Turned my frown upside down!

I recently broke my best friend of four years while washing it in my bathroom sink. After shedding a few tears I was directed to and found what I believe might be a suitable replacement at a very reasonable price! I've got a flat disk diffuser perc on the way less than 24 hours after the incident and I couldn't be happier about it.

Thanks for making a terrible situation much, much better

Testimonial by: Carey Keller

Date added:

Title: Dragon Pipe!

This piece came in today, and it's already my favorite of my collection. They all come a little different I'm sure, and the one I got is awesome colors, and has an awesome pose. It actually looks like a dragon with four little feet standing there looking up at you. Anyway, nice thick glass and sits great no tipping at all. Horns and everything are put in at a high temp so they completely fuse into the main tube. Carb is on the right side not on the bowl, but the base of the dragons neck. Probably gonna buy another and maybe get a different colored one witha different pose. Who knows. Buy one!

Testimonial by: Eric Williams of CANADA

Date added: 09/13/2013

Title: Genie in a bottle baby

Always a good time and never a bad time, they make you feel like your at home.. Great deals, buy thicker the better if you can.. and you can because they have 5, 7 and 9 mm pieces on here.... Never have had a broken item ever.. Bongoutlet for the win!

Testimonial by: nathan roberts of henryetta,ok

Date added: 09/07/2013

Title: real happy

hey guys I just got my order today very excited and cant wait to use it. it only took 11 days to get here I give you guys a million thumbs up if I had a million thumbs good job on the packaging definitely aint goin nowhere else to get my good stuff just big thank you and kep up the good work

Testimonial by: Sara Shapovalov of San Antonio

Date added: 08/30/2013

Title: Amazing!!

An amazing site I came upon to get my pipes! They are beautiful, just what I want and if the item is broken, y'all are so nice to give another! I will have this site as a book mark and keep an eye on whats new! Best pipes, filters, and amazing at the shipping getting here fast! Thank you!

Testimonial by: satan

Date added:

Title: weak

Bongoutlet told me they're undergoing some new credit card bull and said I have to wait a week for my order to proccess, on top of that still wait for it to ship and and get here, and I placed that order last week, a little bummed out

Testimonial by: Kyle of EHT

Date added: 08/25/2013

Title: Can't wait need info

🍁I ordered a nice piece from on Thursday the 22nd can someone please tell me when you think it will arrive, I'm in United States!!! I can't wait🍁 I did ground shipping also
THANK you anyone who replies !!

Testimonial by: lucinda crandall

Date added:

Title: Great Service

I really liked the service I received when buying through bongoutlet

Testimonial by: Jake L of Chicago

Date added: 08/23/2013

Title: Best bong/bowl site by far

Amazing experience! Shipping was 2 days from canada to the USA. I did use express shipping but damn thats really fast!! Bought a bong and a 10' bowl. They have me a free bowl too. The glass looks great! I will be using bongoutlet for all my smoking needs. Thanks again!

Best bong/bowl site by far
Testimonial by: Gage Mcintosh

Date added:

Title: The BEST site to buy whatever you need!

Right when i signed up they gave me 5 bucks. I started looking through prices and they are all pretty cheap compared to other people. I bought a bong, and they gave me another five bucks. I think this is one of the most honest sites I've seen.
They really know how treat their customers with the rewards points, and automatic promo codes entered when you buy. Its like they want to save you money. I got alot more stuff then I expected to order today.
I will definitely come back to this site if I ever have any more needs.
Thank you soooo much!

Testimonial by: calvin watson

Date added:

Title: Not Bad

This is a nice site for ordering bongs and bong accessories, i ordered a new downstem for my bong and this site has a good selection on downstems. What i did not like though was that it took a pretty good while to ship to my house but when i got it i was pleased with what i got. The downstem is really nice quality, and the free glass pipe is pretty nice for a free pipe. i like this site a lot and will most likely be buying from here again

Testimonial by: shawn bolton

Date added:

Title: wow

I shopped around on many sites and bongoutlet is deffenitly the cheapest around and if u sign up shipping is cheap becuase they give u credits and u earn more all kinds of ways. Now im just counting down the days for it to get here

Testimonial by: Chris of SC

Date added: 08/01/2013

Title: Order 7

This order was mostly cleaning supplies, which of course are at a great price on this web site. I also got a clear ash catcher with a diffused finger, it also was at a great price and was perfect for my needs, which were to find a low volume ash catcher that matched my Genie Tornado piece that is mostly clear with a black label.
Bong Outlet always delivers quality products and they are extremely professional, i would recommend the site to everyone

Testimonial by: Samantha Schwartz

Date added:

Title: Blue GHOST bong 26'

1 x 26" 4 X 6 FINGERS PERCOLATOR Water BONGS - CL / BLUE / GHOST was my purchase and I am very pleased with this purchase. Bought it Monday morning, got it Friday afternoon. The piece lives up to its name, GHOST. Definitely worth the 185$, best purchase I've ever made. Also, it came with a screen and another free gift which was awesome. Would recommend this site to anyone!

Testimonial by: Salvador Martinez

Date added:

Title: Mr.

Hey! Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the 10" 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Blue / GHOST.
The bottom chamber is easy to fill with ice water and the top chamber is easy to load with ice cubes, making for a cool, smooth smoking experience. The cobalt blue is beautiful and looks exactly like the one pictured on the web page. I was a little concerned about the shape of the bowl and stem, like it might break easily but no worries...the entire pipe is made of sturdy, high quality glass. Only thing that was kind of weird is that there's no hole for a carburetor but its not a deal breaker.
Overall, a great water bong with a clean and classy design.

Testimonial by: My Ly of San Francisco

Date added: 07/23/2013

Title: Poor shipping; Excellent Customer Service

Received a damaged water pipe, so I sent BongOutlet an E-mail. I received a response within minutes assuring me that a replacement was on its way. Very satisfied with how prompt the customer service was, I will be definitely returning to this site in the future.

Poor shipping; Excellent Customer Service
Testimonial by: Carey Keller

Date added:

Title: You won't be disappointed!

Just received this in the mail, and I was blown away! The build on this piece is spectacular. All trees are reinforced, arms connected back to the trunks. The piece is thick glass throughout, and feels totally solid and sturdy when sat down. The trees are all perfectly vertical and bubble amazingly. Even the ash catcher is thick and all joints and elbows are solid. The cuts in the percs and down stem are clean and lined up perfectly. Overall I am VERY satisfied with my new bong. I would recommend this bong, this site, and these people to ANYONE who is looking for great quality, great prices, great functionality and great customer service!

You won't be disappointed!
Testimonial by: Chris of charleston SC

Date added: 07/13/2013

Title: Order 6

made my sixth order on this bangin site, this time i got some hardware pieces like down stems and glass screens as well as a 14 to 18 transfer and some grape Juicy Jays. As usual everything is just what i needed, although it did take the full ten days to arrive, my last five orders took no longer than six, and they were generally larger. I am yet to find a better site or anyplace for that matter with better prices and quality.

I love this site, five stars *****

Testimonial by: Jeff P.

Date added:

Title: Great customer service

I ordered some stuff from them and one of the pieces had a slight defect, they replaced and shipped it the next day. Great products at a great price, thanks again

Great customer service
Testimonial by: Chris of charleston

Date added: 07/01/2013

Title: customer service

I made an order that was lost in transit, bongoutlet was great. After talking with canada post and usps and finally Bongoutlet they resent my order,they even gave me a piece worth ten dollars more than my initial peice because it was out of stock.They completely exceeded my expectations, i can't say enough praises about this site.
their the best

Testimonial by: Chris of charleston SC

Date added: 06/24/2013

Title: Lost/stolen items

i made a $230 order, it was my 5th with the site and i had never had a real problem, however the 5th order was reported delivered and was not, either the delievery or pool guy stole it i believe. anyhow the site made it right, the bong i ordered was a tornado and they were out of stock so they replaced it with a bong of roughly equal value of my choice


Testimonial by: Chris Coon of charleston SC

Date added: 06/21/2013

Title: Order 5

unfortunatly this order never arrived, i dont fault the site, and the over $200 i lost, hopefully i will recoup some of it,somehow
still a great site

Testimonial by: Chris of charleston SC

Date added: 06/12/2013

Title: customer service

I have made 5 orders on this site, planning more. They have been great in all regards. AS for customer service, they have promptly answered my questions on several occasions as well as replaced a problem piece in 1 order

Testimonial by: Karlor

Date added:

Title: I love Bongoutlet!

i got 2 pipes in around 10 days, woulda been quicker if i didnt order then on a saturday. but now to the product. these are THE best pipes i have ever smokd from, and i can barely take one hit without coughing my lungs out ahaha. the way i can see the pipe fill with that amazing white smoke is perfect and beautiful! also threw in a small free pipe, probably the size of my pinky but thanks a bunch for it! will order from here again, absolutely love this site!

Testimonial by: FONZ of B-Town, TX.

Date added: 06/08/2013

Title: 3-IN-1 HELIX

Fast shipping, should i say fast Air Mail Bruh!! ordered the multi attachment HELIX sunday 6/2/13 at night arriived saturday 6/8/13 in the afternoon.. and im 30,000 ft. or higher wriiting this review. Superb product.

Testimonial by: Dan

Date added:

Title: Stop looking at other sites. This is the one you want to go with

Bought a bong and two ashcatchers. Shipping was quick with immediate tracking, couldn't be happier with the quality of the product. 1 more loyal customer gained here!

Testimonial by: Brandon Elliott

Date added:

Title: Great Buy

I am very pleased with the quality and prices of bongoutlet!!! placed my order on friday and received them on tuesday cant get much better than that. Love the new pieces the bubbler with the 6 percs works awesome and the color changing spoons look so much better in person. Really cool to get a free gift with the purchase which alot of places dont give out stuff... I def will be buying more stuff from here in the future,,,great quality and great prices cant beat that!!

Testimonial by: Fonz

Date added:

Title: Hits From The BOng

TOTTALLLY LEGIT!!!!!! BESTFWEBSITE EVER!!!!! my bong was delivered in 6 business days during holidays.. im ordering the 3 in 1 HELIX pipe now in the summer. hope it arrives even sooner. is hardcore straight up the trillest out there.... i like this website becouse you just cant beat the prices anywhere.. i will come back and always buy my smoking accessories here. thanks Team!!!!!

Hits From The BOng
Testimonial by: Bruno of banff alberta

Date added: 05/28/2013

Title: Great products and service

About 5 months ago I ordered my first shipment from bongoutlet. i got my 16" genie single perk bong and this thing rips! I've used it daily for a long time and its held up great! Yesterday i received my new baby. 21" genie beaker 7mm..... this thing has got some horsepower thats forshure. THANK YOU Bongoutlet for all your hard work

Testimonial by: Nick Filbrandt of Washington

Date added: 05/23/2013

Title: Not pleased.

The prices on this website are great. But I will not be ordering anything from here again, due to the fact that it says 4-10 dayshipping and I've been waiting over 13. I am tired of watching the tracker not move for days.. the other thing that bothers me, is the fact that I live in Washington state, it shouldn't take 15 days to deliver here when it says 4-10 day shipping ANYWHERE in the US.
I am not pleased.

Testimonial by: Lodah of Captain Cook, HI

Date added: 05/22/2013

Title: Downstem

Very easy and fast finding the product I needed, while local suppliers were out of stock. The 18mm downstem-diffused fits perfectly with my rig, and seems to hit harder then previous downstems. Awesome shipping, notifications, and communication.

Much Mahalo's

Testimonial by: Marcello Delfini

Date added:

Title: great service

great service, got to me in 5 days and love the new bong. would recommend to anyone

Testimonial by: Chris of South Carolina

Date added: 05/20/2013

Title: Fourth Order

fourth order in two this site. I got a blue AC and skull slide, they completed a piece perfectly.
six days from Canada to SE US

Testimonial by: Wesley Ho of new jersey

Date added: 05/20/2013

Title: pyramid berk bong

my 18' pyramid perk bong came in today and i got everything i wanted and more out of this thing. its super heavy duty, looks great, and rips like nothing else ive ever seen. ive had brand name bongs before that arent nearly as good as this one. and this thing cost half as much as most. they gave me a free bowl and free screens which is so nice. really hooked it up and i am definitely coming back to shop again. thank to the guys working there
Wes Ho

Testimonial by: Mike S. of N.E. USA

Date added: 05/15/2013

Title: Love this place!

This has to be the best place for all your needs. Prices are perfect for the great quality you receive and I get my stuff pretty quick, @ 4 days which is awesome. 2nd time ordering and will never go anywhere else. And the extra little gifts are a very nice surprise. These people really care about their customers. 10/10. Perfect!

Testimonial by: Michele Fowler of Alabama

Date added: 05/13/2013

Title: Gifts _3

Couldn't believe the prices on here, shopping was easy and simplistic and they send a free glass spoon pipe and pack of screens with your order? Great service _3 Will be buying my next pieces from this website/company for SURE!

Testimonial by: Chris Coon of charleston SC

Date added: 05/13/2013

Title: third order

On point as usual, ended up getting all the cleaning and maintenance equipment I could need for some time, including 250 ft of hemp rupee, add well as my first vaporizer....and it was love at first site.
Thanks again bongoutlet,I got a forth order in the works.

Testimonial by: Chris Coon of charleston SC

Date added: 05/04/2013

Title: second order

Just received my second order, love the gifts.My smoking experience had definitely been directly enhanced by thus site

Testimonial by: Tyler

Date added:

Title: Beautiful

This was a fantastic purchase, and I am very happy about the products I received. I was also very impressed with how fast shipping was, and I didn't even get express!

Testimonial by: Matt of Las Vegas, NV

Date added: 05/02/2013

Title: Fantastic

This site is awesome everything has great prices. A bong you would have to pay 600$ for at a store you can get for like 200$ here. Very fast shipping nothing was broken and everything was there.

Testimonial by: Chris Coon of charleston SC

Date added: 04/29/2013

Title: first order

just received my first order from this website, overall they have really good prices for quality glass, definitely the best website I've come across.
but as for my first order it did come with an incorrect part aabut I'm sure they'll make it right

Testimonial by: olivier bourcier

Date added:

Title: just in time for 4/20

i bought this 4 arms ash catcher and some hempwick on monday 2 weeks ago,bongoutlet service was really fast but i had some problem with the shipping part due to an error from canada post.i had answer to all my question and in the same day aswell,i received everything on friday just in time for 4/20.

Testimonial by: Tom of Ajax, Canada

Date added: 04/19/2013

Title: Great website

great website, unbelievable prices. I'm glad it's Canadian because it saves me shipping fee :P

my recent purchase of a triple perc bong with inline ash catcher and 2 packs of juicy j rolling papers came today, and I ordered it yesterday. The fact that I received tracking numbers within 45 minutes of my purchase definitely was nice to see. A day of shipping and packing was nice and clean, didn't expect a hell of alot of bubble wrap. Piece hits like a dream, it's like breathing i'm impressed. My only problem is I only got 1 pack of the juicy j's, and I ordered two :/
waiting on a response, I enjoy the website, just wished they had a bigger selection. Prices are great aswell

Testimonial by: Tony Esparza of Uptown

Date added: 04/15/2013

Title: Best Ever

This is the best place in the world, hands down no questions asked. Done.

Best Ever
Testimonial by: dan BOWATER of Jax, Fl USA

Date added: 04/12/2013

Title: Best Bong Shop Ever

I am so in love with BONG OUTLET.CA!! I recently broke my favorite glass slider bong. :( I needed to replace it but a bong of that glass thickness and height here in FL would be close to $200. With this economy, I just don't have it. Then I found your site and ordered a twelve inch 3 finger percolator in teal with an ashcatcher!!! woW!!! It shipped very discreetly down here in less than a week! It was packed beautifully as well. Ya'll also sent me a gorgeous glass pipe as a gift! I also purchased some glass screens which I adore also. I am definitely recommending ya'll to all my friends and as you can see I am puffin in style now :D. Thanks from the deep south you guys....LOVE you and your products.

Best Bong Shop Ever
Testimonial by: Weed Smoker of Canada

Date added: 04/11/2013

Title: Great Bong

This is my second piece from bong outlet, and each time I am extremely happy with the time of receiving it, and the free gifts that come with it. This is the best website available for buying smoking needs and I will continue to support and buy from it.

Testimonial by: n

Date added:

Title: better selection

i haven't ordered yet but i have heard nothing but good things about this website. the only downside is that there isn't a big selection to choose from or much other products besides bongs. i seen bongs that you guys use to have and they look like exactly what im searching for but i can't buy them you guys should add blunt wraps, ashtrays, more bongs, more selection for joint paper, the flavor drops, gasmask you guys would get way more customers js lol enough of ranting about the stuff you should have i will be making a order soon hopefully everything goes good

Testimonial by: Garett Casatelli of Bismarck nd

Date added: 03/31/2013

Title: Super fast shipping

The fastest ship only took 4days from CA to North Dakota I also love the glass

Testimonial by: Ryan Hrosek-Overby of United States

Date added: 03/27/2013

Title: GREAT!

ordered my first glass peice and its already on the way! great shop and even better prices

Testimonial by: ramgil camacho of Puerto Rico

Date added: 03/26/2013

Title: Definetely will buy again

I'm more than pleased with this store the bong i ordered got here really fast great quality excellent customer service I highly recommend this store

Testimonial by: Ricardo of Los Angeles

Date added: 03/25/2013

Title: 5 stars!!

Put my order in march 20 got here today march 25 super fast standard
Shipping really happy with glass. Great job bongoutlet will definitely shop here again

5 stars!!
Testimonial by: Timothy

Date added:

Title: Mr.

Just order my stuff. Gave me free pipes screens and way cheaper then any headshop. Will keep buying from bongoutlet as long as you keep the variety. Thanks!!

Testimonial by: Sebastian of Illinois

Date added: 03/23/2013

Title: Impressed

5/5 on this site. I catch myself ordering from this site every week. So far I have ordered 12" 1x3 Finger Percolator Bong with ash Catcher, with (14mm/14mm) 11 finger perc ashcatcher, 3 glass bowls, purple power cleaner, with a hemp wick. This site has definitely made my smoking experience so much better without hurting my pocket. I am impressed with the shipping and packaging. I live in Illinois and it only took a week. Free Gifts with Purchase that I enjoyed, thank you. What I noticed today when I was searching other sites to compare this one to, I found some REALLY COOL BONGS for sale that were cheap on another site. I clicked on it and directed me to saying the product was not available. There were a few that this site doesn't sell anymore or have in stock which is why I'm dissapointed. But besides that this site has great value, glass is good quality, the shipping was fast, and I will definitely be making a lot more purchases on this site. My next piece will be the 21" bong... I have spread the word about this site to my friends and people who are interested in glass and they love this site. So excited for my other pieces to arrive and will post pictures on my next testimonial. This site has my full support

Testimonial by: Hayzson Lin-Kee of Waianae, Hawaii

Date added: 03/22/2013

Title: Cheap. Quality. Fast.

I ordered a 1x 12" 1x3 Fingers Perculator Water bong along with a few other items and I must say, the work done on this piece is amazing, and very cheap at that! Their glass hand pipes are amazing as well. So beautifully crafted!
It only took four days! AND they sent a free glass pipe with my purchase!
Very excellent customer service!

I definitely amazed a few of my friends at our last smoke sesh with my new bong.
Thanks a lot!

Testimonial by: Manuel Valdez Jr of Chicago, Illinois

Date added: 03/21/2013

Title: Mr

First time customer, & i didnt want to order from over seas because last time it took more then 2 weeks to arrive. So I timed my purchase, placed my order @ 7 AM CST. It was shipped out the very same day, & just arrived today! 4 days for it to arrive from Canada to Chicago Illinois! Im very pleased with my purchases, cant praise yous enough!

Testimonial by: Al Gunderson

Date added:

Title: Mr

Fast shipping on a high quality bong without the high price. You guys rock and I will be ordering more from you in the near future.

Testimonial by: gary van ness of u.s.a

Date added: 03/16/2013

Title: great service

my bong came in less then 4 days, and the quality of the glass is great! i will use this company again and again, also thanks for the free pipe!

Testimonial by: Jordon Sowders of tx

Date added: 03/16/2013

Title: customers service

Very good service i choose them for selection, price , and thebway they treat their shoppers ! I will be returning with my hard earned money for sure.

customers service
Testimonial by: Shane Rennie of Vancouver BC

Date added: 03/09/2013

Title: Awesome Site Great Quality & Service

Ordered from them and was told shipping would take 7 days but only took 6. Box was small enough that it was left in a compartment on my mailbox (I ordered a 12" bong, 5" perc 16oz cleaner etc) which was cool. The perc had a small amount of damage from shipping but dod not effect use so bongoutlet game me 40% off that piece which solved my issue very efficiently. Everything is great quality and smokes really well. I just cleaned everything after a week of use and everything looks like new again! Also got a free pipe and screens out of it (I use glass screens though, highly recommended)
Awesome trust worthy website with fast and efficient service! I am shopping right now on some more slides for the bong, a new grinder, and maybe some more purple power cleaner(works amazingly with salt)

Awesome Site Great Quality & Service
Testimonial by: George Smith of Southern USA

Date added: 03/07/2013

Title: 27" 3x6 arm perc

Best price around, super quick shipping, staff takes care of all questions/problems you could ask for quickly.

Bong is an artwork; glass is thick and solid and it is freakin' huge. It hits smooth and the free bowl and pipe screens were a nice surprise as well. Will definitely bring my future business to

Testimonial by: Daniel of USA

Date added: 02/26/2013

Title: The BEST

This place is by far the best place to get glass from. I have made a few orders from here, and have been very pleased every time. Shipping is fast and quality of glass pieces are amazing. Nothing bad to say all. CUSTOMER FOR LIFE

Testimonial by: Jenn D. of United States

Date added: 02/25/2013

Title: AWESOME!!

Best online glass site ever! The item arrived in my mail box exactly 4 business days from shipment, thank god too because waiting for something this awesome is torture! It arrived beautifully packed, in tact and exactly as described on the site. I am VERY HAPPY with my purchase in quality, cost, shipping times and function-ability. I would 100% recommend this site to others. Thanks!

Testimonial by: jon rigler

Date added:

Title: nice pieces

fast shipping less than a week to midwest with a holiday in that week. all of the pieces are without a doubt well worth the price and the 7ml double perc bong is outstanding soooooo thick would cost at least twice as much at a local shop. 10 outa 10 will be back very soon for more pieces and accesories for my new toy.

Testimonial by: crystal smith of beltsville

Date added: 02/20/2013

Title: great

Everything cheap great quality love it

Testimonial by: Mr. DontTrustAnyone of Pennsylvania

Date added: 02/17/2013

Title: 5 Days to PA, Great Product

*** 21" 7MM DOME PERCOLATER WATER BONG - DOLPHIN*** My first ever use of a "water pipe" so I wanted to make sure I got a good one. Wife and I loved it immensely. What an experience! Great site and appreciated the extra gifts that came along. U guys Rock! Highly recommend...will definitely be back! A++++

Testimonial by: Paul of USA

Date added: 02/17/2013

Title: Great Customer Service

Great Customer service folk. I received a damaged product and they were very prompt on replacing it. Highly recommended.

Testimonial by: Christina Morra of New york

Date added: 02/16/2013

Title: I loveee this site!

I bought a small bong from a shop by my house a few months ago and I loved it so much long story short it ended up shattering, the shop doesnt hav them any more, so I was upset. My friend looked all night online to find it to replace it and finally after awhile of searching he found this site and the bong was pretty much the same thing. It was reasonably priced and shipped out and arrived super fast. I'm more than satisfied!!! I will back to shop here again!

Testimonial by: Christopher Conley of Oregon USA

Date added: 02/15/2013

Title: Thank you !!

Very happy with my purchase and service provided by Bong Outlet. I'll admit I was very hesitant to order online for such a personal piece. Not being able to see it in person was a big risk. I wanted the thickest piece of glass I could find to replace a broken but long trusted friend. The search features were very helpful and the descriptions with the specs are essential information so I felt comfortable with my order. But still very nervous. I needed it quick as well.
So I placed the order with the expedited international freight and voila its here in 3-4 days. The quality of the packing was superb everything arrived safe and sound ( they even use eco friendly packaging.. nice to see).
The quality of the unit is second to none and the price was simply the best you will find anywhere. I looked as well and being from Oregon there are a lot of craftsman/artists and would have paid double easily in my area easily.
Customer for life, best deal on the planet with top shelf quality. 9mm Genie

Testimonial by: Jay Alt of New York

Date added: 02/13/2013

Title: Great job

You guys do an absolute great job running this. I've bought 2 bongs and several other things from this site and every time the shipping has been unbelievable and the product has come safely wrapped in bubble wrap. The free gift that comes with every purchase is also a great idea, makes me feel even better when I receive an ashcatcher in the mail and it comes with a free bowl too.

Definitely my new go to website for herb needs

Testimonial by: rocky trudell of usa

Date added: 02/11/2013

Title: new perc

this place really has it going on, ever time i have ordered from them they send free pipes and the service is a# 1, i plan to order a few more pieces in the future!

Testimonial by: Andie of United States

Date added: 02/11/2013

Title: I love Bongoutlet _3

I love Bongoutlets bongs. I love my bong so much. Don't know what I would do without it. I suggest this website to anyone looking to get a percolator bong. The shipping take quite a bit of time but once I receive the package I am always satisfied. I love Bongoutlet!

Testimonial by: Eugene Sheats

Date added:

Title: Yea there that good

After shopping locally nothing in PRICE & QUALITY can touch this site .... As well as the Internet ....found some sites that looked good, but after reading their reviews .... 1...2 month delivery of piece thick...bottom thin ect. , I ordered here , read reviews from'll be returning as well . B. well......

Testimonial by: riley heusser of yucca valley ca

Date added: 02/02/2013

Title: thought it was a scam

So I thought this site was a scam but I got my glass. Its nice thick glass hits like a dream and it was here in 4 days thank you bong outlet I can't wait for more glass to arive

Testimonial by: Melissa of USA

Date added: 02/01/2013

Title: Pro service

I've ordered from a number of times and have never been disappointed. So today again, placed an order... within 23 minutes I had a tracking number.... TWENTY THREE... It's not just amazing shipping speeds, their employees are top notch all the way around. Clearly they care about the customers.

Testimonial by: rocky trudell of usa

Date added: 01/31/2013

Title: hits perfect

fast shipping and a great deal, got a cool little pipe for free, the percolater is awesome my buddy wants me to order him one thats how good it hits!!!!

Testimonial by: victor gaines

Date added:

Title: great once again

Nice once again great fast service , solid price, solid product.

Testimonial by: victor gaines of United States

Date added: 01/26/2013

Title: Freaking Amazingggggggggggggggggg real talk.

OK, can you say the fastest service i have ever had online period, NO LET ME REPEAT, FASTEST SERVICE ONLINE EVER! FROM CANADA TO GA ORDERED TUESDAY RECEIVED SATURDAY, Wow! I open the box to a beautiful piece that i ordered but had no idea how great the quality would be. I ordered a 18/18 11 finger ash-catcher , can i say Amazing, straight up. Now to the smoke, the hit is smooth as a baby's ass , noooo lieeeee. If your staring at this this site and your thinking, " wow should i or should i not, is it legit or is it a fraud, cause after all IT IS COMING FROM CANADA, RIGHTTT? No, just act like you are a Nike spokesman and " Just Do It".

Testimonial by: david gibson

Date added:

Title: simply amazing

Amazing service, the bubbler came in four days with two of those days being national holidays with no mail. The item was wrapped down to the t and had no imperfections in it. To top it off they gave me a bob Marley peice and screens. I'm beyond satisfied.

Testimonial by: Mitchell Thompson of Canada

Date added: 01/24/2013

Title: Shipping very fast

received my order in 2 days very quick :)

Testimonial by: Jason Shepherd of Northeast US

Date added: 01/19/2013

Title: My 1 Stop Shop

I was always a bit skeptical about getting a decent glass piece from an online shop. After a few trips to local headshops and being charged crazy prices for just a basic piece, I decided, after some research, to give a try. All I can say is, THIS SITE IS OFFICIAL!! I placed my 1st order on Xmas Eve and received my beautiful new glass on New Years Eve(Perfect timing by the way)! I was so happy with my items, fast delivery, and overall great customer service that I placed another order a couple of days later. This is THE ONLY place I will ever buy from when I need ANYTHING smoke related! Thanks Bongoutlet, and keep up the GREAT work!
Your Newest Customer For Lifeand

Testimonial by: Taylor George of BR

Date added: 01/18/2013

Title: 14.5 2 perks

I have bought three water bongs from this website. They are great! the glass is thick and the prices cant be beat!!

Testimonial by: Brenda Vargo of Smithers

Date added: 01/17/2013

Title: Awesome

I love bong outlet got a sick bong nice free pipe and pretty much my whole order was delivered safely
One thing came damaged but they have agreed to send me a replacement the next day! Thanks bong outlet quick shipping great products

Testimonial by: Alex Guzman of Georgia

Date added: 01/14/2013

Title: Great Online Store

Ordered my first "real" bong from these guys. The shipping was very quick, and the bong arrived just as described. I was very happy with my purchase. The free screens and bowl were a huge plus. I am about to buy more as I'm writing this down. They have some of the best and cheapest pieces available; can't go wrong with Bong Outlet!

Testimonial by: Benjamin G.

Date added:

Title: Great Site

Great prices, great selection, great staff, great quality.

Testimonial by: stan moseler

Date added:

Title: Shipping is awful.

I pay for upgraded shipping, It has now been a week since I ordered it and its not even halfway to me in the shipment tracking. Not impressed so far.

Testimonial by: Jerome Sims

Date added:

Title: Mr.

delivery time was great ! put my order in a week before christmas and got it christmas eve. now the bong itself, " I'm LOVING IT " ! WILL ORDER AGAIN

Testimonial by: Melissa Newkirk of WA state, USA

Date added: 12/25/2012

Title: Concentrates is my favorite place to shop for glass, super quick shipping and quality inexpensive items. Just wish they'd get with the times and make products for concentrates, adapters, domes, nails etc. With 2 states in America now legal it would be a smart move!

Testimonial by: Elijah Simmons

Date added:

Title: Great

Very good site, excellent products, and great shipping!

Testimonial by: Mitchell Thompson

Date added:

Title: Fast shipping!

Very fast shipping! Products are great and bong glass is very durable!

Testimonial by: Chris Jewell of Virginia

Date added: 12/24/2012

Title: awesome is the best website to but whatever your looking for. I bought a12 inch bong and it was amazing, but it broke ): I wish they had a warranty thing or something so I wouldn't have to but a new one.

Testimonial by: Tyler of Regina, Sask

Date added: 12/22/2012

Title: I've found my new head shop.

I've made my last trip to the local headshop, for sure. I ordered A Blue Dragon Steamroller on Tuesday Dec. 19th, and on Saturday, Dec. 22 I'm enjoying not only my ordered piece but a free spoon pipe and a few screens, packaged and marked properly. I'm completely impressed with the service here, I was and still am really weary of buying things on the internet but I could not be happier with my experience. BongOutlet's got a new loyal customer.

Testimonial by: Jamie Binger of Whitehorse, Yukon

Date added: 12/17/2012

Title: Great service, Great Glass

My bong just arrived safe and sound, and ready to hit ;) I am very happy with the service, only took 7 business days to make it all the way up to the Yukon! Highly recommend this site!

Testimonial by: Malachi Hartley

Date added:

Title: ash catcher

I have really enjoyed this website. Keep up the good work!

Testimonial by: Mitch T of Canada

Date added: 12/10/2012

Title: Cheap + Fast + Awesome

Wanted to order a cheap bong that I could use often. Bought a 7' glass and works like a charm! Packaging was discrete and delivery was fast. I loved the easy order process. I also ordered a metal pipe, grinder, and rolling machine. All worked very well will definitely order again! LOVE THE FREE GIFTS got an awesome glass pipe and screens. Thanks again!

Testimonial by: Carson Parzynski of michigan

Date added: 12/09/2012

Title: great prices

Very good site qualilty products good shipping

Testimonial by: Ryin Paglia

Date added:

Title: Mr

Just received my first order from bongoutlet, I am very pleased with my order and how it was shipped the box had no damage and all the pieces were packed nicely. Both pieces are very nice glass for the price. They even threw in some free screens and a free bowl. I will be ordering again in the future.

Testimonial by: jay carter of lawrence KS

Date added: 12/07/2012

Title: mr

perfect. exactly what i expected at half the price i can find any where else.

Testimonial by: Emily Booth of Canada

Date added: 12/06/2012

Title: Green metal pipe

Just a regular old dinky metal pipe. the difference i noticed is that it's about 1/4 of the price of one at a store here. as well as the fact that the resin doesn't sink into the middle plastic part and make it all gross looking. pretty nice sturdy little thing.

Testimonial by: Emily Booth of Canada

Date added: 12/06/2012


best. bubbler. ever. nothing i have ever owned even compares. when i first saw this, i couldn't believe that it was $19. i figured that was the price for the bowl, or something along those lines. it comes with a really awesome metal bowl that actually screws into the top of it, and a mouthpiece that is somewhat reminiscent of an oldschool smoking pipe. it hits like a champ, and all of the smoke actually stays inside, so it's not floating off if you happen to overestimate this little guy and take too big of a toke. great, great buy. i'm so happy with this thing, to the point where i'm reluctant to use it because i never want it to be dirty or potentially break.

Testimonial by: Emily Booth of Canada

Date added: 12/06/2012


Great little bong, nice big bowl. The bowl is slightly warped, and the slide is a little long for the size of the bong - i find it hits the bottom quite a bit. there is the potential for breakage there, but for the price, you won't find a better quality bong. also, the picture on it is the best thing i have ever seen - a little mushroom with wings, but it was slightly distorted when i got it, which is a little disappointing. not to put a whole bunch of negatives in here, just my two cents with the new piece. overall though, it's really awesome, keeps pretty clean surprisingly.

Testimonial by: Sad Customer

Date added:

Title: Broken Perc

Pretty bummed lately because I had spent a little over $200, before discounts, on black friday to qualify for the free shipping. When I received my bong on the 3rd the percolator in the middle was snapped off so I immediately emailed them to which they promptly responded that they would get back to me on the 4th. It is now the 5th and I have yet to get that email. It's just sad to see a such a good bong go to waste.

Broken Perc
Testimonial by: Robert Wood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Date added: 12/03/2012

Title: Fantastic

My experience has been better than expected. I received an awesome bowl to come with the bong. Plus the shipping was incredibly quick and dependable. The website was easy to use and helpful. On top of that the points system is really kool. Over all very satisfied customer.

Testimonial by: David Madsen of La Center WA

Date added: 11/27/2012

Title: 8 out of 10

This was my first time ever buying a bong online and i came across this sight and i am really pleased i stuck with it. they really do have cheap quality bongs just like they say. i ordered the 16" 1 X 4 Fingers Perc. with Ash catcher Glass Water pipe - Green. the brand was "GENIE" and it rips hard and clears super nice and also super smooth.they also have coupons and rewards points that help save a little cash. The only downside was the shipping took a little while. i ordered it on 11/16/12 and got it today on 11/27/12. and my free pipe was also broken but everything else was in good condition and the was probly just due to the careless usps services. overall great sight and I would recomend using it.

Testimonial by: Emily Booth of Canada

Date added: 11/23/2012

Title: 10" Zong

I had been waiting over a month to be able to purchase this zong, but once it got here, it was totally worth it. Super fast shipping! It only took like 3 days for it to get here, and included the cutest little pipe. Really nice looking, hits awesomely, big bowl, and a fantastic price. I don't think I've ever paid $35 for anything, except maybe like a pipe? This site has the best prices, and products. I will definitely be doing my Christmas shopping on here. The only negative thing I would have to say is that there didn't seem to be an answer to my question in their faq, but on a positive note - they always answer my inquiries in less than a day!

Testimonial by: Brett of USA

Date added: 11/19/2012

Title: First Purchase

Dear Bongoutlet

This is my first bong purchase and I am far more then pleased. The package came amazingly fast and every thing was very well packaged. I purchased the 3 perk mushroom bong and a 10 finger perk adapter and I am very happy with the purchase. The only other thing I was looking for that I wasn't able to find on this site was a carbon filter adapter but other then that i was very impressed with 5 stars and 2 thumbs up from me

Testimonial by: bob duenk of sask., canada

Date added: 11/16/2012

Title: mr

ordered a 1x4 11inch amber...shipping was good...bong was not what i expected......thought it was way pleasantly surprized, been breakin it in for 2 days now....will definitely be ordering from you guys agin...very satisfied

Testimonial by: Wendy Susskind of East Coast, USA

Date added: 11/14/2012

Title: Owner

Ordered an amber 12" 1x4 perc 11/9/12 and it arrived today! WOOT. Beautiful! I love everything about it! Thanks! You guys are the best!

Testimonial by: Douglas Green of United States

Date added: 11/01/2012

Title: Everything Amazing

I bought a 2x 4 finger 14.5 water pipe. Got it in a week. It was discretely shipped and thousands of packing peanuts. I definitely be ordering more from this site. Great job!!!

Testimonial by: HMI

Date added:

Title: Great Service

Have gotten orders here before and I'm never let down! Great quality and service. Better service than in-store. Will continue to use this outet.

Testimonial by: Jason Skeen of USA

Date added: 10/22/2012

Title: 14.5" 2 X 4 Fingers Perculator Glass Water pipe - GREEN

I live in the nether regions of the 4 corners USA.
Ordered on Sunday, Got it on Saturday!!!
Amazing. Everything was perfect.
HUGE Yet Super Smooth rips...
Product craftsmanship is excellent.
Nothing broken due to excellent packaging.
Oh and the free gift is SWEEET. definitely has my business from now on.

Thank you so much for the Superior Service

Loyal Fan

14.5" 2 X 4 Fingers Perculator Glass Water pipe - GREEN
Testimonial by: Ryan Wade

Date added:

Title: My bongoutlet experience

When I ordered my 26" water-pipe along with a few more items, I received a discount on my shipping for making a high enough purchase, took only 5 days to get to my house, all the products got to my house in perfect condition and it even came with a free hand pipe and 10 free screens, was able to track my package the whole time, and came excellently packaged, I plan on purchasing many more items from the site.

Testimonial by: ICO of Marquette michigan

Date added: 10/20/2012

Title: WOWW

Very disappointed in shipping michigan is below toronto and it went toronto to illinois, illinois to indiana?? wtf it doesnt make any sense at all... indiana to where now? lmao very dumb shipping

Testimonial by: Bryan Craig of Pierrefonds,Quebec

Date added: 10/18/2012

Title: Broken goods

Recieved my bong and inside is broken. Merchandise was surely not inspected before delivery because it was carefully wrapped. Never order from you again

Broken goods
Testimonial by: Daniel Shepard of United States

Date added: 10/17/2012

Title: 11" 1 x 4 Fingers Perculator Glass Waterpipe - PURPLE

This bong is now my number one smoking utensil. I've added glow in the dark diffuser bead and it's wicked. PPP ya'll

11" 1 x 4 Fingers Perculator Glass Waterpipe - PURPLE
Testimonial by: D Henne of CT

Date added: 10/13/2012

Title: awesome

very fast shipping!! awesome bong!!!... i somehow spaced out and bought a purple one, doh!, so i will be buying another soon... thank you

Testimonial by: Elijah of East Coast

Date added: 10/05/2012

Title: Great Service!

Bought a 7 inch mini bong on Monday and it was shipped within 3 hours...WOW! The tracking number was kind of sketchy and offered little information but wcyd. Got the bong on Friday of the same week. USA Customer and HIGHly satisfied!!!

Testimonial by: michelle turner

Date added:

Title: disappointed

Great bong loved allbthe pieces I got from you guys. Got here real fast too But I was very disappointed within 3 days my bony broke by me just taking the stem not even hard wasn't sturdy or strong glass I wouldn't Buy again I spent 100 dollars on something that lasted me 3 days

Testimonial by: Dylan Anderson of Centralia Washington

Date added: 10/02/2012

Title: Cool site

Great products, easy to use website. Oh and you guys sent me free things which is always a plus

Testimonial by: Tanya

Date added:

Title: My purchases

This website is great! It's very easy to get around, it's not confusing at all. It's nice and simple, but gets to the point in terms of the products and the number of products that are available in each category. The prices are also insanely cheap. I bought a 20" bong 1 Perc. 4 Fingers with an ash and ice catcher for like $90, whereas at a headshop or any other site, it would cost 3 times as much. I love my bong, it hits amazing especially with the ice in there and it's a great looking piece too. The quality is also pretty good. The second time I bought a replacement bowl for my bong since the last one broke :( and along with the replacement bowl, I bought an awesome looking piece too, which was only $10! Not to mention, both times I ordered from here, they sent a complimentary bowl and some metal screens..both times! One other thing, the packaging is super discreet and you could never guess what's inside ;)..which is obviously a huge plus.
All in all, this site is awesome and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Testimonial by: Daniel Gb of usa

Date added: 09/25/2012

Title: Bongoutlet

Came with free pipe and screen and it got here in 3 days! super fast shipping deff coming back again! awesome experience!

Testimonial by: Brittany of KY, USA

Date added: 09/23/2012

Title: Blue Double Perc with inline ash catcher

I ordered the blue double perc glass water bong with the blue inline ash catcher, pack of glass screens and purple power. I haven't used the purple power yet but i'm sure it's great. We absolutely love the bong. This thing is the smoothest hitting beast I have ever smoked from! Although I don't recommend the glass screens, they are kinda hard to keep in place and don't stop your tobacco from being pulled through the bowl. I couldn't be happier with the rest though! I will def be back to order more! Oh, the shipping is great too. I ordered this all on 9/19 and received it on 9/22! Also appreciate the free gift! It's a cute little glass pipe!

Testimonial by: R.C of Ny

Date added: 09/17/2012

Title: Very nice

Very nice product and fast shipping.

Testimonial by: scott strick of sherbrooke

Date added: 09/17/2012

Title: Lord

great prices. great quality. great service. great high.

Testimonial by: Benjamin Woodruff of Ohio

Date added: 09/15/2012

Title: Amazing

I can't wait to get my 7 pieces this week is gonna be a blast!!!

Testimonial by: Alex Buta

Date added:

Title: Awesome

I ordered the clear inline percolator ash catcher 4"x5" and i gotta say this glass made my bong hit so smooth i honestly couldn't believe it. The percolated downstem i got was also amazing. Incredible website too i ordered it on Friday the 7th and i got it the Wednesday following though i only got the chance to use it just now. Overall I'm completely satisfied with this website. Definitely gonna be a returning customer haha.

Testimonial by: MICHAEL SAVAGE of Portand, Oregon

Date added: 09/13/2012


Got My Water Bong In Like 4Days, A Little Smallet Than Presented But Thatd WhY Im Buying Another Piece...
Fucking Love This Place Such Quality Glass Plus Its Cheap... And You Earn Points

Testimonial by: brett cordeiro of charlton mass

Date added: 09/12/2012

Title: new buyer

great great great site, first off they take credit cards. shipping is soo fast! you WILL not be disappointed. prices cant be beat and the pieces are fantastic!! first time transaction but soon more to come, i can assure all the next pieces i buy will be from here. very satisfied.

Testimonial by: Zachary Berk of Maryland

Date added: 09/12/2012

Title: Truly Unbeatable

Just received an amazing ash catcher, called 8 fingers. Its an amazing little piece, I just baptized it. Not only did it take only 5 days to get here, but they went above and beyond my expectations. I accidentally ordered the wrong color and I emailed them about it. They promptly replied, and 5 days later I got the color I had intended too. And as always, they added the icing on the cake and sent me a better quality pipe than I have ever gotten before from them, but FOR FREE!

Testimonial by: Zack Nicholson of USA

Date added: 09/12/2012

Title: A+++++

Bong Outlet CA does it again! Bubbler here in two days, not a single thing can break the way they package their products; and with all these prices so low I can afford to keep coming back. BongOutlet.CA TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

Testimonial by: COMBATICUS of The Moon

Date added: 09/11/2012

Title: A+ customer service

I ordered the nice glass 8 finger incline percolator which is ultra awesome unfortunately the one i got that had a small crack coming off where the main chamber meets the percolator. I emailed them and attached pictures, they immediately got in touch with me and sent me a new one! BongOutlet is top notch online store, I am only shopping here guaranteed!

Testimonial by: Morgan Bentley of Lethbridge, AB

Date added: 09/10/2012

Title: Ms

This day could not be any greater! 27" 3 X 6 perc bong arrived today, and I just had an incredibly smooth hit from it. Megusta :) Delivery was 4 business days (so hard to wait!!!!) and everything showed up in perfect condition! The small pipe was a great addition as a gift :) Thank you so much!

Testimonial by: Hunter of USA

Date added: 09/08/2012

Title: Smooth and cheap

Made it to east coast in 4 business days. Very fast service. Bong was well packaged and the freebies are nice. This piece hits super smooth even for it's small size in diameter. Fast clearing and pretty good looking glass blowing especially for the price. Obviously not a roor but my pocket is still heavy. Girlfriend also loves the glass. The ashcather works perfect and love using it. Definitely will order a big one next time.

Smooth and cheap
Testimonial by: brett g

Date added:

Title: mr

Great experience. Easy ordering, great price and super quality merchandise. No complaints only praise from this customer.

Testimonial by: Eric Wayne

Date added:

Title: Fast shipping, great quality

So, I finally decided to try out one of these online water pipe shops. I have always been skeptical about these sites, but with these unbelievable prices I couldn't resist. I decided to give it a try. I ordered it last Saturday and it has just arrived. The glass is quality. Nice thickness to everything. I couldn't be more satisfied with Bongoutlet. You have just found yourself a new loyal customer.

Keep up the great work, and prices.

Fast shipping, great quality
Testimonial by: TheDankestEra of Montana, USA

Date added: 09/05/2012

Title: Too Excited

I have been browsing this site for weeks in search of the perfect first bong(no way I'm spending upwards of $200 for tiny, thin-glassed atrocities from my local shops!) after unsuccessfully doing the same on Grasscity. Last night, after much deliberation(and review reading), I found what I beleive to be the BEST quality glass for the BEST price anywhere on the web, probably even the world. Once it arrives, hopefully ASAP, and I put it to the test of my ironlungs, I will most likely be back for various peices and accessories. Based on reviews and other testimonials, this seems like a VERY likely option. If the 14.5" 2 X 4 Fingers Perculator Green beauty arrives in a decent amount of time (which most reviews seem to confirm), and hits as well as people are saying it does, there is no doubt that I will be returning to Bongoutlet for all of my smoking needs. I will post another testimonial when it does arrive, hopefully with nothing but more good things to say. Thanks for the great prices and awesome customer service, Bongoutlet!

Testimonial by: Combaticus of moon

Date added: 09/01/2012

Title: lowest prices anywhere!!!

My sister and i are about to buy our first percolator bong off this site. From what i here and read online bongs outlet is #1, i hope everyone isn't just blowing smoke lol Thank you bong outlet for not screwing me on the prices like my local smoke store is so determined to do. i think we will be doing alot of business in the future.

Testimonial by: randall

Date added:

Title: 12" tornado water bong

what a kick @ss bong the smoke spins like a tornado when you hit it and it is 7mm thick no joke all the way through well worth the $$$

12" tornado water bong
Testimonial by: Alexander of FL

Date added: 08/29/2012

Title: Happy with the experience

Alright this bong just arrived and I absolutely had to write a review on it. I had never heard of "NiceGlass" brand bongs and was worried about flaws with the glass work on it. Having it in person I have numerous observations.

1) The glass is very thick and doesn't look to have any flaws in it. Even the beaker is heavy and thick.

2) The percolators are much better spaced than the picture would lead you to believe. I have nothing to smoke with it at the moment, but I've filled it with water and taken a few "phantom rips" from it. The drag is minimal, it exists but no more so than any other triple percolator bong.

3) I did not realize how massive 23" truly is until I saw it in person. If you don't want a gigantic bong this is definitely not your thing. It's the T-Rex of the bong world. Not THE largest but very menacing and sturdy.

4) I would expect to pay upwards of $250 for a bong of this size and quality anywhere else. This site has THE BEST prices I've seen in the world. It's a huge claim but I call it as I see it.

5) It was shipped from Canada to South Florida. Ordered Friday at around 4 AM and arrived Wednesday at 11 AM. I can't imagine traveling a much greater distance in a shorter amount of time.

So happy with the overall experience.

Happy with the experience
Testimonial by: James Frazier

Date added:

Title: Unhappy

I have bought a 14' amber double tree perc bong, a zong, and a dragon steam roller. The bong came in good condition and but the ash catcher came in broken where the glass is connected to the colored glass on the ash catcher. The joint is obviously very poorly connected. I emailed them about the piece and they gladly sent me a new one I received 8 days later. It broke hours after I got it in the same exact fashion my other one did. Right at the seem when i set it down after using it. I figured since the first one i received came in broke it was a fragile piece and never set it down hard or bumped it and it still split. Extremely poor glass work and I'm very upset I have to buy a new ash catcher, or complain once more about the once I just received and broke and have one sent. The bong is sturdy and has nice glass but the trees get clogged after one use. One bowl and the percs are so clogged the drag is so bad, you can't clear the bong. Very annoying.. The zong I ordered did not look anything like the one pictured, it looks much cheaper and feels like I could break it by squeezing it too hard. Dragon steam roller works well and looks ok, but pretty thin glass.

SO overall, I am very upset on the quality of the products on this website.

Testimonial by: Beaux Paradoski of United States

Date added: 08/25/2012

Title: The Place To Go

I recently started collecting glass....i just got hooked on it all mainly when i found this website. With such great prices you cannot pass anything up. They just got in RIOT gear for gods sake and for those of you who dont know about RIOT bags please check into them. Besides that i always get the greatest customer support and i have never had one single problem. For as long as i have been coming here nothing i have bought has even had the slightest little crack in it.....everything's just so smooth here! BONGOUTLET.CA IS THE PLACE TO BE!

Testimonial by: Dave McNally of Dartmouth,NS

Date added: 08/23/2012

Title: Fast,Inexpensive and discrete

Never used/purchased waterbong and was scared of using a web-site but wow! 30 bucks got me a grinder, little pipe and 6"glass bong! Box was clearly marked "fragile" but no other indicatins of where or what was was in it.
Clearly i will be a repeat customer!

Testimonial by: randy schreiner of san diego ca.

Date added: 08/20/2012

Title: service is wonderful

I must say even down here in the south of California, the service you guys provide is wonderful. Just so satisfied with the professional way the company carries itself. I'm going to be coming back to this site as well as telling my friends. Im looking forward to my next purchaseThanks guys

Testimonial by: David zuniga of Edinburg

Date added: 08/15/2012

Title: 12" perc

Took 6 business days worth wait fresh as fck will order again

Testimonial by: Colleen of Northern East Coast

Date added: 08/12/2012

Title: Bong had poor glasswork

So I ordered a bong that has 2, 8 arm percolators, a mushroom splash guard, and an 11 arm ash catcher. When I first bought it I was so excited to get it. Shipping was really fast and when it came it was like a surprise Christmas. Everything looked beautiful and intact and I was scared to use it honestly hahaha. I Used it 5 times then I noticed 1 percolator arm in the middle compartment of the bong had snapped off! I seriously took care of the bong like it was my baby. I have no idea how the arm could of have fallen off. I didn't shake it, drop it, or handle it rough. I was upset at first but I got over it. Well guess what, after that arm that broke off, the one beside it broke off too. This is all in a closed in compartment in the bong, there is no way I could of have gotten contact with it. Now there is an annoying noise every time I pick up the bong. NOW after those 2 arms broke off, I knew I got a poorly made bong. After those broke and after another use, the next thing that broke was the first 8 arm percolator. It wasn't an arm or anything, IT WAS THE WHOLE PERCOLATOR, ALL 8 ARMS INTACT, BROKE OFF AND IS NOW RATTLING ALL AROUND THE INSIDE OF MY BONG. SO now my bong isn't special anymore. Its all broken in the inside. 2 arms broken off in the middle chamber and now the whole bottom chamber percolator is intact , snapped off its base. The only explination is that the bong was poorly made. Wasted my money. The Ash Catcher is really good though.

Testimonial by: Adam Holt of California, USA

Date added: 08/09/2012

Title: 11' Glass Green Frosted Bong

I bought the 11' Green Glass and Frosted bong 2 weeks ago, and it came on the seventh day. One thing though about the tracking, Canadian Post does a horrible job actually providing correct information. It still got here though. Hits like a boss haha.

11' Glass Green Frosted Bong
Testimonial by: terry southern of BritishColumbia

Date added: 08/05/2012

Title: Great Canadian Site

While searching for a discrete provider of smoking accessories, I came across this site and have since place four orders. I have not found another merchant who gets their products to my mailbox more quickly. I am very pleased with the user freindly site, prompt (lightning speed) delivery and very good quality products.

Testimonial by: Beaux Paradoski of United States

Date added: 08/03/2012


So far i have ordered more than 8 different pieces and attachments and each and every piece has come to me with discrete packaging and usually within 4 days. This is the cheapest website i have ever found for specific waterbong attachment's, Pipes, and bubblers. Plus how can you pass up the free pipe you get from them every single time!!!! Even that little thing hits like a beast!

Testimonial by: Alan Magana of Weed ca

Date added: 07/29/2012

Title: Bracefacestoner

I got an Inline perc from this website and was scared I was not getting what I ordered but I did anyways and was surprised when I got it it was made so nice but sadly my dumb friends broke it:( the downstem I ordered was an amazing deal! Great place to get all my smoking stuff!

Testimonial by: Zachary Molnar of indiana

Date added: 07/28/2012

Title: great company

took 7 days to get from canada to the united states. pretty good, great bong for the price, would be more than double at my local head shop hits super smooth, love this company, will be coming here from now on

Testimonial by: Jean Hebert of Canada

Date added: 07/28/2012

Title: mr

Bought this Purple Power Cleaner. WOW. really works.

Testimonial by: Jean Hebert of Canada

Date added: 07/28/2012

Title: mr

Purchased a 19" 6 FINGERS - 2 PERCOLATOR Water pipe w/ash & ice catcher. Great stuff!

Testimonial by: Evan Boone of Texas

Date added: 07/27/2012

Title: My Purchase

got my 11 percalator ash catcher & one of the percolators was chipped. :( , came in 3 days!! my five percolator down stem i also ordered came perfect. id definitely buy from again!!!!

Testimonial by: Michael Cohen of Los Angeles, CA

Date added: 07/27/2012

Title: Mr.

Update previous testimonial. I have figured out the water situation. It's all good! I LOVE THIS PIECE! Hits great, I'm really buzzed about this purchase. No buyer remorse. The ash catcher is GREAT. Cannot imagine using this without it. Spend the extra $15, you'll be glad you did! Best all!

Testimonial by: Michael Cohen of Los Angeles, CA

Date added: 07/26/2012

Title: Mr.

I ordered my 11" clear/green Bubbler on Sunday night and it just arrived in LA Thursday afternoon. What a beautiful piece of art. The feel is solid and the size seems perfect. The gift was solid too, a free spoon and some screens as well. Thanks! My only regret it that I'm a novice at bubblers and not really sure how to use it. Water just at the bottom? or the upper chambers as well? I was told to Google it, but have yet to find an answer regarding this 3 chamber design? Another dumb ? that maybe one of your customers can answer. Do you put water in the ash catcher attachment or not? Thanks bros, and of course this is for smoking tobacco products... 420 and out Hell, if worse comes to worse I can just smoke the pipe and admire the bubbler.

Testimonial by: Andy Rambacus of Calgary

Date added: 07/25/2012

Title: First Order

Awesome service! Ordered on Sunday July 22/12, package to Calgary on Wednesday. Plus a little extra gift.

Will be ordering again soon. Thanks again.


Testimonial by: Tanner Frost of Usa

Date added: 07/24/2012

Title: Bongoutlet

I first found out about this site Jan 2011, I was impressed by not just the items but the quality and cheap prices. My first order from this site was a double perc bong, I got it exactly 5 days later and it has impressed me with the smoothness and quality everyday since. (July 2012). So if your looking for good quality items for a cheap fair price I highly recommend this site and staff. Thanks for the experience.


Testimonial by: Tyler Deese

Date added:

Title: Love this site

This is the third time i have ordered from Bongoutlet. Every time has been just as good as the last. Great shipping, great prices, and quality glass have ensured that I will remain a loyal customer. I love my new bong, and I will definitely be coming back for more.

I Love you Bongoutlet!

Testimonial by: Jaime

Date added:

Title: Recommended site

Best site so far, fast shipping, Good service answered all my questions.

10/10 Service.

I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.


Testimonial by: Tyler

Date added:

Title: Greatest site ever

By far the best site I have ever shopped on. Fast shipping, great prices, and great quality. I will definitely continue to be a loyal customer.

Testimonial by: josh h of WI

Date added: 07/08/2012

Title: Very good glass

Very good prices and very good glass, and i got my order in like 2 days from CA to WI crazy fast shipping

Testimonial by: Erika Santos of Canada

Date added: 07/06/2012

Title: Great Shipping!

i ordered a product from them on wednesday, then it came the next day at 11 oclock! Great shipping, it was shipping out only after 4 hours after ordering. Will order again!

Testimonial by: montana gresham of Texas

Date added: 07/05/2012

Title: Awesome

Simple ordering fast easy shipping great online store!!!

Testimonial by: montana gresham of Texas

Date added: 07/05/2012

Title: Awesome

Bought sweet bong off grass city took like 3 weeks to get here as sick as the bong was the time waiting upset me this was a much better buying experience all around price shipping and product.

Testimonial by: Erika Santos

Date added:

Title: Great Sellers

I recently purchased a 14' water pipe from these guys, i was really happy to receive it! Shipping was really fast it took 1 night to get to my house which was very impressive! Everything was perfectly wrapped, i also did enjoy the free gift they throw in.

Overall, Great people to order from.

Testimonial by: Nicholas Underwood of United States

Date added: 07/01/2012

Title: Only website I'll ever use again

I've purchased from BoungOutlet twice now and with each one I was 110% satisfied. I live in Illinois (US) and it ships to me in 5 days, no more. Besides the beautiful glass pieces and quality materials I would love to rave about the prices. They are the best I've ever seen. Not to mention the points system for member; I love seeing the you have $xx.xx worth of credits for your next purchase.

I currently make home made bongs out of old liquor bottles and sell to family and friends. This website has made it not only fun but extremely affordable.
The only thing I would like to see in the future is maybe a wider selection of 14 and 18mm bowls. I can't wait to see what kind of crazy awesome perc / ash catchers they offer next!

-A new and faithful customer

Testimonial by: Seth Phillips of United States

Date added: 06/28/2012

Title: My Order

Pure Quality!

This is a great company, with quality products.

I placed my order; which was the, 14" 2 x 4 fingers Percolator Water BONG. I received it 6 days later, I don't even know how they shipped it so fast. I highly recommend using these guys, they really do have nice stuff for a great price.


Testimonial by: Ryan of United States

Date added: 06/16/2012

Title: Amazing

I ordered my first piece with bongoutlet on monday. It took only five days to get here so A+ on shipping time. I was worried when I saw the box as there was a big dent in it. But when I opened it I realized that somebody would have had to actually try to break something in this box for anything to get broken. Everything was packaged very nicely.
The Bong itself is great, gives nice smooth hits and the price was unbeatable. The free bowl and screens were also a very nice little surprise. I will never visit another online head shop. Great products, great prices, great customer service, fast shipping, free things, what more can a person asked for. I am a very satisfied customer.

Testimonial by: Isaac Simmons of United States

Date added: 06/15/2012

Title: First purchase a succes

Easy allocating and purchasing what I needed and wanted. Arrived safely and pretty fast considering snail mail. Will definitively buy again. I am really happy with my purchases.

Testimonial by: Alyy testawich of canada, BC.

Date added: 06/14/2012

Title: im in love.

deffinately no complaints with my bong :). i couldnt have asked for a better one, i mean its even my favourite color and everything! and the purple really shows when your outside blazing with it, just makes sunny days more enjoyable. i absolutely LOVE it! hits so smooth, the only downside is the bowl hole is a little big, but they included free screens so no real problems. and the mini pipe it came with is awesome aswell! im so satisfied, first thing i have ever purchased online too, now i cant wait to add more to the collection!! i recomended to all of my friends to purchase from this website!

im in love.
Testimonial by: wesley aleman of United States

Date added: 06/14/2012


I ORDERED MY BONG ON TUESDAY AT 3:12AM AND IT GOT HERE ON THURSDAY AT 1:38PM GREAT SHIPPING! im very happy with my bong and i also got a free pipe and screens i will be ordering from here from now on for sure! and bong smokes great btw!

Testimonial by: Mike of Fort Lauderdale

Date added: 06/12/2012

Title: Amazing.

Bongoutlet is the best online head shop! The glass is good quality and very affordable. The shipping and packaging is fast and discreet. I ordered a 14.5", 2 layered perc with 4 fingers each layer and an ashcatcher for 78.99 after S & H and taxes. I got my bong within 4 days using CP ground from Canada to Florida. Shipping was only $9.95! Bongoutlet also gifted me with a small bowl and bowl screens. Best of all, the bong works flawlessly! It is super smooth and clean. Also, the glass was thick which was a worry for that price. I am super satisfied with Bongoutlet! I will be refering Bongoutlet and buying again soon. Keep it up Bongoutlet.

Testimonial by: John Darren

Date added:

Title: Hay

I love the glass pipes you have ,y friend bought one used it then gave it to me I love this place

Testimonial by: Matt Underwood of EastCoast

Date added: 05/27/2012

Title: Mr.

I ordered a "pre-cooler or ash-catcher" from this site. It showed up, mere days later, in perfect condidtion. This is a quality peice for a great price. I am getting a Volcano peice next. Can't wait to be able to do business again with you. thanks

Testimonial by: Shayla Schwister of United States

Date added: 05/21/2012

Title: a very satisfied customer

i bought the 16" genie 1X4 perc bong ordered it on thursday night (5/17) and recieved it on monday (5/21) super fast shipping i dont know how they do it. best deal on the web for sure

Testimonial by: nick caulder of United States

Date added: 05/19/2012

Title: great site

i ordered and was kinda worried at first but the water pipe came in 6 days in great condition, box was in perfect condition, this is a great site my first and only haha.

Testimonial by: Maha Jeghbir

Date added:

Title: The best

Bong outlet is the best place to get anything smoke related. I love their easy to use interface. Absolutely phenomenal.

Testimonial by: Maha Jeghbir

Date added:

Title: My purchase

With I've had a great experience. They sent it really quick! I was very excited when my purchase came! Great time all around!

Thanks Bong outlet!

Testimonial by: Keith of Ca

Date added: 05/07/2012

Title: This site and place is true,

Everything everyone is writing about this site and place is true, amazingly fast shipping especially from Canada to Fresno Ca USa in less time than you'd normally think, it arrived in 6 days after ordering it, and the thing hits better than any I've ever had in the past 40 yrs of toking, I'm sold to Bongoutlet 4 life and will tell everyone I know about this wonderful company that knows how to keep their clients very happy, included a small spoon pipe and some screens..I'm blown away by their customer service, and the way they packed it, it could have gone through a tornado and it would have come out clean. American companies could learn a lot from these guys! Thank you Bongoutlet!

Testimonial by: dacey kajimura of United States

Date added: 04/20/2012

Title: bongoutlet

didnt take very long to get what i ordered. Everything i ordered works well and came in perfect working condition i also love the free gift, low prices, and the store credit thing is beast too.
I do wish shipping didnt cost as much as you did but hey this sites canadian whats not gonna cost more from there
overall pretty good experience

Testimonial by: darren fuerbringer of midwest usa

Date added: 04/19/2012

Title: great online store

Nice glass-nice price bought a 14.5''2x4perc and shwr head ac. Good cust service fast shiping will order again just a great spot for your daily driver glass thanks bongoutlet!!

Testimonial by: Jacob Grossman of Hawaii

Date added: 04/18/2012

Title: Best bong

LOVE my new bong!! :D very happy with the quality, the tripple percs with just a single block of ice make the perfect smoke, even my best friend who has asthma had no problem smokin from it! Thanks guys will buy from you again! :D

Best bong
Testimonial by: Tamara Vaughn

Date added:

Title: I Love BongOutlet

Order was shipped Super Fast! I checked out on Wednesday, and my package was on my doorstep on Monday! I am so happy with the service and the glass! It is even better than the pictures! I will gladly be back and send my friends your way! Thank you so much~!!
ps. I LOVE your Points Program!!

Testimonial by: Devan Brule of Canada

Date added: 04/09/2012


I have bought stuff from this site many times and it is amazing. Fast shipping cheap prices and amazing products. There is a headshop near my house that i used to buy from till i heard about this site from a friend. Since then i have never been back in the shop and everything i buy is from here. This site is like a third of the price or sometimes half the price then item in the headshop. The quality it pretty good as well for the price you are paying. The last item i bought is amazing as well just look at the beast (SEE PICTURE). In all i would rate this site 10/10. I can not find better pries anywhere else. Thanks bongoutlet

Testimonial by: Domenic Bernard

Date added:

Title: Bongoutlet _3

I bought 3, 6 pin precooler on a 24 inch bong and it was epic!!!!! it worked so nice and was delivered so fast!!!! But i broke it by not cleaning the attachment, and there was to much pressure building up and 2 precoolers broke :(, still works but its not the same :P. Bongoutlet let me obtain the bong for almost 2/3 the price of any glasscity bong, have to say that shipping was speedy. I love my bong outlet so much! i feel like im a little kid waiting for Santa clause to bring me my hookah :D!!!!!

Testimonial by: martine henuset of montreal, qc

Date added: 04/06/2012

Title: best sevive in history!!!

i couldn`t belive it, its so suprising that i ordered 2 bong of this website on wednesday and it came the very next day!!. both bongs came in perfect condition and i got a free pipe and some screens :). most defenitly recomended website, never buying off anyone else!

Testimonial by: Brian Wood of California

Date added: 04/02/2012

Title: Bong outlet reveiw

This website is great besides there cheap prices and deals they have greta customer service. When i had the slitest trouble with my order they helped me rite away. My new bong is amazing and for the price it makes it that much better. I would definatley recommend this website if you are looking for a new water pipe!

Testimonial by: Fabian

Date added:

Title: Amazing deals

Bought my first piece from here and I have never stepped foot into another head shop to buy anything. The wrapping for each package is is so secure, I have never received had a bad purchase from this site. It is not worth it to go to other sites and pays over 6 times the cost compared to bongoutlet have. They are fast, the pieces are all amazing at low prices and... YOU GET A FREE GLASS HAND PIPE WITH MOST PURCHASES. Who can complain with that!?!?

Amazing deals
Testimonial by: Kim Hayes of USA

Date added: 03/25/2012

Title: Bong Outlet Rocks!

I placed my order on a Friday night and by the following Friday, I had a package at my door. Very impressed with the fast shipping and the quality of the packing of my precious cargo. I absolutely love my glass on glass, 2x4 percolator bong with ash catcher. The glass is thick, the green color is vibrant and the price can't be beat. The free glass pipe was a nice added bonus and the customer service is top notch. Bong Outlet is highly recommended by this satisfied customer!

Testimonial by: G. P. of Canada

Date added: 03/22/2012

Title: Best bong ever

I have bought 100 items on ebay since i began shopping online. I have never seen such a fast shipping. It took 36 hours to get in here in Quebec . This is just unbelieveble. The price is great!! the product are greater!! go to your local bong dealer you wont ever see low prices on such high quality products.

you're not so sure? just buy man hahah!!

Best bong ever
Testimonial by: Jolly green giant

Date added:

Title: Mr.

Got the 14.5" teal 2*4 finger percs. Hits great don't fill it up too much and your in business. Got the purple cleaner works great with a little salt. Everything arrived fast and in order. Bongoutlet.CA ROCKS for us that are on a budget and want nice pieces that won't dent our wallet. Thanks guys. This piece is solid fragile and beautimus.

Testimonial by: David Worley of United States

Date added: 03/17/2012

Title: sir

1x4 fingers blue 12in. glass bong. First one for me. Great product! Got it in 6 days. Good job!

Testimonial by: Ronald Lin of Canada

Date added: 03/16/2012

Title: Another GREAT ORDER!

I ordered a glass pipe (the twisty one) and a bunch of rolling papers (6 packs, 3-$2.99 150 LEAVES AMAZING DEAL).
I LOVE THIS SITE SOoO MUUCH, I got another free pipe with this order and they also threw in some screens FANTASTIC!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD BUY FROM THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Testimonial by: Christopher Fletcher of Canada

Date added: 03/14/2012

Title: Great website!

Fantastic bong, price, etc. great deal!
I ordered the black frosted bong last week Monday and received it today. I live just about as far away from Toronto as possible and still be in North America. The shipping was decent, and the bong itself is fantastic. it has a nice bowl and the bubble ash catcher works fantastic. Clearing it takes literally no effort. Plus the extra free pipe they sent was a nice bonus and is actually pretty decent. I am 100% satisfied with my order. Everything from price, shipping, quality and professional discretion went above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely be back to buy again.

A very satisfied customer...

Great website!
Testimonial by: MK

Date added:

Title: Mr

WOW! I cant belive how good these guys are! For realz!
I thought with these cheep prices something had to be too good... but everything was great!
Arrived to the West Coast in about a week and packaged very well.
I will definatly buy from these guys again!

Testimonial by: Benjamin Good

Date added:

Title: Great Business

Had a great experience with this company. Very fast shipping. Great prices for the awesome quality. They sent me the wrong size down stem and instantly sent me a replacement. Will be a long tinge customer.

Testimonial by: Rolando Ocampo of USA

Date added: 03/11/2012

Title: Recommended

I have placed my very first order with and ill be honest, at first I was a little scared about placing a order. I wasn't too sure if I could trust this site but I did some research and it turned out that it had received a lot of good reviews. So here I am now next to my items and let me say they are in very good condition. Items were packaged very well and as for delivery well they arrived sooner than I had expected (living in IOWA, USA). I had placed my order on 3-4-12 and received my items on 3-10-12. In all I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ordering from bongoutlet, they have very good prices! I will be placing more orders in the future........PS I also received a free gift THANK YOU BONGOUTLET!! :)

Testimonial by: Shelly Richardson

Date added:

Title: Great website!

This is tha best website ive ever bought from. shipping was very fast and discrete!! i have already recommended this site ta friends and will be shopping here again myself!

Testimonial by: Spirit Grenkie

Date added:


First thing first, best bong shop out there cant beat these prices. The selection is really good, and the shipping is really fast. EXCELLENT JOB BONGOUTLET

Testimonial by: kelly brockwell of United States

Date added: 03/07/2012

Title: kush

was here faster then i thought i will highly recommend this site to people i know and be shopping here more often myself

Testimonial by: shawn kasha of IA

Date added: 03/06/2012

Title: Its Here Already

I got my product already. It came packed great and there was no damage. I ordered it on 2/29/12 and revived it on 3/5/12. I'll re ordering again soon thanks BONG OUTLET .ca

Testimonial by: James Willingham of USA

Date added: 03/06/2012

Title: Incredible Website

The first time I visited this website, I knew I was going to be a customer. The prices cannot be touched! by anyone in your local headshop, and even online headshops can't beat these prices; and the selection? Huge! My first order only totaled out to $65~ and I got a free glass pipe with metal screens... Wow! Overall I'm absolutely pleased every aspect of Pleasant staff, wonderful products, amazing shipping. Choose to get your glass, you won't regret it.. I know I don't!

Testimonial by: Ron

Date added:

Title: Love this site

Love this site, great cheap prices and quality stuff. I ordered on 2/07/2012, shipped on 2/08/2012 and arrived on the following Monday 2/13/2012. Quick shipping, although I though it would come earlier since I've read review of packages coming within 2-4days in the States. But never the less I'm pleased.

I ordered two mini bongs 7" (that hit surprisingly well, but it's gonna take me awhile to get rid of/use to the factory plasticy taste if you know what I mean) , assorted pipes for friends (the metal pipes are great one-hitters, but whenever I inhale very very small particles come through into y mouth which is kind of gross. But a quick fix by McGyver-ing it and sticking a filter in there), a rolling machine, and a pistol grinder (AWESOME). All in all great products and prices, the free lil'glass pipe is also great to. I will definitively tell all my friends, Thanks BongOutlet!!!

Testimonial by: Eric

Date added:

Title: a very satisfied customer

Purchasing online for these particular items can tend to be difficult for many reasons. There may be questions to the professionalism of the company or the reliance to ensure good products leave the doors and enter the consumer population. BONGOUTLET.CA from start to finish conducted themselves in a professional manner and left me as a buyer eager to get the item from the mail. One of the main things I always worried about when buying items like these online were the traceable documentation labeling the purchase I made. Its not that I am ashamed of buying this item, but its more of a social recognition that these particular items can cause difficulties in the professional world, and the last thing I wanted to do was jeopardize my job security with a low level package that clearly showed what was inside and the purpose for which it is being shipped. BONGOUTLETS package was very discrete as to the contents or even the origins for which is traveled from. There was no possible way to indicate what was inside, leaving the buyer comforted knowing the package can blend into normal mailing services and not raise any concerns. I was very pleased with the amount of packaging material they used to ensure the item remained protected and I didnít receive a broken purchase. AS for the item itself, I am very pleased with its capabilities and functions. The percolator works nicely with a decent amount of water allowing space to ensure there is no splash. The Ice catcher holds just enough to get a smooth cold pull. The bowl functions very well so far as not only a second water filtration but also a means to ensure the main piece stay clean as possible. Every true bong owner knows the difficulties with cleaning and maintaining a good piece but its necessary and this item has done a pretty good job at remaining clean and functioning properly. OVERALL I would give BONGOUTLET.CA 9/10 and truly recommend them to buyers who want a reliable company with a good product. I think the financial aspect of this item is pretty clear and simple so I donít want to jump into detail on that, but in plain words this price is easily 1/3 of what you would pay at any walk-in shop. I am a very satisfied customer and look forward to the future business done with BONGOUTLET.CA

a very satisfied customer
Testimonial by: E.L

Date added:

Title: Dear


I searched through,, THC, friendly stranger, every company you can think of. Bong Outlet was the only company to have 14mm to 18mm and 18mm to 14mm adapters, free shipping, and even threw in a useful little pipe. Great service, I paid Friday morning and it arrived Monday discretely, packed in styrofoam, everything works great. I'm going to cop the 16" triple tree perculator as soon as I get more dough. A lot of other sites try to gouge you for your money, the guys at bongoutlet do a proper job, and honestly have the best prices in Canada, even when competiting against huge websites like grasscity. Save money, try to find your stuff here first.


Testimonial by: Minton

Date added:

Title: Are you kidding me?

I ordered it on a Wednesday and it was here on Friday. Do you have your own fleet of bong planes? Totally impressed with this pipe. Excellent quality, esthetically beautiful, heavy duty. If you buy somewhere else you got ripped off. Best prices on the web, and believe me, I looked at every pipe company out there, no one comes near Bong Outlet of Canada. I'm an old hippy, and I know my stuff, buy with confidence. I was unable to post a review because I was categorized as a non-buying user.

Best of Luck
Committed customer

Testimonial by: Curtis

Date added:


Just recieved my order today considering it took 7 days from where it was shipped very impressive guys i like the tracking thing you provided too !!!! I had orderd from another company back on the 3rd of May still waiting for order n it was in the USA. Anyways I love the bong n the free glass pipe is KILLER love em both oh did i mention it was FREE love that idea you got my buisness I plan on making more purchases as ive seen a few other items that id love to have. My wish list plus bday is right around corner maybe i can get wife to order me something. And you can bet ill be telling all my friends about this website...... YOU GUYS ROCK THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH....
PS: your rating thing on bottom it needs a few more ratings good to cut it super, terrific,rating scale from 1-10 have ta give ya a 20 thanks again

Testimonial by: K.A

Date added:

Title: Amazing


Superior price, best deal online after countless hours of shipping as well. Ordered it tuesday night and it arrives here on monday! and I live all the way in California. The piece hits like a BEAST. Even without ice, incredibly smooth. Great size for groups and personal use too. Easy to pass around and handle

Testimonial by: B.T

Date added:


If your reading this review. Don't bother going to Grasscity for you buying needs. Let me tell you of a true horror story. Short and sweet. I bought the "Blaze Percolator Bong" for 49.99 (one perc no defuser this one puts it to shame) on January 5th (this year) and it shipped the 7th. I'M STILL WAITING FOR IT...F YOU GRASS CITY (Giving middle finger).

Last week Friday 2/4/11 i said to myself, "F IT!" and went on here and purchased this bong. IT IS HERE ALREADY. 3 days it took to get from me.

Packaging - there was barely a dent in the box alone. it was as if it was taken care of like a new born it should lol. as I surgically removed the tape all i could see was "OMG" amounts of that peanut Styrofoam starting at the bottom was nicely filled prior to putting pieces in. Each pieces was wrapped thoroughly with bubble wrap and tapped for extra durability during its travels. Then the box was filled with even more "OMG" amounts of Styrofoam. AND IT INCLUDED A PIPE...HELL YEAH!!!!

Bong Review - Best bong i ever owned. it is a double perc with 3 slots each. 18 slots without the defuser then you have the defuser which is a beautiful touch.

First hit - It was so smooth I wasn't sure if i hit it right. I've been smoking for over 15 years and hit plenty of bongs. I was just overly surprised by the smoothness.

Only problem. I know there not all going to end up like this, but the top perc on mine was welded in on a slight slant. the slant is at a degree that 3 slots are touching the side of the bong directly so, I'm afraid if it gets to much vibration that its going to break that individual perc arm..

My personal added future - I also bought the 6 arm octopus precooler 14.5 mm that i put on the defuser then add the ash catcher to the octo (there was also an 8 arm perc but i couldn't get that one at the time) there is a slight drag but the hits you can take will surprise ya. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

Best site best bong. Thanks

Satisfied Customer.

Testimonial by: Marc Cruz

Date added:

Title: Great Online Shopping Experience

DUDE!!! this was my FIRST EVER ONLINE PURCHASE FOR ANYTHING!!! I placed it on monday. received it on thursday!!! SO PLEASED WITH IT. IT IS WAY BETTER IN PERSON THAN LOOKING AT IT ONLINE. GUARANTEE YOU THIS isnt my last piece from bongoutlet!!!!!-free gift was cool too! But the perc bubbler is awesome!!!

Testimonial by: chris day

Date added:

Title: This place rocks

This place rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best web site online by far, i got my pipe in 3 days and i live in southern ohio,and that was over new years , I have to say this pipe is everything and more that i wanted, and I thought the free pipe you guys give was gonna be a p.o.s. but it wasnt, it was a sweet glass piece !!!so shipping was exellent, the pieces were perfect and Im 100% satisfied, thank you bongoutlet ill will be back for sure! 5 STARS!!!!!!!!

Testimonial by: Zach Decker

Date added:

Title: Remakable service and patience

The service and patience of the bongoutlet team was remarkable, i recomended them to all my friends and anyone who is having an issue finding the right gift. They send me emails and they give me constant news about my order. I plan on buying from this site soon i just hope that i have a lil better luck with my credit card and note: if your girlfreind can buy out of country products and you cant.... you need to stop and backtrack to see where you went wrong haha. #1 fan!! Thanks for everything

Testimonial by: John Smith

Date added:

Title: Prices

This website has the cheapest prices around when it comes to high quality bongs.

Testimonial by: Lisa Gagnier of Ontario

Date added: 11/25/2010

Title: Ms

I bought this for a friend for Christmas...He is going to be thrilled, it is actually quiet beautiful sitting up here on my may get use to it by then and have to order the delivery...super fast...Thanks

Testimonial by: Mitchell Richmond of hastings, mn

Date added: 11/20/2010

Title: Great company

i really like the 14 inch bong it hits really great it clears good i would chose this site 100% KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BONG OUTLET

Testimonial by: Robert Wise

Date added:

Title: Thanks

I ordered this piece on Sunday, it was shipped Monday from Canada and arrived in Louisiana in one week! The shipping and packaging was amazing, kept everything secure and stable. To top it all off, they included a nice little pipe for me at no cost! Sooo awesome, amazing customer service. Thanks
In addition, this bong hits and rips great!!!! So smooth, I couldn't believe that I was smoking, it was that effortless. Money well spent.. the glass is thick, it looks impressive, i had one small bubble in the glass but it wont affect anything.
Th-e perks are great, the diffuser stem is long and well crafted, the ash catcher/precool-er is really really cool. I could put 4 large pieces of ice above the ice pincher and it all worked together very seamless. I couldn't be happier.

Testimonial by: Victor Oliveira

Date added:

Title: Thanks a lot

I'm in the middle of nowhere in Famrville, VA and I ordered this on a Thursday and got in on a Tuesday. Fast service, the package was in great condition not a scratch on the piece, and i also got a complimentary hand pipe. I'm ordering every future piece form here! Thanks a lot!

Testimonial by: Ian Gibson

Date added:

Title: Fast Shipping

I'm very happy with this website. Ordered this bong 3 days ago and received it today. Very discreet upon delivery, pakage only had important mailing info on it, nothing else. My peice came in great condition, very well packaged. Looks just like it does in the picture. Overall I had a very good experience and reccommend this peice to everyone.

Testimonial by: Meghan Gros

Date added:

Title: Great Service

Opening this thing was like a childhood christmas morning. For the price, the quality and the fact I ordered it over the weekend and received it first thing monday morning in the US it definitely gets a rating of A+++ from me!

Testimonial by: Justin George

Date added:

Title: Thanks

Excellent glass on glass bong. Only complaint would be how quickly it gets grimy, but that's true of any bong this much filtration. If I were to buy this in a head shop around here, it would cost between $200-$300 EASILY. This is an outrageously great deal. Awesome service and the FASTEST shipping I have ever received from an online smoke shop. Forget bolenat who takes 3 weeks, I got this in 3 DAYS. Shipping might be $30, but you would be paying way more than that if you bought this elsewhere. I've told all my friends and we're happy to FINALLY have a good online smoke shop. Thanks!


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Why buy cheap bongs online? A bong (also water pipe, billy, bubbler, bing, or moof) is a filtration device/apparatus generally used for smoking tobacco, or other herbal substances. In the bong, the gas flows from the lower port on the left to the the upper port on the right. In construction and function a bong is similar to a hookah, except smaller and especially more portable. A bong may be constructed from any air- and water-tight vessel by adding a bowl and stem apparatus (or slide) which guides air downward to below water level whence it bubbles upward ("bubbler") during use. To get fresh air into the bong and harvest the last remaining smoke, a hole known as the "carburator", "carb", "choke", "bink", "rush" "shotty" "kick hole" or simply "hole", somewhere on the lower part of the bong above water level, is first kept covered during the smoking process, then opened to allow the smoke to be drawn into the respiratory system. The word bong is an adaptation of the Thai word baung which refers to a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or container cut from bamboo, and which also refers to the bong used for smoking. Bongs have been in use by the Hmong, in Laos and Thailand, which describes one of the meanings of bong in the Thai language as, "a bamboo waterpipe for smoking.

Glass pipe bongs have been around for years and years, and will continue to be around for years. But with our Health concerned world why not use glass but add diffusion to the smoke? By creating bubbles for the smoke to pass through you create a "Trap". By having smoke travel through bubbles you essentially "Trap" a lot of the carcinogens which are the cancer causing materials found in plant matter such as tobacco and etc. WE want our smoke, but do WE really want everything that comes along with it? Butane from the lighter? Carcinogens? Plant matter? Etc? That is why we have water pipe bongs! Bongs do a superb job with filtering the smoke, allows for a much cleaner, smoother, cooler much more enjoyable smoke each and every time. But everywhere you look water pipes are $500-1,000 just for a basic piece! Why pay $500-1,000 dollars just to have glass bongs to use? Bongoutlet.cahas some of the finest selection of the best priced cheap bongs and glass pipe quality bongs available with a vast selection and an amazing staff to help with any questions this is the place for all your cheap bongs wear needs!

Whether you're looking for artistic bongs or simple well functioning bongs, or maybe both in one? is the place! You will not find a better price or better quality anywhere else. Not to mention how fast, safe, and discrete the shipping is! It's unreal what kind of deals you can find here! does great job to offer you high quality cheap bongs for you. Don't believe me? Please go to your local headshop and you will see they are charging easily double to triple what charges! This is the reason why you need to buy cheap bongs online for your great smoking gears and experience. Don't listen to me, try for yourself! -T. M.-

What is the Bong? The bong or water pipe is a smoking device which is generally used to smoke Tobacco. Used because the bong cools the smoke before it enters the smoker’s lungs which makes it easier to smoke, and also allows a large amount of smoke to be inhaled quickly. A bong has five parts. Mouthpiece, The smoker draws out smoke from the mouthpiece. When the smoker covers the mouthpiece with his mouth, the bong becomes airtight. This enables smoke to get collected in the chamber. Chamber, A continuation of the mouthpiece, a chamber is where the smoke collects. The length and width of the chamber varies from bong to bong. Base, It holds the bong water. It is wide so that the bong can stand on itself. It is fixed in some bongs and removable in some other. Downstem, One end of the downstem pokes out of the chamber and the other end sits in the water in the base. It takes smoke from the bowl and bubbles it through the water. Bowl or Ashcatcher, This is where the smoke producing material is burnt(tobacco). It is connected to the stem. The bowl is removable in most bongs. This helps in easy inhaling of smoke, as air coming through the bowl inlet pushes the smoke out of the chamber. You can always buy quality cheap bong online at