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[AS-IS]18" 7MM 1 X 10,Pyramid Bong - B



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Thank you for making my first time buying online a great experience! I will definitely be telling my ...

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03.10" 1 x 3 Fingers Perculator Water BONG - Green / GHOST
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Very good buy, worth the money and then some! Useful, effect ..
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Customer Testimonials Customer Testimonials
bong by elver Date Added: Friday 24 April, 2015
Just bought a bong and even though it was in good price it sure does work very well
scales by edell Date Added: Monday 13 April, 2015
Very accurate Gotta get u one
bongs & shipping by viviana Date Added: Sunday 12 April, 2015
Bongoutlet is my favorite website to buy my pieces from. The shipping is very fast my order came in 7 buisness days which i thought was great. My bong was damaged in shipping but bongoutlet was nice enough to replace my piece. They sell really cool bongs for reasonable prices. This website is overall really great. I would defenietely recommend buying your pieces from this website.
Mrs by LeeLee Date Added: Saturday 11 April, 2015
I purchased the purple dome percolater & also bought a pink ash catcher & the fit was perfect! This is my first time ordering online from a head shop & I will definitely do it again! The hits are super smooth & nice, my friends rave about my bong. This was actually my first bong ever as well and I'm glad I made the right choice by coming to Bong Outlet. Whenever someone asks where I got my bong from I always share this site. The delivery was super fast & discrete. Happy high flying!
great¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by brandon Date Added: Saturday 11 April, 2015
Dude this bong is amazing!! For the price you can't beat it anywhere. Had a shipping question emailed the company they responded within 2 hours. Great service great bong, the free little glass pipe was cool little extra. I will buy from here again.
10/10 would order again by Nicholas Date Added: Thursday 02 April, 2015
Easy to navigate site, sweet selection, bomb product. Of all of the sites I have used bongoutlet has been the best in keeping updated on shipping, and even came two days early (f cha). This site is awesome, customer service is the best I've ever dealt with.

Maybe it's just because I am ecstatic about my new piece at a good price, but I will say, hands down, this is the best site I've ever ordered from.
review by Cathy Date Added: Monday 30 March, 2015
The bong came intact but with a different but better design then the leaf, the only problem I saw with it is that it had a chip at the top where the mouth piece was but it was molded back on their by bongoutlet or someone else, but other then that it's a great little piece, hits good, and the free stuff is appreciated.
bong review by nick Date Added: Friday 27 March, 2015
Very great piece and got here faster than i expected! I'm completely satisfied with the bong i got. hits amazing and i love it. highly recommend ordering from
Purple Rain by agymah Date Added: Monday 23 March, 2015
Purple Rain Thank you. Enjoying my bubble bong. Hair name is Purple Rain. Just what i need to start my day off with her by my side. Her love is queen.
First Piece by Kevin Date Added: Wednesday 04 March, 2015
Excellent arrival time and piece arrived in excellent condition and will be coming back for more awesomeness
Exchange rate by Jessica Date Added: Tuesday 03 March, 2015
I recently just made my first purchase on bong outlet I have no complaints with the product or service! Just wish the prices weren't in US dollars considering it is a Canadian site. It makes it super expensive for someone buying here in Canada.. For a $94.00 bong I end up paying roughly $120.00 still worth it though :)
Love it by Craig Date Added: Saturday 21 February, 2015
Love it Awesome piece at a very reasonable price. I have shopped several local shops and the internet, and this place is the best priced. Awesome quality piece plus a nice bonus glass hand pipe. The delivery took 2 weeks but I am all the way in Washington State. Thank You Bong Outlet you rock!!!!!
Nice prices and selection by mangoes Date Added: Saturday 14 February, 2015
Hey, just wanted to share my experience with this site. Overall, the quality of the glass bong accessories I ordered are excellent. I have an older bong that uses a rubber grommet and a removable downstem. So that my bong could use modern accessories, I purchased a couple glass on glass downstems to replace my current o-ring sealed downstem. They both fit perfectly! I also ordered a couple gog accessories: a bowlpiece and a 3-piece oil rig.

Overall the products, price, and shipping are all excellent. My only complaint is that my purchase appeared on my CC statement as WWW.BONGOUTLET.CA, so that part of things could be a bit more discreet, guys.
GREAT by Matt Date Added: Wednesday 11 February, 2015
This website is fantastic! I ordered an 12 inch bong with express shipping and it came in 3 days as promised. Very happy with the quality of the bong, the prices for sure, and the shipping rate/time. Will be sure to shop on this website for any future smoking paraphernalia.
bong by Breanna Date Added: Tuesday 10 February, 2015
I thought my bong was great it was the green dome water bong and it only took 5 days to get here. I say I'm staying with this site!
WOW by Jeremy Date Added: Sunday 08 February, 2015
Great service. My order came in 24hrs I was amazed. New happy customer here
4x4 finger by CJ Date Added: Wednesday 04 February, 2015
highly recommend good products for super cheap know your glass thickness i was a little surprised as to the light weight water pipe however price was still way more than fair and i feel good about my purchase super smooth clean hits if it is kept clean.
Amazing Customer Service by G.C Date Added: Tuesday 03 February, 2015
I had called Bong Outlet last night to find out when the Orange Chronic Cleaning solution would be back in stock. While they did not pick up the call, I did end up sending an email instead. The response to my email was very quick, even during off-hours at 7pm.

The next day, I recieved a follow-up a text message to my phone from Bong Outlet regarding my missed call. After telling them I was looking for the Orange Chronic, they were able to help me find 1 last stock item and was willing to put it onto the website for me to purchase. With their help and coordination, I was able to purchase the solution with no issues.

Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed. Bong Outlet truely goes to great lengths to ensure outstanding customer service.
#BESTEVER by James Date Added: Tuesday 03 February, 2015
I was a little skeptical at first about ordering something like this offline but I'm glad I did.i got a 21" a 14" and a grinder all of that was packaged with love and care to ensure it was delivered safe I am forsure going to make this the only plae I get my pieces from
A++++ by Michael Date Added: Friday 23 January, 2015
SO at first you see the site and see .ca at first and super cheap great deals on sooo many different awesome items....seems fishy strange right? .ca just means they are in Canada not USA so only downfall or negative thing i could really say would be takes a little bit with shipping if you do the cheapest standard rate to USA at least maybe 2 weeks about but sooo worth the wait. got a great big water pipe for legitimately a tenth of the price it would be in a store. Before even getting into it I forgot that I was having such difficulty checking out with my credit card for some reason that the Owner I think of the company just texts me back and forth helping me and just basically took my info and processed the order for me. Great service there. So I actually received my item was super stoked (they even threw in an extra free little mini pipe that's cool too wasnt expected. and low and behold I was pretty upset to see my piece has a huge crack in it so I contact them about it and right away just said ok we'll send you a new one. AMazing customer service. Great all around products quality so far seems super legit. Idk why anyone wouldn't use this as opposed to going to shops and paying like 4 times as much. I guess you just don't get to see it in person is all.

Highly recommend. Already referred lot's of ppl who were impressed and are jumping on board. i can fully vouch for it and will definitely do business again

oh and I got the ghost 14 inch double 4 finger perc with ice catch and ash catcher if u were wondering
my 13th order by Chris Date Added: Friday 23 January, 2015
In my thirteenth purchase off of this web site i bought three ash catchrs, two of which i had purchased before and loved so much had to buy them again after their inevitable destruction.I have to say that the inline ash catchers and the shower head are my favorites, which is why i repurchased. The third ash catcher i bought was the eleven arm eighteen millimeter, it was a good piece until it broke very easily, which i believe was caused by its high weight, it would be best used with an eighteen millimeter sherlock neck attachment to be used as a bubbler.One peice did arrive with a defect but bongoutlet corrected the issue immediately.
Overall its a great site for reasonably priced quality glass.
Great Customer Service by Phelan Date Added: Monday 19 January, 2015
Great Customer Service! I ordered the 16" Genie inline perc 7mm glass 2 in 1 with ice catcher (in black for those who care) for Christmas. Sadly not even after a month of owning the piece disaster struck and the top tube piece broke at the base. I immediately contacted Bongoutlet's customer service asking if there was ANY way they could help me so that the perfectly good beaker/base of the bong and bowl didnt go to waste and force me to buy a new piece entirley. They got back to me very quickly which I really appreciated. Not only that but, they said they would send me a replacement part all I had to do was pay for the shipping. In the end I paid $150 for the original bong and they saved the expensive piece for $20. I am definitely shopping here for all my glass needs from now on. Every time I shop here Bongoutlet blows me away how above and beyond they go for their customers.
Amazing by George Date Added: Friday 16 January, 2015
I had looked around the internet for multiple sites and many had very mixed reviews but when I ran into this one something seemed different. While there are some bad reviews, most are good and I ened up going with this one. Very happy with the order and I will definitely order again
BongOutlet is the best Canadian online smoke shop by Chris Date Added: Monday 12 January, 2015
I'm not exaggerating when I say that BongOutlet is by far the best online smoke shop in Canada! I've placed several orders with them and have always received top notch customer service. These guys are like the Amazon of head shops, they ship out FAST and they're happy to help you out if you're having trouble with your order. This is a stark contrast to many other smoke shops I've ordered from that seem to have customer service run out of someone's dorm room. I'll be sticking with BongOutlet for my future orders.
water pipe by jose Date Added: Sunday 11 January, 2015
water pipe Great buy very happy with order
Order by Zack Date Added: Friday 09 January, 2015
still waiting for my order to process, ordered last night
Waiting on order; Excited by Mike Date Added: Tuesday 06 January, 2015
The shipping isn't all that great, but the prices are bomb. No other company can compare to the prices here at Bongoutlet, great price, great glass, and easy to surf the website for glass. You couldn't really ask for more, other than the shipping. I've been waiting about a week for mine, and still haven't received it in the mail. I'm a little disappointed, but I'm sure when it gets here, it'll be while worth it, unless it comes in broken of course ... Overall, great site. Not including the FREE GIFT with every order, I can't wait!
It's okay by Rebecca Date Added: Monday 05 January, 2015
My bongs came on the expected delivery date, one of my bongs have scratches all over, but the other one has nothing wrong, the free bowl I got isn't what I expected, it looks like something a baby would try to smoke out of, not completely happy, but I feel like can do better, I will be a returning customer, just because I know you guys can do better.
Absolutely LOVEE! by Taylor Date Added: Sunday 04 January, 2015
I had ordered the King Zong Bong and a crystal shaped bowl for it. They we're perfect! They hit very well. The discounts it had were amazing. It was only $38! Local headshops would've been 3 times that price! I will definitely be buying more from here soon, and I would recommend it to everyone.
Great company by Josh Date Added: Friday 26 December, 2014
At first you might think bongoutlet is abit sketchy, but once you commit to purchasing a product you realize bongoutlet is as legit as they come. Customer service is very quick to respond to any concern you may have and the quality of the glass bongoutlet sells is top notch. The price.... it's unmatched, you will not find a better bang for your buck. Your product will come secured, nicely packaged and should only take acouple days to get to the desired location(In NA). Give them a try, I'm confident you will be back purchasing another product!
happy customer by erik Date Added: Thursday 25 December, 2014
happy customer We love the bong.. It hits very clean and smooth. Happy with the purchase and coming back for more.
Awesome! by Nathan Date Added: Thursday 18 December, 2014
GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I ordered the 17.5 3x4 finger perc/w ash catcher along with some other things, the pipe came in and the middle perc was broke along with a very small chip in the free gift, bongoutlet shipped me a new pipe along with a free 6 inch pipe and got it 3 days later in Virginia. and i got to keep the other one (: which still hits great! Def will be back!
1 x 16" 7MM Dbl. Flat & 8 finger perc. Stemless Water Bongs by Peter Date Added: Tuesday 16 December, 2014
New Bong I got is great it has everything needed to make for a great smoking experience. Recommend it for anyone who is looking for a new bong. Delivery was good and got to my house in time like always. Easily best bong I have used in awhile and it is concealed well in the box so that no one will no of what your purchase is from the outside of the box.
8" oil pipe by Easy Date Added: Monday 08 December, 2014
The Web site is easy to move around on, top quality pics and ordering was easy...shipping was pretty fast too! I ordered four 8" oil pipes. They nearly had everything perfect except the bowl itself. The stem of it was long and solid, the hole on the bowl was a good size for ease of dropping in your liquid, I even liked how there was even a slight flat surface on the bottom of the bowl so that when you sat it down it didn't roll everywhere spilling your liquid out.... however the walls on the bowl were super thin leaving us only one sit down to use these pipes cause any sort of heat you put on it they cracked and fell apart. Very disappointed in the pipes, it was so close to being the perfect smoking device but just fell short. That's a shame too cause I was really hoping to place an order for all my other smoking devices and accessories that I need.
thank you by brittney Date Added: Monday 01 December, 2014
Thank you for making my first time buying online a great experience! I will definitely be telling my friends about your great price and awesome point system. Love it!
Outstanding service by Al Date Added: Monday 24 November, 2014
Outstanding service Well worth it, I am completely satisfied matter fact I'm going to buy another, I searched all over town for the right bong nothing went to over 5 head shops. Found this place online and got exactly what I needed the perfect 17 and a half inch bong with an extra skull bowl and a grinder at a perfect price!!! The delivery said 10 days I got it in 4.

***** A++++ :-) Thank you so very much
Mr.Jordan. a.k.a. SMOKEDOGG
happy returning customer by megan Date Added: Friday 07 November, 2014
I was very surprised when I found the bong outlet website. I need a new piece quickly as a gift. Once I ordered it was a quickly received item. Within 4 days it was here. When I opened it the bong was wonderful. The green was the perfect color for the bong. It was pleasing to the eye and a great gift! He loved it! And my Boyfriend most definitely loved the free pipe we also got! Will for sure be a returning customer in the next few weeks!:)
Stoked by Jeff Date Added: Sunday 26 October, 2014
Stoked I found the Bong Outlet while searching E-bay. We shopped for several weeks for the right piece. I've been bonging for 30 yrs and this is by far the best piece yet. Not a collector at all. I find a simple, easy to clean water pipe, and stick with it, until i break it. so maybe had 6 total. I expect to be buried w this one. My wife has been bonging for about 12 yrs. She graduated from swag blunts to medicinal cannabis n glass when we met. This is by far the smoothest hit for her little birdie lungs. No more post hit hack. The ash catcher and down stem kit was "out of stock". I asked customer service if/when they would be selling these again? Tadaaa, they stocked up on some more. Fast shipping too. Sent us a free glass pipe. These have always been too hot of a hit for me but it was a nice gesture. When i give it to somebody I'll be sure to tell them to check out the Bong Outlet.
good site by Trevor Date Added: Thursday 23 October, 2014
good site I first ordered a 2 in 1 bubbler that came chipped at the base but not substantial enough for me to get upset and have them send me a new one, shipping also took a bit for that one so i didnt want to wait again. Just ordered me and my friend a new 16 in 3 perc bong with the inline ash catchers to match and hemp wick and because or the total im assuming, they upgraded me to xpresspost shipping for free which was great it got here in 4 buisness days and the bong is fantastic. Very nice quality thick glass for a great price and i like how they include free brass screens and a bowl but i wont use them so i can give them to a friend. Overall this site deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars.
good website by John Date Added: Sunday 19 October, 2014
deffinatly order here. beats prices from a lot of places. the shipping was ok. Going to buy here very soon again.
First Time Buyer by nelson Date Added: Friday 12 September, 2014
I am totally shocked with the first time experience I had with this company , I have nothing bad to report ,excellent service and prompt delivery plus tracking of my purchase . Great dealing with this company, so well organized and satisfaction guaranteed on my behalf .I highly recommend this company for all your tobacco needs and accessories . Do Not shop anywhere else .Just my Opinion thx again Bong outlet .I will be a return customer
SERVICE by Leroy Date Added: Friday 05 September, 2014
This website/store is amazing! I received updates through every step of the process; It really let me know that this company cares and I felt very fortunate that I decided to do business with them. Plus they threw in a couple gifts!!! That's rad!!! Trully cool experience. My bong did suffer a slight bit of damage but some epoxy fixed it right up! There's packing peanuts and the whole thing was wrapped in bubbles so probably just careless mailmen. Thanks so much!!!
Great buys by eric Date Added: Thursday 04 September, 2014
Was worried ordering and having it shipped from Canada because how fragile these things are. I'm glad I did though, came in a timely manner and in perfect condition. Got the 14.5inch bong with 2 percolators and got it as is which was a nice deal. Came in great condition and customer service was great. Great prices and quality. You won't be disappointed.
This is my go to place for glass now by Nick Date Added: Saturday 30 August, 2014
Here I am back again. Not only have I noticed that the glass here is cheaper, it is also much better quality than the stuff i get from my local head-shop.

Keep up the great work guys!
eleventh order by Chris Date Added: Monday 25 August, 2014
i just received my eleventh order from this excellent site. i ordered a hemp wick lighter sleeve and some hemp wick spools.i wish they still had the 250 foot spool, but oh well. i also reordered the Nice Glass in-line ash catcher for the third time but in green this time.the order arrived right on time and was in great shape. the little silver fumed pipe they threw in for free is much appreciated too. as usual great over all experience. i always recommend the site to friends.
great service by Jordan Date Added: Monday 18 August, 2014
best online shop for glass products! great prices and very fast shipping. only took 3 business days to arrive
thanks bongoutlet!
Green Inline ash catcher by Brandon Date Added: Tuesday 12 August, 2014
piece came in not broken and works like a charm
skull bowl by lonnie Date Added: Sunday 03 August, 2014
Just got my skullbowl. WOW!! I love it! Holds about 2 1/2 times more than bowl that came with bong. If it's too big for you, you'd better get off the porch! Seriously though, It's great- very thick, beautiful, and well crafted. My Molino is a 14.5 mm bong and this 14mm fit just fine. Did I mention that I love it?...
Customer by Katherine Date Added: Thursday 31 July, 2014
I had a few issues with shipping and my credit card payment but the problem was resolved after placing my order about 5 times. With my order came a very cute pipe that I did not order and some brass screens. I am very pleased with my order and the service I received from the company!
MommaBear by Amanda Date Added: Saturday 26 July, 2014
MommaBear Wanna save 5% on your purchase? Use this code when checking out. TJS5OFF
And for you ballers who plan on spending over&#128178;500.00 &#128178; get 30% off and free shipping
With this code TJ30OFF
Happy by Evelyn Date Added: Friday 25 July, 2014
Happy I got my bong and it was beautiful , and in perfect condition, it came with a free bowl which was unfortunately broken and it came with screens as well
A+ by rea Date Added: Monday 21 July, 2014
I ordered a 15.5" double perc pink glass bong, a 4" spoon, and a hemp wick lighter sleeve. Shipping took a little longer than I expected but no big deal. The spoon came in perfect condition. However the bong came in with both percs broken. :( I emailed bongoutlet today and they're sending me a new one! super happy w/ my experience
mr. by Tommy Date Added: Sunday 20 July, 2014
the blue ghost perc bong was one of the first bongs i had and it was great free spoon and everything shipping fast and descreet like they say so was very pleased with it all togethor. the bong felt sturdy and ripped great, loved it. i will definetly be shopping again here because of the quailty.
Amazing Online Headshop by Noah Date Added: Friday 11 July, 2014
This was my first time buying a bong and I decided to buy from here due to the great prices and free shipping for items over $50. I could not be more satisfied with the quality of my new bong and its low cost. I tried it out yesterday with a bunch of my friends and the hits were smooth and strong. The shipping was also great because it shipped to me a day earlier than expected and the piece was in perfect condition. Overall a 10/10 experience and I highly recommend you buy here if you are considering purchasing a new bong.
bad luck by jason Date Added: Sunday 06 July, 2014
i hate saying thibut i was disapointed in the quality and performance of my new piece the paint came off and has way to much of a restriction on the draw shipping was great but the bong was poor
Great Service by Richard Date Added: Thursday 19 June, 2014
I was very pleased by this website ordered a bong and recieved the package 3 days later, fast shipping!. Customer service was very nice and fast responses. This was my first time ordering online so i was a bit nervous but at the end everything was great. Also love the unexpected gift that i though was useless until i looked it up. At the end bongoutlet has me as a happy customer, that will be returning in the future.
Great!! by Tov Date Added: Wednesday 18 June, 2014
Amazing customer service. I ordered my Acrylic water bong Hukka so I can bring it on the boat this summer. I ordered this yesterday and I have it in my hands today. Can't wait to buy from here again!
Mr by Daria's Date Added: Thursday 12 June, 2014
Ordered on Monday about 10am, recieved my package from Canada to New York on Wednesday at about 1030am. Unbelieveable. Everything awesome better than expected will never but anything anywhere else. Descrete packaging. My glass bong description said 6 fingers but mine has 8! And not to mention the sweet free bowl and brass screens. Spent about half of what I would have spent at any head shop just for the bong and I got a bunch of other stuff too. Don't be sceptic. Don't think ur money's just gonna get taken and you'll get nothing. You want quality? Quantity? These guys at bongoutlet are doing something right
Mr. by Darias Date Added: Tuesday 10 June, 2014
I just submitted my order and im super excited to come back on here and write a review saying how awesome everything is. from canada to new york well see how long it takes. the prices are unmatched the quality is second to none now lets hope bongoutlet delivers and im confident they will
First Time Buyer by Terri Date Added: Saturday 07 June, 2014
First time buyer with the company and buying a bong, Very happy with both and I think I have found a great new store. Fast shipping and well packed items.
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Why buy cheap bongs online? A bong (also water pipe, billy, bubbler, bing, or moof) is a filtration device/apparatus generally used for smoking tobacco, or other herbal substances. In the bong, the gas flows from the lower port on the left to the the upper port on the right. In construction and function a bong is similar to a hookah, except smaller and especially more portable. A bong may be constructed from any air- and water-tight vessel by adding a bowl and stem apparatus (or slide) which guides air downward to below water level whence it bubbles upward ("bubbler") during use. To get fresh air into the bong and harvest the last remaining smoke, a hole known as the "carburator", "carb", "choke", "bink", "rush" "shotty" "kick hole" or simply "hole", somewhere on the lower part of the bong above water level, is first kept covered during the smoking process, then opened to allow the smoke to be drawn into the respiratory system. The word bong is an adaptation of the Thai word baung which refers to a cylindrical wooden tube, pipe, or container cut from bamboo, and which also refers to the bong used for smoking. Bongs have been in use by the Hmong, in Laos and Thailand, which describes one of the meanings of bong in the Thai language as, "a bamboo waterpipe for smoking.

Glass pipe bongs have been around for years and years, and will continue to be around for years. But with our Health concerned world why not use glass but add diffusion to the smoke? By creating bubbles for the smoke to pass through you create a "Trap". By having smoke travel through bubbles you essentially "Trap" a lot of the carcinogens which are the cancer causing materials found in plant matter such as tobacco and etc. WE want our smoke, but do WE really want everything that comes along with it? Butane from the lighter? Carcinogens? Plant matter? Etc? That is why we have water pipe bongs! Bongs do a superb job with filtering the smoke, allows for a much cleaner, smoother, cooler much more enjoyable smoke each and every time. But everywhere you look water pipes are $500-1,000 just for a basic piece! Why pay $500-1,000 dollars just to have glass bongs to use? Bongoutlet.cahas some of the finest selection of the best priced cheap bongs and glass pipe quality bongs available with a vast selection and an amazing staff to help with any questions this is the place for all your cheap bongs wear needs!

Whether you're looking for artistic bongs or simple well functioning bongs, or maybe both in one? is the place! You will not find a better price or better quality anywhere else. Not to mention how fast, safe, and discrete the shipping is! It's unreal what kind of deals you can find here! does great job to offer you high quality cheap bongs for you. Don't believe me? Please go to your local headshop and you will see they are charging easily double to triple what charges! This is the reason why you need to buy cheap bongs online for your great smoking gears and experience. Don't listen to me, try for yourself! -T. M.-

What is the Bong? The bong or water pipe is a smoking device which is generally used to smoke Tobacco. Used because the bong cools the smoke before it enters the smoker’s lungs which makes it easier to smoke, and also allows a large amount of smoke to be inhaled quickly. A bong has five parts. Mouthpiece, The smoker draws out smoke from the mouthpiece. When the smoker covers the mouthpiece with his mouth, the bong becomes airtight. This enables smoke to get collected in the chamber. Chamber, A continuation of the mouthpiece, a chamber is where the smoke collects. The length and width of the chamber varies from bong to bong. Base, It holds the bong water. It is wide so that the bong can stand on itself. It is fixed in some bongs and removable in some other. Downstem, One end of the downstem pokes out of the chamber and the other end sits in the water in the base. It takes smoke from the bowl and bubbles it through the water. Bowl or Ashcatcher, This is where the smoke producing material is burnt(tobacco). It is connected to the stem. The bowl is removable in most bongs. This helps in easy inhaling of smoke, as air coming through the bowl inlet pushes the smoke out of the chamber. You can always buy quality cheap bong online at Telephone Number for text only is 1-647-493-4697 and Address is 1027 Finch ave east, Ontario, Canada, M3J3L6